(Oblivion) Kia ora Koutou I am the Casual Kiwi and I’m
here with my friend Kisharn Kisharn welcome to YouTube
Kisharn thank you what do you have for us today
I have Krawlers it’s the first deck that I ever built
first thing quickly moved on to other things
well you’re still good at built man and I’ve been looking at some flippy boys
myself for the channel so there might be a few people keen to see how you’ve
built the deck sure cool so yeah Krawlers are level two earth insect
flip monsters and they all have their own effects and they all have the same
effect which is if they’re removed from the field by any card
effect while they’re face-up they summon two more in facedown so they don’t have
to be destroyed yes well the gist of it like if you attack them when they face
down then they’ll flip face up and they get the flip effect but if you attack them
while they face up that’s fine but if you try to remove them any other way
while they face up they’ll just summon two more okay yeah okay so first thing
we play is three Krawler receptor mmm it is reinforcement of the army as its flip
effect and it’s got the obviously the uniform effect as well this is Krawler
glial play three of this this is monster reborn
for Krawlers but it’s also you can also summon from the hand as well so that’s
pretty cool it can also do it in face up or face down which is pretty important we’ve got three Krawler Dendrite this
is foolish burial this is Krawler spine this is the knight
of the deck its maneater bug so it’ll destroy a monster when it flips I’ve
always liked that beefy 2100 defence yeah it’s pretty good sometimes you just
set that and end your turn we’ve got to Krawler axon and that is mystical Space
typhoon sometimes but not all the time yeah well you don’t really need it all
the time and it’s very easy to search any of these cards
this is Krawler Ranvier it’s kind of like recurring nightmare I guess it adds two
Krawlers from your graveyard to your hand again so you can recycle stuff
that’s all the level two ones and this is the big boy this is Krawling deus-x
Krawler he’s a level nine for some reason 2000 attack 3000 defense he
doesn’t have the same effect as the other ones where he’ll summon two
more if he’s removed removed but his main flip effect is that he’ll just negate every
monster effect in your opponent’s side of the field Skill drain on legs yes skill drain on
legs plus if you try and target it with any card if it was face down it
automatically flips itself face up and negates that target so that’s good yeah
the only way you can really get rid of it is by destroying it in which case it
does have an effect where you can add a level nine of a different type of
attribute but for Krawlers there’s nothing that really is useful apart from
maybe the Thunder King Kaiju but again that’s not really that useful okay
and this is the… (He thinks “Am I being too stilted?”) I think we go sorry about the technical
difficulties Kisharn go on from here that’s alright so we’ve got the big bug
it’s a super armoured robot armed black iron ‘C’ so this guy is just a level
seven he can only summon him, well other ways but the main way to some of
them is to have three insects in your graveyard with the same name summon this guy from your hand and then you equip all three of those insects as equip
cards then once per turn you can send one equip card to the Graveyard to Raigeki all monsters your opponent controls they have higher attack and all of the
Krawlers have like no attack so it kind of works it’s more of a late-game option
really yeah because you’re gonna be filling your graveyard as you go along
the other secret thing that some people don’t know is that if your opponent
tries to use spell and trap removal to get rid of the equip cards then your
Krawlers will activate because they’re face-up cards you control and they’ve
left the field because of an opponent’s card effect there you’ll gain two more
Krawlers it could be the big boy who knows the cool interaction and the last
monster I play… (“thought asking him about Jake while he sorted phone might get some answers but he just says he hadn’t heard from him recently”) okay here we go
more technical difficulties last month so we play world legacy world armor
level seven twenty five twenty five it summons itself when you flip someone a
monster and on normal or special adds a world legacy card so you can search any
of your spells or traps with this thing that’s pretty great the other thing you
can do if your normal summon it is bounce any extra deck monster so that’s
pretty fun I rarely use that other than that it’s just a free beat stick (“He keeps dodging the question and averting his eyes, I’m sure he knows more than he’s letting on, Jake wouldn’t just up and leave the scene like that”) okay
yeah this is nice man there’s good quality stuff okay there should be no
more technical difficulties here we go what are our spells so we play three of world
legacy in shadows this is the field spell so it gives your Krawlers a
little boost but the other thing it does is allows you to special summon an
insect level two insect from your hand face up or face down so that’s how
you can swarm a little bit better it’s really good to have this the other thing
it does is it protects your flip monsters from battle because if your
opponent destroys one of your flip monsters with another monster you can
send that monster to the graveyard so it’s a non tailored removal so that’s pretty
good so there’s guy compensates for the weaknesses of the the crawler monsters
absolutely to terraforming to search the field spell because it’s quite important
to have yeah three worm bait when bait summons to insect tokens if you control
an insect monster and it also locks you out of playing any level three or four
monsters for the rest of that turn but none of the Krawlers are liberals
or fours so basically free two tokens nice two world legacy survivor it’s kind
of like pot of duality this is kind of like pot of
duality for the deck so you excavate the top five and you can add a Krawler or
world legacy from it above to your hand and then the rest go to the graveyard
instead of getting shuffled back so you can dump stuff in the graveyard and
search whatever you like it’s pretty great nice
potential for Krawler Sylvans with that excavation excavation effect okay yeah I mean you can see I could see some nutty mmm naturia beast stuff going on
one scapegoat this is great names just good and one world legacy succession
because it’s you will often have a Krawler link and you can monster reborn
searchable monster reborn basically that’s it for spells now for traps we
play one Metaverse this is again obviously to search the field spell but
the other thing you can do is set it so that you can time the activation of your
field spell right when your opponent attacks bait them into losing their
monster so that’s pretty fun and then three world legacy pawns this is
probably the most important card in the deck and it’s good to be able to try and
get it as soon as possible it’s book of moon and book of taiyou in
one card as a quick effect so you can flip your Krawler face up or you can
flip your Krawler face down and you can time it it’s really really important to
have because if you’ve got this you can time your maneater bug you can time your
mystical Space typhoon it’s good yeah and then we play three world legacy mind
meld I play this instead of hand traps because it’s sort of an in archetype way
of handling monsters so this will transform your opponent’s effect into
returning a monster you control to the hand so if you’ve got a face-up crawler
you can flip this to change your monsters effect into returning your
Krawlers to the hand which will then trigger the Krawler and allow you to set
two more the other thing it does is it can banish itself from the graveyard to
summon a Krawler to a zone your linked monster points to so you can summon Deus-x Krawler or whatever you like so this is a great turbo card and it also deals
with effects as well and then the last one we play is Crusadia Krawler yeah I
mean it’s just searches world legacy stuff so it’s just good to have that’s
it from the main deck to the yep so for the extra deck I play three Krawler
qualiark this has got the the nice arrows and it
has effects based on how many Krawlers you have see if you’ve got two or more
all monsters you control gain 300 that’s all monsters not just Krawlers if you’ve
got four or more Krawlers your opponent can’t activate effects during the battle
phase and if you’ve got six then you can attack directly so it’s pretty good this
is how you push for game sometimes not all the time you sort of mostly sit on Deus-x Krawler and have this to sort of boost it up but it’s a it’s basically a
good link two for Krawlers the other thing it does is it floats so if it’s
removed by battle or any other means you can summon two Krawlers from your
graveyard so it’s a good thing to sit on and there are two other Krawler links
and both of them are absolute garbage if you play Krawlers don’t play them there’s no point
in playing them at all play one linkuriboh and two link
spiders these are just for tokens because all the tokens you summon are
level one so just allows you to go into further link plays and one missus
radiant this can just boost stuff or you can use it for tokens again one proxy
dragon this is mostly for tokens but you can use it with trans-code talker
because it’s like a link two cyberse that you can make so yeah the knightmare
package because it’s a nice toolbox to have good at most its yeah one name Ningrsu because you’re making so many tokens so you may as well make this it’s
non-targeted non-destructive removal it’s pretty fun to make nice one trans
code talker this is mostly just if you have the tokens and the monsters you can
Co link your other monsters to beaf them up and keep them from being targeted or
you can bring back proxy dragon or Linkuriboh or whatever you like
it’s not something you go into very often but it’s a nice option to have and
then we’ve got barreload dragon because you make it pretty easily
with this stick and that’s a nice sort of control tool to have and borrelguard
dragon i wouldn’t invest in making this unless you have like scapegoat or worm
baits and stuff like that because if you can make it really easily and still have
other monsters it’s good if you make it by itself it’s garbage but what it can
do is it can flip a monster face up as a quick effect so not only does that block
your opponent’s monsters you can also time your crawler effects which is
pretty nice so a big thing with this deck is very much timing is having that kind
of you know making sure that you can predict what your opponent’s going to do and
then you know trigger your Krawlers yeah you want to try and you want to try and
get as many crawlers out as possible in lots of different positions so that your
opponent is basically forced to make a mistake somewhere because if they do the wrong thing you’re gonna summon two crawlers or they’re gonna
lose their monster so the idea is to try and gain the upper-hand get advantage as
quickly as you can because if you fall behind and you have like one crawler on
the field that’s not gonna save you and you’re just gonna die so yeah if you can
get out a whole bunch of them that’s great
awesome well thank you for sharing that deck with us today Kesharn oh you’re welcome its been
a pleasure having you on thank you any final words for anyone thinking of
picking up Krawlers yeah if you wanna you can sort of build this anyway you
want to you can sort of take stuff out and put stuff in and I’d say if you want
to play crawlers I’d probably take out all of it there’s a better version of
this deck it’s called guru control same concept but much more consistent and
much more difficult for your opponent to play with but if you want a fun deck
this is pretty fun Oh fair enough well thank you for sharing it again
yeah so good nga mihi for now and good night (Oblivion)

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