Hey everyone this is Yubel i hope you’re good ! i’m today with Kurhinotama and Bruno the CEO, the big boss of Geek Land Frejus so, little video about meta, most about Sky Striker Kurhinotama got awesome knowledge about meta game and Bruno, who is an excellent Orcust player he’s got a TOP128 at the WCQ national France which mean he have a good knowledge or Orcust mechanics And me ! ‘Cause this is MY video LOL, and also cause i’m a Sky Striker Player with D2 at the Gand YCS ! i have my own idea about what SS will become This video will talk about Sky Striker does SS will keep rules the meta format the big international tournaments like YCS why, why not ? does the ban list are smart enough for strike him ? So, let’s go ! The Sky Striker deck cames into Dark Savior, in 2018 summer And since, SS rules absolutely everything ! when the deck was release we had everycards at 3, Kagari, drones, multirole, widow… so the deck was the boss of constistency Today SS is the deck with the most victory in international tournament of all Yu-Gi-Oh! history in 20 years ! Sky Striker took no less than 4 ban lists the first was the limitation of Kagari this one was seems legit to me then, drones was hit recently we’ve got the Multirole limitation this one really hurts we losted consistency, recycling power we had to play safer cause to ogre and twin’s like and on the last ban list We lost 2 widows and i think i’ve forgot nothing Nevertheless, when everyone thought the deck out, Sky Striker is still at the top YCS London, Pascal, Sky Striker Winner the question is why this deck can survive at thoses multiple hits usually, when a deck takes so much ban lists, this one dies Do you guys got any idea of why ? i’ll start to say congrats to Pascal Yeah, he was really smart he piloted his sky striker very well Pascal got really lucky on the final taking at least 8 engages that was amazing ! the deck building was huge, smart, he knows how to adjust his SS for taking out the meta So, i’ve got a first opinion you guys will tell me if you’re agree with me after each ban list, players still can adapt and change the way to play sky striker when multirole was hit, hercule base was played a lot Widow got limited, so the players plays around floodgates now with compulsary, get out, lost wind… all thoses floodgate that our fellow Kurhinotama loves So, Kurhinotama what do you think about SS floodgates ? SS floodgates looks like True Draco now Yeah now SS is played in True Draco Beyond that, for taking the video theme about still SS can be playable i think yes as long as Engage is no hit Engage is the key card of the deck Of course players will still find something for adapt even without talking about competitive we can see orcust taking lot of hits and still be at the top i guess players got the skill to got ressource for play the deck but yes, for Sky Striker as long as Engage is no hit we always could do something with deck building because Engage got the most powerfull effects of the game Card Advantage, tuto, draw so i think it will always be possible as long as engage is no hit Do you agree Bruno ? Yes, completly there will be new support yeah, we’ll talk about that later on this video even without the deck keep winning Me i just wanted to react to Kurhinotama’s analysis Magic cards on yu-gi-oh are coming each new products why not having in a few month there will be a new magic card who will got osmosis with SS i think Demise, who is not a new card but still this card wasnt played before role was hit step by step peoples adapts to that ban lists starting by removed hand traps for having more consistency, playing demise even with the restrict of Demise of not special summon u usually finish with backrows and norm raye you still got ressources, recycling and control you’r opponent and generate Card Advantage so maybe in few months we could got a new tech card maybe something like upstart who is now limited, but was free when she was released and was playing 3 copies in all decks maybe a new tuto card, doesn’t matter i’m not medium but it still can be possible and like Kurhinotama says, as long as Engage is alive for me, widow wasn’t the real problem, widow was here for OTK this is mostly Engage that gave you all the deck consistency engage into engage into engage…….. kagari effect, hercule base effect, role effect that’s just insane ! i don’t know if u guys got something more to say about lucky or not this is hard to say but SS got advantage on the actual meta he fear’s no T1 combo deck boards Orcust for exemple his goal is to got winda, dingi who will stop the plays of opponent Sky striker plays around links and no special summons the only true counter his the thunder mechanics and precisely, with thunder everywhere i wont be able to say if London was a gamble but for now, i think SS is always really good but as long as thunder is on the top tier i don’t know here is coming Demise, who doesn’t fear Colossus effect Colossus got a restrict about tuto, not drawing demise makes you draw that’s excellent, thank’s to demise you may have anchor, impermanence or another out for Colossus and start you’r SS combos i really think Demise is today is the key for Sky Striker Sky striker without demise could’nt perform yeah i’m agree also, in London, maybe peoples didn’t expect Sky Striker and not side cards against ofc we’ve got the element of surprise When SS was Tier 1, each players got 3kaijus in side and voila ! Interesting point, thank you players probablys says ok widow is out, SS is dead that was funny, you know i’m a leader of french facebook yu-gi-oh! groups for trading, selling, talks i saw before YCS london people trying to buy SS cards and peoples was commenting like “Oh don’t buy this shit the deck is out” Karma’s a bitch xD SS is still alive, but for how much longer ? Probably until the next ban list IF SS is one more time touched and now we can introduce the second point of the video Next Ban list, previsions ? can we expect 2 engage and widow back to 2 or, we just totally kill the deck by targetting engage to 2, and widow 1 Bru, you’r point ? do you think SS will be hit one more time ? that will be too bad not hitting him i think YCS Milan will be crucial Yes Milan, we dont have another new extension before the next ban except the DragonMaid one The next principal one is IGAS in January and the ban list too i think we need to know which will be the rarity of SS support’s print a new magic card, and one new monster, Roze “Roze i Love ya” Roze will probably access differently the SS plays Alex, you’r point ? waiting for Milan i think it’s hard to say we need to know if SS will still perform this YCS if i had to gamble on the ban list i unlimit role to 2 or 3, widow back to 2, and engage to 1 that’s rude bro i know but this is fair for me the best thing would be to make like the OCG yeah that’s true SS doesnt perform anymore in OCG? 6% in the last top cut tournament of SS decks ok, like London on the top cut when you saw the number of orcust decks, this is ridiculous Orcust still dominate by the number of players, even if the deck didn’t won the last YCS we had like 3 or 4 orcust in the last YCS’s top 8 Orcust is god actually yeah for sure i’m waiting the next YCS Milan and we’ll see dominate but not winning DOMINATE BUT NEVER EQUAL HAHA HASHTAG…sorry we can now introduce the last point of this video if you’r OK with this the 3rd and last point, the new support sky striker who’s coming in Ignition Assault a new lvl 4 monster, Roze and a new magic card my point about this is Sky Striker will probably be better going second with the turbo utopie full package because you will have easily 2 lvl 4 monster for XyZ utopie and still got negates and consistency i think even if ss is strike one more time like we said earlier than ss will still be playable with a going second OTK strategy seems to be the best way we will have choice to make for enter new’s supports copies in the deck 3 roze, 2 or 3 scissors, that give you access to special summon from grave 6 slots to remove from the actual version of sky striker maybe remove eagle boost, one area base, some floodgates.. i’m still thinking of a new way to play the deck but i’m sure than SS will be a going second deck wait & see the ban list now don’t forget Ignition assault, each new sets give a new breath to the meta game Which deck will dominate Thunder will still be here? dunno for me, SS still got a long life in the tier list what do you think ? for the new cards i love Roze, but for all other decks except SS i think about lightsworn, perfect now for the utopie kit i don’t know if it’s a really good idea even if i saw you’r game plan, but for me it conflicts with the others SS magics for me it’s a bit complicated but i see the set up u mean i’m not a big lover of the new magic i played SS and i love this deck and Roze, yeah i’m ok for 3copies on the deck she’s a sky striker so it’s perfect for area base and others ss effects for finish, i think we will see Roze better in others decks than ss ok thank’s, what’s you’r point Bru Roze is a really good card yeah, and she smells good, smell like roses congrats… was awesome joke For finish, Roze in lightsworn could be great because i miss lightsworn Ok we’ve done wait & see for the impact of new support my point is lot of professional players got already their ideas it’s now our turn to think about and be ready for me ss is not dead a new ban list just before the support release, Konami probably got ideas about the deck they will probably work on it after the support release Widow and Roze couldnt exist together oh god for sure i think 2 copies of widow is OK putting 2 copies of engage is the smartest choice and then, adjust after the impact of Roze on the deck think about all this the ban list should be released 2 weeks before the launch of IGAS I think about Masquerena she’s a nightmare, i play her and i’m really happy yeah, she’s amazing, you can do a lot during you’r opponent’s turn last point for me i think that will give us clues about the next ban lists this is rarity of Roze and Scissors when we will have the complete spoiler of IGAS if Roze is in secret rarity the box need to be sell Konami is here for making money for sure that’s totally normal i saw lot of people cryin because of products releases 2 days before a ban list that’s the game boys ! Sky striker was released in Dark savior who was clairly for the SS deck, with ROTA reedition but now we’ve got support in a principal set i think if we got at least Roze in secrete You can’t hit SS because you need to sell boxes so i’m waiting for the complete spoiler that will maybe give us an idea of what the ban list will be i think this argument had to be taken i bet on super rare for the magic support like vector blast in Soul Fusion Yeah why not, vector blast the useless SS card xD we both agreed on Roze in secrete players loves sky striker cards for me this is like tang in chaos impact Raye was in super the first time she was printed then we saw her in prismatic tin box Ok, i guess we’ve done Nothing else to add ? that’s cool, i think that’s enough Ok this is the end of this video Let us know in the comment space what is you’r point if you’re agree with us, me, Alex or Bruno, or Both Don’t be affraid to come see us At Geek Land Frejus this is the night but we wanted to talk about meta game, that was really cool moment that was friendly we train, we talk, we take some fun here Come to see us this summer you were lot of people coming thank’s to my videos coming for open secretes rares when i was cryin on my super shit drop THANK YOU my lovely suscribers xD Kurhinotama was here he is everywhere on my videos You’ll find all the link on the description his channel, the duel center JUST COME TO SEE US BROS don’t forget to like them for me, you’ve got my uTip link if you want to participate for free to that channel don’t forget to like and share this video, and suscribe if you enjoyed this video ! tell us what you thought in the comment space see ya later for all my new content That was Bruno, Kurhinotama, Yubel, bye friends !

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