YouTube’s New Music App

Today YouTube launched an official music app.
With YouTube Music, you’ll get a new experience, designed to make discovering music on YouTube
easier. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, considering
the popularity of music videos on the site, which boasts access to a potential audience
of over 1 billion people around the globe. When you launch YouTube Music, you get a personalized homepage with some pretty basic genre stations, that takes your personal tastes into account.
Remember, you’re probably using YouTube while logged in so they know what you’ve
watched and searched for. A tap on the trending tab will serve up tracks
from emerging artists and classic hits in ‘The Daily 40’. It’s not the typical
radio “Top 40” but it’s a human-created list based on learnings of what’s hot on
the platform at any given moment. Every song creates an endless station, so
as you listen you can look at what’s coming next, and even control the variety of your
queue to either be more adventurous or listen to similar songs from the same or the same artist. No matter where you start in the app, the
music will never stop. Every song you play or artist you choose kicks off a journey through
YouTube’s music catalog. If you are overwhelmed by options, the home tab will recommend tracks
just for you and create personalized stations based on your tastes. So what’s the catch? Well the paid version
of the app, integrated with YouTube Red, lets you to play music in the background, get ad-free
videos, and listen to music offline. YouTube Red also includes audio-mode, which lets you
play audio-only without loading the videos. But, with the free version of YouTube Music:
ads are enabled, you lose portability, there’s no playing music in the background, checking
texts, or offline mixtapes. So basically, most the functionality that makes this app
your go-to for music, is only available in the paid subscription version. At the end of the day, you’re probably already
watching or listening to music on YouTube. And the YouTube Music app makes that experience
way more enjoyable. It’s definitely worth a try. You can download YouTube Music for
free starting today on Google Play or the App Store, which includes a two-week trial
of YouTube’s premium Red service to help you get hooked

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7 thoughts on “YouTube’s New Music App

  1. IMO, this is definitely better than Spotify and the rest of the competition. Not only do you get YouTube Offline Access, Background Listening capabilities, etc. this subscription is also tied to Google's Play Music subscription – which is awfully similar to Spotify. So, in essence, the same $10 price tag gets you all the features of Spotify and much more.

  2. why pay $120 a year for the rest of your listening life for music you can own?
    you will be RENTING music, never own it again.
    You sleep, yet your are still paying, money for old rope.

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