Kia Ora Koutou I am the Casual Kiwi and this
is my Lyrilusc 1000 deck that I’ve been really enjoying testing at my
locals, so let’s jump right into the profile. So first you want to have three
turquoise Warbler three sapphire and three cobalt you need to run all nine of
these as they are the only main deck Lyrilusc’s and your main combo pieces
turquoise is my personal favorite that’s kind of the main starter of the deck and
a quasi sort of monster reborn so if you control no monsters you can special
summon this card and special summon from the hand you can special summon 1 Lyrilusc monster from your hand or graveyard you can only use this effect of Lyrilusc turquoise Warbler once per turn moving on to sapphire so sapphire can
special summon both this card and one level one winged-beast type monster from
your hand you can only use this effect of Lyrilusc sapphire swallow once per turn
sapphire also has the additional effect that a winged-beast Xyz monster with
this card can target one Lyrilusc in the graveyard and attach it as XYZ
material which can be very useful as Lyrilusc XYZ monsters want as
much material as possible and finally cobalt is the searcher of the deck
or the main searcher anyway when special summoned you can add one level
one winged-beast type monster from your deck to your hand you can only use this
effect once per turn and like sapphire it also has an effect when used for an
XYZ of a winged-beast type monster which is that your opponent cannot target. So
that is the core of the deck so next we’ll move on
to the secondary engine I’m using here which is a Timelord
engine which can be very useful for stall and putting additional burn damage
on board while you build up Lyriluscs in the hand. I run three time maiden and
this can be tributed to search for a TimeLord from the deck to my hand that
also counts as two tributes for a Time Lord that they’ll almost never come up.
You can also banish this from your graveyard to special summon a TimeLord
directly from your deck ignoring its summoning conditions but you cannot
special summon monsters the turn you activate this effect what you’ll usually
be bringing out with time maiden is Michion the Timelord or Lazion the
Timelord all Timelords can be normal summoned from the hand if you control no
monsters and have the effect that they cannot be destroyed by battle or card
effect and neither player takes any battle damage from battles involving
timelords. if they battled at the end of the Battle phase they can activate an
effect and Michion halves your opponent’s Life Points so during your
next standby phase they’re shuffled back into the deck and you can go off with
your lyriliusc plays Lazion also has an additional ability that he can once per
turn burn your opponent for a thousand damage so if you have to go first lazion is particularly good and we can play another card that combos well with, but
we’ll cover that when we get to the spells so following the Timelords we
have our hand traps and I personally play 3 DD crow and 2 Effect Veiler
so as well as all being level ones DD crow is searchable by cobalt as it’s a
winged-beast I also play an addition to these 3 lava golem so you may prefer to
play kaijus as it does take away your normal summon but I just find it works
so well with this deck being able to burn your opponent again for an
additional a thousand during each of their standby phases and being able to
take out two of the monsters is just good card advantage so I’m glad to
include those in the deck so that’s 22 main deck monsters so on to the spells
we run two terraforming and two alter of the mind’s eye so these are very much
kind of the the main support of the deck so what mind’s eye does is it makes all
Battle Damage equal to a thousand then the synergize really well with the
lyrilusc Xyz monster assembled nightengale and helps to protect from being a
OTK’d if your opponent gets over your timelords or your lyriluscs yeah so
that’s it so then we also run three instant fusion and three contract with
Don thousand so I really love this card when this card is activated both players
lose a thousand life points and if they do each draws one card. All cards that are
drawn while this is that this card’s effect is applied must remain revealed
while a player’s spell card and their hand is revealed by this effect that
player cannot set normal summon / set monsters you can only activate once
per turn that’s not not too much of a problem most of our monsters special
summon anyway and but this card pairs so so well would Lazion so if you normal
summon the Timelord then play this Lazion will burn them for the draw
and then when it moves to the eternal be burned again for the the main draw
meaning that for the cost of a thousand life points your opponent will be losing
three thousand life points we also play foolish burial and one for one
again these just Good one offs from the spells
move on to the trap so we don’t play many traps in this deck we only play
three secret blasts and three magic cylinder and not just for the memes so
magic cylinder of course converts your opponent’s attack into effect damage
equal to the original attack of the attacking monster so if they do attack
with a high-powered monster while altars on the field they would potentially be
taking far more than a thousand damage especially if they would attack with Lava Golem I also think that secret blast is very underrated so what it does for
those who don’t know is it inflicts 300 damage to your opponent for each card
they control so that includes spells and traps as well as monsters if this card
you control is destroyed by an opponent’s card and sent to the
Graveyard inflict a thousand damage to your opponent yeah this will
discourage your opponent from randomly twin twistering your backrow but unlike
waking the dragon this can be proactively activated to burn your
opponent for even more than a thousand if they pop it so it adds that
kind of risk or reward element for your opponent and I personally preferred
invested waking so that’s it for the main deck lineup we’ll go on to the
Extra Deck so for XYZ’s I play two of the best monsters in the deck Assembled Nightingale and one Recital Starling and one Sylvan Princess Sprout
so my general rule with the extra deck is to never play more than two unless
there is a good reason Assembled gains 200 attack for every XYZ material
attached and this card can attack directly up to the number of XYZ
material attached to it once per turn during either player’s turn you can
detach one XYZ material from this card and until the end of the
turn Lyrilusc monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle or card
effects also you take no battle damage so with alter each direct attack will
always be a thousand so you can quite quickly peck your opponents to death
Recital is another Lyrilusc XYZ so you can target one face-up
monster on the field it gains 300 attack and defense for each material used and
usually you’ll be using this in conjunction with Assembled. Recital also
means that you can have all battle damage you take from battles involving
this XYZ is also inflicted to your opponent so sometimes just crashing this
is actually the best option finally Sylvan Princess Sprout is just
another good level one XYZ the relevant effect is that you can detach one to
excavate a card if it’s a spell or trap it goes to the hand otherwise it goes
to the graveyard so moving on to fusions so we have two and instant fusion targets Thousand Eyes restrict and Lyrilusc Independent Nightingale Independent can
be a win condition for some versions of the deck and I’d highly recommend
checking out some videos with more of a polymerization focus but here it’s
mainly just to get another winged-beast on the board and some easy burn damage
equal to its level times 500 and it has some nice built-in protection as it’s
unaffected by other card effects I also run ABC Buster dragon as just a Cherry’s
target because I side that but that’s very much up to you moving on to the
links, I run one Greatfly which is just a generic wind link which boosts
all wind monsters including itself by 400 and all Lyriluscs are wind and I
also run a BorrelGuard package so Link kuriboh one link spider one proxy
dragon and one borrelguard that’s a kind of underappreciated borrel link
monster but it is still a 3k beater which cannot be destroyed by card effects and
can be a nasty surprise and also has a quick effect to change monster to
defense or more relevantly can send a spell or trap to the graveyard to
special summon from either graveyard to your field one monster that was
destroyed and sent their that turn so you may send contract with Don thousand or
maybe secret blasts if they aren’t doing you much good on the field again you
know they’ll make more sense once you see the side and just finally I run two
sky strikers and a firewall and these are just cherries targets so that’s it for
the Extra Deck moving on to the side deck even if you’re a casual player you
know playing matches can be super fun and just having the options to change up
the game plan can really give yourself an edge so in terms of hand traps I run
three cherries for the targets on the side and heaven forbid I end up in a
mirror match or a trickstar matchup I also run two Hanewata which reduces all the
effect damage you would take to zero for that turn so that can be quite useful in
terms of the secondary Timelord engine I do also run on the side Gabrion and
Kamión I think these are the other two best time lords to run Kamion has a bounce
effect back to the deck which cannot be negated which is super super helpful for
problematic cards and Gabrion can basically shuffle back all of your
opponent’s monster cards and they do draw for every card sent back to the
main deck but the key word there is main deck so if you’ve got a very
link heavy deck you’re up against then Gabrion can be a complete blow out after
they’ve set out a board then I ran a kaiju package again just in
case I’m finding I do need that normal summon not much to explain there and
then I do run three scapegoat as well because I think oftentimes if you do
find that you’ve won the first game your opponent will insist on going second
and scapegoat again it’s just good set up you’ll start with a Timelord
probably lazion set the scapegoat use the scapegoat and go into Borrelguard which
will just be a complete surprise and in addition to that again probably the the
spiciest of the spicy tech in this whole thing I do side one Obelisk the
Tormentor which is a very important card if you are wanting to just
completely change up the game plan because it’s quite easy to get three
monsters on the board and you can just normal summon Obelisk as someone cannot
be negated which can be super helpful for playing around and whatever they’ve
set and you know he’s just basically a big 4k beater
most of your monsters have very little attack so having this as an option just
to out a really problematic card is super helpful so that’s it for the deck
profile please do like and subscribe nga mihi for now and good night

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