(Oblivion) (You could have prevented this you know) Kia ora koutou I am the Casual Kiwi and today
I’m bringing you my Time Lock deck profile tested out with my fellow Yugi-tuber ScrubtierYGO you can get a link to his channel in the description it’s a
really fun deck this very stun focused but with a bit of a twist so without
further adieu let’s go on to the profile (He has not been warned) so first you want to be running at 3
Sandaion the Time Lord it has 4000 attack and 4000 defense you
can only control one Sandaion the Time Lord and your opponent must have
another monster on the field before you can normal summon it
it can also at the end of the Battle phase if it battled deliver 2,000 points of
direct damage but the reason this Time Lord is so important is that first
factor the 4000 attack 4000 defense you’ll be wanting to get this Time Lord
as negated as possible in terms of its effects so that you can make the full
force of Sandaion the Time Lord real to your opponent the other thing about
Sandaion of course is because it is a Time Lord it has to be shuffled back
in there your next standby phase a big part of this deck is going to be
negating that effect so that Sandaion will remain on the field remain in
board presence and just will allow you to beat over any problematic monsters so
that is the first main monster of the deck, then you want to be playing
three consecrated light this is another amazing card in the deck so neither player
can normal or special summon dark monsters or declare an attack with a
dark monster this card cannot be destroyed by battle with a dark monster
also you take no battle damage from that battle
so very much this is what you’d be summoning turn one if your going first
and you’re not able to get into Sandaion consecrated lights is a card that works
very well in this deck because you’ll see later we’re also running lair of
darkness so we can turn all of our opponents monsters dark and this can
also be devastating against any deck that’s trying to bring out summon
sorceress trying to bring out the borroloads and trying to make those plays so
that is an excellent card to go into as well so then you want to be running
three gellenduo this is your last three of monster (Fool) so Sandaion the Time
Lord can be normal summon from the hand but as well as your opponent’s
controlling a monster you need to control no monsters however you can
still tribute summon it if you’ve got enough materials so gellenduo counts
as two tributes for a fairy type monster so this can act as that tribute fodder
and also cannot be destroyed by battle so it’s very useful for just chump
blocking while you’re waiting to get your Sandaion all in all a very good
card and a definite three of in the deck finally I play one marshmallon (So weak) this
is again just for another light fairy target in the deck it works very similar
to Gellenduo except when it’s flip face-up it does a thousand points of
burn damage to your opponent if it was attacked facedown also it cannot be
destroyed by battle but it does not count as two tributes for a fairy type
monster so this is why it’s only a one of in the deck and then I also run the
one lava golem again this is just to whittle down your opponent’s board
presence and potentially whith the floodgates we play lock them into a
fiend type monster and only having this lava golem on board which with its 3,000
attack isn’t enough to punch over your Sandaion and would be blocked from
attacking anyway buy your Gellenduos or your marshmallon
also if you have not negated all the effects on the field then your opponent
will be taking the a thousand burn damage in each of these standby phases so
that’s it for the monster lineup for small monster lineup today and onto the
spells (You are right to dismiss him) so first we run three Lair of Darkness this is fantastic in the deck
because it turns all of your opponent’s monsters dark it turns all of your
monsters dark and like a lot of things with this Time-Lock deck you want to be
affecting your cards as well as your opponent’s cards so this has a neat
little interaction where with shadow imprisoning mirror it turns into a
pseudo skill drain you can also tutor this out on your opponent’s turn using metaverse which will also be run in this deck (after all he has ME) we’re not going to do a proper
side deck for this because again this is something that I very much came up with
and you know there’s a whole bunch of different ways you could run this but
another option you might wanna tech in as one zombie world or perhaps side in
zombie world instead of lair of darkness because you can lock your opponent to
only one card with the can only be one and it’s also fantastic against the
thunder dragon matchup so that’s a definite three of in the deck (All Mine) next
definite three of is three forbidden chalice so again this is to use both on
your opponent’s monster or you can use it on Sandaion to stop him bouncing back
to the deck in the standby phase and because this is a quick play spell if
you draw a forbidden chalice and you have sandaion on the field then you can
chain this to sandaion in the standby phase to prevent some going back to the
deck that turn now to keep this going and because you have a small monster lineup
you do want to have a lot of draw power so we’re going to be running three pot
of duality and three card of demise just like we did with the counter fairy deck
profile but instead of pot of desires as we are going to run one two cards
from the sky now it’s important to note with cards from the sky you cannot special
summon or conduct your battle phase when you activate this card
so that first effect about special summoning doesn’t matter at all of us
that you’ll never be special summoning but the second part about the battle
phase do keep that in mind when you are going into things so that is it for the
draw power of the deck (I have so many plans for him, with my fingers in his brain) now we do run one final card which I am very happy to have
in here which is dark snake syndrome now this is a very old card which inflicts
direct damage to you and your opponent’s Life Points during each of your standby
phases the first damage begins at 200 points and doubles during each of the
following standby phases of your following standby phases so this can
quite quickly start to add up and can really put your opponent and possibly
you but ideally you only play this once you’ve already got some burn on with
Sandaion or you’ve got its effects turned off and you’ve been heading in if
you have got a whole bunch of floodgates up and Sandaion onboard putting down
dark snake syndrome might be just what you need to close out the duel you do
not want to end up in a situation where your opponent knows they have one out… (Fingers down his throat) in your deck (Picking at his brain, Pulling at his neck) all good… (I am his syndrome, a sickness he can’t shake) so yeah so dark snake syndrome very useful card but this was
also part of what inspired me to make this deck profile because dark snake
syndrome is one of my first ever yugioh cards that I was actually able to win a
match with I played this all the way back and I think it’s like 2008 or 2009
I basically didn’t know how to deck build at the time I was a very very
casual Kiwi very young and I just had a pile of cards
but I go on a situation where I had a big Neo Aqua Madoor on the field
with that 3000 defense and that Dark Snake Syndrome up and he just couldn’t get
over it and I was able to just whittle down his life points it was a very great
moment and I’m so glad that I finally have a deck… (A syndrome he wanted) finally have a deck that I’m able
to use finally have a deck I’m able to use this in because it’s just been (You could have stopped this) it’s just been (Silence) so then you run three compulsory evacuation device now this
card is great because its not once per turn it acts like another copy of a Forbidden
Lance, Forbidden Chalice sorry and you can use it both on Sandaion and bounce it
back to the hand or on your opponent’s monster to clear the way for a direct
attack which with Sandaion can be pretty darn damaging then as well the
last normal trap you play is three metaverse really solid to be able to get
that lair of darkness up on your opponent’s turn especially if they pop
the lair of darkness to turn off the shadow imprisoning mirror then you can
just add another lair back and you’ve got no worries
and can be activated any time a bit like compulse usually can, just make your deck a little bit thinner so that’s it for the normal traps
and then what I’ve been talking about all through this video shadow
imprisoning mirror and one copy as well of light imprisoning mirror and so all
of these cards basically have the same effect where they negate all monsters
of that attribute activated on the field or in the graveyard so this can be
extremely good against zombies as well with doom King baledroch but the key
thing here is activated effects so when you’ve got your lair up all your light
Fairies will now be dark Fairies and they’ll all be affected by shadow
imprisoning mirror but what this will mean for Sandaion in particular is that
his effect to shuffle back to the deck won’t won’t be able to activate but all
of his continuous effects will remain in force so he’ll be able to utilize
all of those abilities that he had to protect himself from destruction from
battle or card effects and also all of your other Faries abilities to protect
themselves from battle as those are continuous effects those will all still
be active so though and for the most case that seems like a worse version of
skill drain is actually very effective because all of your Faires are very much
unaffected for the most part where it counts then I also run two rivalry of
warlords 1 there can only be one and then one skill drain as well so rivalry
of warlords prevents there being more than one type of monster on the field
and there can only be one means that your opponent’s can only control one
monster of any particular type so most decks can’t take advantage of what
happens when rivalry and there can be only one are both on the field because
essentially it locks both players into controlling only
one monster but that is huge when your monster is Sandaion the Time Lord with
his 4000 attack and defense skill drain as well turns off all of the effects on
the field which is very useful particularly when it comes to turning
off all of Sandaions effects so that he can hit home with his full 4k damage
and this card as well just completely shuts your opponent down and can be
extremely powerful it’s very much limited to one for a reason but if you
can get rivalry there can be only one and skill drain up on the field then you
are basically winning that game because even if they can slowly pick these out
which is highly dubious if you manage to get all three up in the first place
it can be very difficult for them to play while even one of these is up on the
field so these are insanely useful in this deck and when you get to that point
that very much becomes a true time-lock so that’s it for your trap lineup we’re
not going to be doing a side deck today because I think there is so much
potential to try different tech options with this deck but we are going to take
a quick peek into the extra deck we are I am running one Gagaga Cowboy, Gem
Knight pearl a normal Xyz monster with 2600 attack which basically is just a
beat stick that you can turn to Gellenduos into or if you get three Gellenduos to stick on the field then you can go all the way and you can go into
Gagagigo the Risen potentially out a lot of the monsters that are run in
standard decks so that’s it for the extra deck
so this is Sandiaon control AKA Time Lord stun AKA Time-Lock this is very
much just a fun deck that I’ve put together to try and see how it all comes
together when you do focus on Sandaion but I think the Stun version has so much
potential to be just devastating especially with the meta today with
what’s going on with a lot of dark Deck’s running wild so I hope you have
really enjoyed the profile Nga Mihi for now
and good night (The clock is still ticking for him) (Oblivion)

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  1. ty for sharing this vid im also building some deck so i can play at my locals 😀 but so far idk what to build XD 👍😀

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