Seems good. I don’t have to keep both of them know. Both of them seems may be overkill seems potentially really good still two But probably not just My one I’m CJ Tyrone watermelon just subscribed for three months while the mega Beca Eve team ting min. We shoot the support All right, you see the snakes or rats if it snakes see Giants coming down next turn I Guess now if he doesn’t have anything for you to move in do Just a damn 8 you subscribed welcome to the bat cave team ting man appreciate the support there’s a worldly glider in my deck You know just really glider sick What autofills a genius That’s crazy Well, the game’s over I Have one scarab egg one see giant one roof on scheme one doubling imp one Microtech one dire wolf alpha one evil cabal rent one soul fire one abusive sergeant one war gear one explode inator one Whaley glider Autocompletes, like don’t man. We got the sauce RINO’s. Ooh You can’t even argue with it look at the results though I Don’t wanna trade and potentially activate snakes She didn’t attack, yeah, you didn’t attack because he has snakes up he wanted me to activate his snake tram Thanks kind of crazy Reform scheme Do I keep that Probably not I look for ones Is our toes ex just gifted a sub to Maxie way. Thanks for gifting a subs are toast I appreciate that and welcome back Maxie way make sure you think his aren’t oats for the gifted sub and Ned Mingo just subscribed welcome to the bat-cave team thing man. They say the support. Thanks for giving me that twitch prime, dude My scheme in this deck I have no idea I didn’t make this garbage deck That fills on my curve pretty nicely you turn this into a two to Market tip for higher odds to try and get more powerful minion Probably one of the four top max right would be insane Nailed it I Want to try to fight Amex return for so I play war you’re entering five So that’s why I go for the tap instead of lang keys I Played any druid autocomplete next. Yeah, last game just missed it Some reason war-gear can’t connect with his face Pretty good Zilly explored potentially Actually, it’s a good juggler board ran The juggles are pretty sick Dude all I wanted was to kill the mirror image Never Blizzard Just supposed to play around Blizzard I kind of regret not doing it when I think about it Yeah, shit played around randomly generated blizzard There’s no reason not to right there’s a lot of reasons not to You’ve less power and play when we don’t really play around Blizzard, but I don’t I just felt it I should did it Yeah this bed Alright what is What do we get? This is for 10 – damage off lethal They’re going with the war gear this turn and the next turn we go in at the leave early right seems right a Lot of person a stern holy smokes All right, it’s now used to have Xillia ex-cons recalling or I guess he likes fries Buzzy X fries doesn’t work because you’re the shadow Boulder and The one of Seoul fire did its cheeky Autocomplete gets me This autocomplete zu is actually just really good There’s so many one of Stu just it just treat me so right dude Doesn’t have carpet definitely does not have carpet Maybe that’s the secret man, maybe carpets been overrated the whole time Instead of carpet, we have micro tech controller and Rafalski zoolock rise of shadows 2019 deck

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