ZenBox Tech Deals #1

hi guys welcome take some time to subscribe and click the notifications icon to see our future content as soon as it’s uploaded give us a like and enjoy the video [Music] hello good people of YouTube today’s video will show you the top six tech gadgets under 30 US dollars let’s not beat around the bush and move on to the first one so our first deal is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker by JBL the speaker comes in plenty of color options that will satisfy anyone’s needs and taste the device is small and very portable and it’s compatible with all models of smartphones tablets or laptops as it connected via bluetooth this speaker supports a rechargeable battery with about 5 hours of music playing at full volume it’s better with charge through micro USB port the built-in speakerphone supports noise and echo cancellation it’s very well priced at only around 23 US dollars next up is the me been to a smart band by Sean this is a stylish looking band the band itself is made from soft rubber and doesn’t stick to your skin the device supports so many features like pedometer a reminder you can receive notifications on the screen and it also vibrates when a text is received or a phone call is coming it supports all of the most known applications viber whatsapp snapchat Instagram Facebook and many others as well as sleep monitor you can learn all about your sleep patterns etc it’s also ip67 water-resistant you can wash your hands or take a shower without any worries is it supports Bluetooth 4.0 it’s compatible with almost all Android phones and Apple wants to only thing you need to get it going is to install me fit application and start exploring everything this device has to offer its price is around 27 US dollars next on our list is red dragon K 503 gaming keyboard this is a budget keyboard with all of the best feature sets and build quality in this price ranges it’s not easy to find our to be backlit keyboard in under 30 bucks but they pulled it off this is a 112 keys table so it’s a full size one it has 104 standard keys and eight media or computer control pills the people displaced proof with removable keys for easy cleaning this is the keyboard with happy to recommend to anyone who is after a budget non mechanical gaming keyboard is for its price of only 27 US dollars it offers a lot more than many other even more expensive keyboards [Music] following along it came to our favorite deal of this video a game in fits it its g1000 by koushin this headset features high quality sound with only directional noise reduction the sound is clear low mids and highs but in our opinion the one thing that sets it apart from all other headset in the 25 US dollars range is the microphones the speech is clear in games and in jet applications like Skype or disco the headset is very comfortable and fits all head size is perfectly it’s multi-platform compatible for PC and all of the current consoles and phones the headset has a good rating in Amazon and the search for this price of only 26 US dollars it’s a deal that can easily be recommended in this part of the video we decided to go with the gaming mouse same is our keyboard that M 711 Cobra RGB Mouse on the budget by red dragon this is an optical mouse as well as the keyboard this mouse has so much going for it especially considering the price some of the features are it has about 5 dpi levels that will suit any kind of gaming scenarios RPG multiplayer games shooters and stuff it supports 7 programmable keys which you can customize to your liking in their pro great software the mouse is very comfortable and easy to use it’s a very viable option for a gamer or a professional on a budget this mouse is an easy recommendation same is the red dragon keyboard at only 20 US dollars and last but not least on our list is you bow m10 10,000 million per hour portable phone battery bank the power bank has enough capacity to supply around three charges to most iPhones out there and around two full charges to most Android phones on the market the device supports two USB ports meaning you can charge two devices at the same time it also features fast charging at five volt two amps and saves about half of the time on your charging time compared to the traditional 5 volt 1 amp output it’s small and lightweight and it fits in the palm of your hand it’s flashy looking and was very visually pleasing and with such wide range of capability it certainly has a place in anyone’s tech Arsenal it’s very well priced at only 25 US dollars and as a budget option it has a solid 18 months for interior we hope you enjoyed this little roundup and if you did like the video share it and comment down below which one is your favorite deal and what will change in our selection subscribe to our Channel and see you in the next one Zen box out

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