Yu-Gi-Oh! ABC Deck Profile – January 2019

– Welcome back to YugiBOOM you guys. We have a new deck profile of ABCs. Lets get it started. YugiBOOM! Now that A-Assault Core’s back at three, I was actually thinking about making a deck profile of the
last, the Banlist Before, but when A-Assault Core got hit to one, I didn’t think it was very viable anymore, but now that it’s back at three, I thought to remake the deck again. So lets go ahead and get started. So for the monsters, we’re gonna do three A-Assault Core, three
Buster Drake, obviously, and three Crush Wyvern. I do see a lot of people just run the two, just two of each, but I always thought that maximizing all three
of ’em would be best, ’cause sometimes maybe you draw too many, or you use too many in
the, during the game, and sometimes you kinda
run out, so just having the three of each, I think works best. Just to, just have the main especially if you still
have your Union Hangar out. So yeah, that’s why I run three of each, and you always want to
get a Buster Dragon out. That card’s insane, so why not? So, and then I mix it together with the Cyber Dragons just
to keep it kind of pure, and just like a light machine, especially ’cause it gives us all
our cards that support, that kind of type and attribute. I guess you can call archetype
or category of monsters. So we run three Core,
and three Cyber Dragons. I don’t run the Herds,
I just like the Core, just to get the Repair Plant, and then also just to Machine Dupe it, just to get the other
two Cyber Dragons out, and that way you can at least
start getting into Infinities or link plays, so I
just run three of each. And then just the Core Effect to summon one from the
deck, it’s really good. That way you can combo off it, ’cause we got Galaxy
Soldier or just to get extra link fodder on
the field a lot easier. So we run three of those and then we’re gonna
run three Galaxy Soldier just to discard a light
monster from your hand to summon them is always really good and then just to get the search off, make an easy Infinity or
just extra link fodder. It’s really good and yeah, so just that’s really all we
use them for in this deck. And then for some extra
cards just to help out, we got the Electromagnetic Turtle as the target for the Rampage Dragon and just to maybe stop a battle phase if maybe you’re going to get OTK’d. So that’s why he’s in the deck. And then one Heavy Mech Support Armor. Kind of sucks he’s a level three. I wish he was a level four, ’cause he can combo off
with the ABC pieces. But just to get that, just
to get the pieces back and then you can link
it away is always good, ’cause that way you can get
their effects off again, and just to make a free
link monster is always good. So on to the spells, there’s
no traps in this deck, just spells, just to
get those pieces going. So we got two Terraforming
to get the Union Hangar and then three Union Hangar. Union Hangar’s really
good, once it’s activated you get to add the
piece, one of the pieces, and you can always go off and then you can attach the other one from the deck to that material. Yeah, those cards are always the target for being either Ashed or Ghost Orged, so I really like this card. And just to be able to, even if you have an Infinity out or a Buster out, you could always, well, I mean, it was just ABCs themselves you can attach to it, but… Yeah, but he’s really good. All the cards are really good, so just to start getting those pieces out. And then I, there’s only
been a couple of times I’ve been able with ABC-Dragon Buster out, to be able to actually
have the pieces to it to make it indestructible. So that’s why I like running that card. And then we have three
Cyber Repair Plants. This card is really busted,
just because you can basically search anything in the deck, as long as you have you Cyber Dragon in your graveyard, of course. And I don’t really use
the second effect so much ’cause we don’t have so many
Cyber Dragons in the deck in the grave to put one back, but just to search is good enough. Its search effect is just
good enough for this deck. And then run two Machine Duplications. This is just for Core,
just to target the Core and then summon out the two Cyber Dragons. Three would be too cloggy I would guess. I think it would be better
in a Cyber Dragon deck, if it was a pure sort
of Cyber Dragon Deck, but just two I think is
good enough for this deck. Just kind of more of a combo extender if you don’t have ABC pieces. And then for the regular spells you want one Foolish, one Burial, one Monster Reborn and one Dark Hole. Foolish is to get maybe
the Electromagnetic Turtle in the graveyard, or a Core, and then you could start doing stuff. Monster Reborn is the extender and Dark Hole just to get
rid of your opponent’s board. And then for the fusion spells, you want one Power Bond,
two Overload Fusion, and then two Polymerizations and one Fusion Substitute. Power Bond, kind of found it like, it’s kind of hard to use sometimes. That’s why I just run the one. Overload Fusion is more for
the Rampage Dragon effect and then for the regular Polymerizations, just there, just something like I run Cyber Twin Dragon in the deck, ’cause honestly you just
summon the Cyber End Dragon so that’s where I want this, and Fusion Substitute, I like it because you can always put, let’s say an ABC-Dragon buster, get the tribute from the grave, you
could always put it back in the extra deck, and then you could always draw a card, sot that’s why I like running the one Fusion Substitute. And then, now into the extra deck, the extra deck was kind
of hard to think about, ’cause there’s so many
things you could do. So I just, this is just
what I came up with. So we’re gonna run three Dragon Busters, to summon them is really easy, of course. You don’t even have to use
Polys or anything like that, and then just to be able to discard, banish a card your opponent controls is always a good effect, and then to tribute him to
summon him back is really good. Then you could always link. Instead of always summoning
Dragon Buster again you could always link him away and get extra effects, so why not? So that’s why I run the
three Dragon Busters, especially ’cause I’m running the three pieces of each, so why not? And then, I said I really
I went back and forth with a lot of the fusions you could use, especially for the Cyber
Dragon aspect of the deck, but I just stuck with one Twin Dragon and one Rampage Dragon. Now that I found out
that the Instant Fusion does not work with the Rampage Dragon, that’s why you didn’t see
Instant Fusion in the deck, because apparently you
can’t summon it that way. So that’s why there’s just one of that and just one Twin Dragon. Twin Dragon’s kind of there just for the OTK potential game-ender, and Rampage Dragon is just there for, either you can use it
to pop spells and traps or if not, to, like I
said, also end the game because you get the additional attacks when you send monsters, so that’s why I just run one of each. So yeah, it kind of
sucks that Instant Fusion actually doesn’t work
with the Rampage Dragon but, I mean, that’s the ruling so gotta go with it. And then now for the exceeds, just one Infinity and two Nova. I was kind of going back-and-forth on running a second Infinity, but honestly just running one is okay, ’cause a Nova you could
always summon whenever, and just the effect itself to summon Cyber Dragon back from the graveyard is just good on itself, so. Like I said, the extra
deck’s kind of tight but I guess you could always knock out one of the fusions like Rampage or Twin, or maybe the Twin, and you could always add back the Infinity, or add an Infinity, that way you have two and two, ’cause you always have access to it. But for now two and one, I
think that works well for me. So into more generic exceeds, since we do run a lot of level fours, one Baguska, one Paladynamo
and one Tornado Dragon. Baguska just to sit on, and then Tornado Dragon
just to pop back row. The Paladynamo is just
something I thought of, just because everything
is light in the deck, and you could negate a monster
that your opponent controls and make it zero, so that
way you can attack over it. Notice this effect, if it
gets destroyed by battle by a card effect, you
could always draw a card. So why not draw extra cards? So that’s why I run it in the deck. And then now for links. We’re gonna run one Genius,
one Underclock Taker and two Hip Hoshinigen. The Genius ’cause everything’s machine, one Underclock Taker just to kind of, say, game your opponent, and then just the extra marker down just so you can have you an Infinity or Dragon buster out,
just get that one monster, and then Hip Hoshinigen
’cause everything’s like… Honestly, I would, you can
maybe add a link three, or maybe the Knightmare
monsters if you wanted to, like maybe instead of these, but I always find myself
liking these two guys, especially Genius, he’s
actually very underrated for machine decks, so that’s
why I like running him. But yeah, that’s the
deck profile you guys. It there’s anything you think I should do to the deck to tweak it to make it a little better, I’m always down to see
your comments down below, and then like I said,
like, comment, subscribe. Just watch our new videos
that we having coming out. We have a skit that
could be coming out soon, so watch out for that,
and any new deck profiles you guys wanna see, just
let us know in the comments. We try to respond to you
as quickly as possible. And yeah, thanks for watching
and see you in the next one. (electronic music) – YugiBoom!

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