Zipping around town on the OJO electric scooter

(upbeat music) – [Man] This is the latest in a light electric vehicle category. It’s actually a category
that we really feel that we’ve kind of carved out and it’s very light and
it goes in the bike lane. – So how fast does this go? – The maximum speed is 20 miles an hour and it’s pretty robust. It gets up there pretty quickly too. – Who’s the target customer for the Ojo? – The original target
was really millennials and millennials really do like it but what it really came down to when we started to do our analytics we found that it was really
hitting the ages 32 and 65. And we’ve sold a lot of
these which is amazing because it is a new type of a vehicle. – But the idea is essentially for those, like the last mile essentially. – Well we like to take it a step further. That’s why I said we’ve
carved out a new category. This is actually an alternative
piece of transportation. So if it’s too far to ride a bike and it’s too close to drive a car, this is the perfect thing. If you live in a city, if
you’re going to school, whatever it is, from your home, you’ll use this instead of
driving your automobile. – Are you envisioning that you’ll have a scooter at one point that can go on the freeway or is that? – Now that may be down the line but for sure at this point we’ve got well in the works right now an amazing robust scooter that’s actually gonna go in the lanes with the cars that will go about 35 miles an hour. – Could you tell me what the next 12 months looks like for Ojo Electric? – It’s about positioning ourselves and really seeding ourselves worldwide. Europe is really going
to be a target market for us in the next year in a big way. And then we’ve had some huge brands, that I can’t really divulge, but it might be Ford, it
might be any you know. – Yeah. – But it’s a large mobility company. All these cities are starting to go to sustainable, green,
eco-friendly transportation and that’s really what we’re all about. (upbeat music)

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21 thoughts on “Zipping around town on the OJO electric scooter

  1. the height of seat is little high if u observe in the video even the anchor slipped when she stopped the bike.

  2. Bullshit detector activated. This video had nothing to do with "zipping around town", just vague feel good marketing hyperbole. Apart from top speed, where's the info on range, weight, recharging time, durability, cost, security, safety, how it compares to alternative transport, etc.

  3. Why would You want to go in an electric scooter on a highway? Especially during traffic? Thats counter productive. The Whole point is to avoid traffic taking the streets and sidewalks over.

  4. Shame its more about their marketing strategy and less about answering the questions I have! Looks good though.

  5. The unreasonable expensive trains and gridlocked traffic make old London town a hard place to get around in at times.This OJO might be that answers to a lot of peoples commuting problems. Not something you would use on the A roads or motorways .

  6. OJO has a scooter share in my town and I like them. If I were ever to own one however It would have to have more torque. I am fine with the 20mph speed limit for getting around town. (25mph would be better) but I don't need or want to travel at highway speeds. But climbing hills is where it bogs down. If they offered one with dual wheel drive like boosted rev and at least 750W (preferably 1000w) per wheel then I would probably buy one.

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