YouTubers React To Videos With LESS THAN 100 VIEWS

– What the heck?
Is that a grown man? – That deserved more views.
I can’t lie. That was a vibe. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So, do you remember
what it was like getting your first views on YouTube?
– I do! Yeah. It’s exciting. You know, it’s good to see
people watching your videos. – It was a warm summer evening… and it said zero, and then it said one.
I was like, “Who did that?!” And I was like, “Oh, it was me.
– (FBE) Normally, we use a site that finds videos with no views,
but since it’s temporarily down, we found a site called Incognitube,
where you’re able to watch YouTube videos that have
less than 100 views. – Ooh! So, that’s what we’re doing?
I love that! That’s so cool! – (FBE) So, we put together
a short playlist of some videos with less than 100 views
that we found when preparing the episode, since we wanted
all the YouTubers today to react to the same videos.
– If we made our own channel, we’d been on this too. (chuckles)
– Less than a 100 views? Man, c’mon.
– There’s so many videos on YouTube of every variety that there’s always
gonna be some with that few views, you know? There could be
some masterpieces out there. There also might just be
some cats pooping, so I might see some of that.
– I’m expecting the unexpected, because YouTube is very random.
So, one video could be someone’s dog, and another video could be
a grandmother stacking cups. – Oh, wow!
– Oh, this is like homemade Bollywood. – Yeah!
– (both laugh) – Is that the title? “Whoj”?
They didn’t even title it. – Wait. These cuts are hard. Hold on.
– (laughs) – She kinda looks like Adele.
It’s like Adele’s cousin. – it’s a different type
of flow, you know? – ♪ (woman sings
in foreign language) ♪ – I’m waiting for Drake to come in. – Dude, you could tell
she worked hard on this. I support it.
– And you know what? They tried a little experimental
editing there with the jumping back and forth. That’s fun.
– The fast cuts on that one. – And you could tell
she only moved five feet. – Yeah, there was like
three different spots. I don’t know.
I could flame her up all day, but, you know, good for her
for just uploading that and having the confidence to…
– Props, props. upload it to the public. – (boy) Look, man,
your videos really suck and you need to get
constructive criticism with me. – What?!
– (boy) You really gotta be a good guy.
– (laughs) – What?! What was that?
– Can I watch that one more time? – (boy) Look, man,
your videos really suck and you need to get
constructive criticism with me. You really gotta be a good guy.
– What was that? (laughs) What was that?
Was he trying to roast my videos? – (boy) You really
gotta be a good guy. – (both laugh)
– Sounds like me when I was young. – Underrated. That is a hidden gem.
– So, who needs to get that constructive criticism?
Is it me? Was that video for me? Did I need to hear that? (laughs) – ♪ All of us will be dead ♪
♪ You think I am [bleep] mad? ♪ – I like the colors in the background
and stuff. It’s pretty. – You know, I’m actually
kinda liking this. ♪ It’s your [bleep],
it’s your [bleep] ♪ ♪ It’s your [bleep] ♪
♪ All of us… ♪ – Okay!
– ♪ You think I am [bleep] mad? ♪ ♪ In this life, you are trash ♪
– (laughs) What is he saying? – ♪ You think I am [bleep] mad? ♪
♪ In this life, you are trash ♪ – He might got something right here. – I’m [bleep] dying, yo. – I can’t tell if it’s English or not.
– I mess with that. That deserved more views.
I can’t lie. That was a vibe. – That was kinda cool.
It had a little bit of a Blade Runner,
Cowboy Bebop aesthetic. – Was he saying, like,
“It’s the [bleep]. It’s the [bleep].
It’s the [bleep]”? – Oh, I thought, “This is [bleep].
This is [bleep]. This is [bleep].” I was like, “Why are you
[bleep] your own song? It sounds good!”
– Oh! A lot of videos from different countries, I guess. – (both) Oh!
– He said, “Hold up!” – If somebody’s pointing a weapon
at you, don’t jump in front. – Is this the mannequin challenge? – (laughs) What’s going on? What?! (laughs) What?!
It just ended like that? – What goes through
someone’s mind? Like, “Yeah, let me
get this up there. Let me upload
this thing real quick.” – They were going for something.
They’re probably a big Tarantino fan.
Maybe they watch Guy Ritchie. And they got together
a bunch of old guys and put ’em in suits
and gave ’em fake guns. It’s hard for me to knock someone
who takes the time and effort to film something and edit it
and upload it to YouTube. So, good on them.
Keep it up. – (FBE) So, now that you have seen
all these, are you ready to check out the website yourself?
– Yes! Oh my gosh. I’m so excited. – I swear this is gonna be sad
if one of my videos pops up on here. – (kids shouting and laughing)
– (boy) Help me! – This is adorable! Just two friends filming
each other laughing. Oh, he’s stuck.
This is so pure. (laughs) – (boy off-screen) [Bleep]. [Bleep].
– (laughs) I was not expecting that at the end. It was so pure,
just the two little boys laughing, probably hanging out,
one of ’em got stuck in between the bed and the wall.
And then at the end, just profanity. – Nobody else has seen this?
It was uploaded a month ago! Okay.
– ♪ (woman vocalizing) ♪ – She has the voice of an angel.
Okay! I mean, this is sad. Nobody’s in the audience
watching her. Dang. It’s interesting. I mean,
I think it’s a good way for people to get discovered
and to get views. Makes it more of a
fun thing for people. They’re like, “Ooh, let’s see.”
You know, “Let’s find videos that have no views.” – Is this a ga–
(loud creaking) Oh, okay!
Okay, there we go. (loud whirring) Oh yeah, it’s a fun
little bus driving game, which is so loud
I’m gonna keep one ear off, ’cause yeah, it sounds
like a real bus. Oh! (laughs)
I didn’t expect the first person perspective
to extend to going out the windshield during a crash.
That’s kind of funny. – Oh, Aladdin and Lion King?
Oh my gosh, Disney! Why do I not recognize the so–
♪ (“A Whole New World” melody) ♪ Oh! Oh my gosh!
This is such a good song. This is literally
the perfect video, right? Honestly, they seem so talented.
I would think that this would be getting a lot of views,
where they’re super talented and they’re playing great music,
playing Disney music. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– “Flying Chyj.” – Oh, it’s Russian!
It’s “choo.” – Choo. Is that kite?
– That is one dirty river. – (chuckles)
– Dude, this is for an advertisement. I think they should’ve
picked a cleaner river. But if it’s due to climate change,
then it’s our fault. Does this video make you
wanna do that with them? – A little bit, yeah. You?
– No. I think it deserves more love though,
’cause it’s hard work. – (chuckles)
– How cute! That’s a dog? – (laughs) It’s just a dog.
– I like the sound. It sounds really tranquil.
(laughs) – (dog softly barks in the distance) – Why are they capturing this?
– (laughs) – That’s funny. I bet you
they don’t even own that dog. – It’s not their dog. Yeah.
– It’s just some random dog in the neighborhood.
– They’re testing their new iPhone or their new phone. They’re like–
– I hope that’s not the new iPhone. That was really poor quality.
– It was really bad. – Three hours.
– What is this? Cultural night. – This looks like one
of the most boring things ever. – (man shouting)
– What the heck? Is that a grown man? – Ooh.
– Look like Sacagawea. – Trying to be Pocahontas?
I don’t know. New characters.
– And this is a play? – Yeah. I’m good.
– I’m good on that one. – I get the gist of that.
– It’s almost like, you know, did you need to upload that?
– (woman speaking foreign language) – (child laughing)
– Something’s funny. So, I’m guessing my boy
on the left is a superhero and my boy on the right,
that’s his sidekick. And they’re telling a story
about how the sidekick wants more glory,
but the superhero, he’s not really feeling that.
All right, so now they’re battling for that title of superhero,
you know what I’m saying? This is some Batman and Robin,
you know, moving to the next level. Robin wants to be Nightwing.
You know, he wants to be his own superhero,
and they gotta battle it out. This is great. You should always,
push your kids to do things like this, just have fun.
Who cares who sees it? ‘Cause this is how I started off,
just making videos in my living room, not caring and here we are today.
– I feel like this might be my new thing on a Friday night
with a White Claw or something, just sit back, go on Incognito Tube. – (FBE) So, as an online
creator yourself, you know how much first views
and subscribers matter. – Yeah. Yeah. I thought
I was really doing something. I don’t know. It’s like,
when you have that, you really think– you’re like,
“Wait, there’s 100 people out in the world who saw my video
and who are subscribed to me.” I’m like trying to imagine
what their faces look like and stuff, like, ooh, ooh, I wonder
where they’re from and stuff. – (FBE) So, when you started
to get your first 100 views, 100 subscribers,
did you find yourself being more concerned
about video views then or maybe now that you’ve
found more success? – Ooh, that’s a great question.
I think my concern has been relatively stable. You know,
when I started, it was, “How can I get this
off the ground and get these numbers
to a respectable level?” And nowadays, I’ll release a video,
and if it does less than ideal, you know, I really start to wonder,
“Okay, should I not have covered that movie or should I have
chosen a different day to release it?” – I enjoy doing it also,
I guess just kinda making videos that I liked and thought
were cool hopefully. – The first video,
maybe 100 people watched. Then I’m like, now I want
200 people to watch. And now I wanna make this video.
And oh, this person left a comment saying they didn’t like this
or they liked this and I should try to do that
and change this. And when you have
that small community, you really live for that feedback
that you’re getting from that small community.
And I think that’s kind of what really fueled me at the beginning
is being like, “Oh, someone watched this.
I should make another thing for them to watch,”
and then I enjoyed the process so much that I just totally
fell in love with it. – It sounds kind of cliche.
Like, “We’re just in it for the fun and the passion,”
but that really is true. Then once you get the views
and then the subs, then you’re like, “Oh, well, this is fun.
I want more of this feeling.” So, that’s…
– And you feel like, like you said, you’re obligated.
You feel like people wanna see more, so okay, what can I do differently
that could entertain these new people and get them to share
the next video that we make? – When I first hopped on YouTube,
it was because I genuinely loved creating and YouTube
was an opportunity for me to post what I’m doing out
into the world in some way or, you know, fashion.
And I got my first 100 views, and to me, I’m just like,
if you can’t fit your amount of followers or subscribers
or view count in an elevator, then you’re doing the right thing.
And there’s no elevator that can hold 100 people, so to me,
I was just like, “Hey, we doing it,” you know? (chuckles)
– (FBE) So finally, what advice do you have for any creators out there
that are starting their channels and are looking to maybe
gain some more views? – Just be you. – Just be consistent and just remember
who your target audience is. I feel like your first five
to ten fans are your most important. You gotta build
that loyal base, you know? And you have to keep your promises
to them, engage with them, and make them feel
like you’re accessible. You need your ride or dies
from the beginning. You need fans who say
when you blow up, “Oh, I was their fan from day one,” you know?
You need fans that will vouch for you that your craft is legit.
– Pick something that you love and that you’re willing to spend
a ton of time working on, because it is a lot of work.
Before I left my other job, I was working 40 hours on my channel
and 40 hours at my other job, and it was basically
two full-time jobs and I didn’t get any sleep. – Really stay focused
in your own lane and just do the best thing
that you can. Really put your all
into your work and really love it,
’cause you’re gonna be doing it constantly.
And it’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding
if it’s really what you want. – True. Oh, and don’t do it
for the comments. Do it for yourself, ’cause I think if you do it
for the comments, it’s gonna drive you crazy.
You’re gonna fall out of love with the whole YouTube thing.
And you just have to stay focused on what you want
and do it for yourself, and that’s gonna be the passion
that keeps you going forward. – Thanks for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Subscribe to all
the creators in this episode. – Links are down below.
– Thanks for watching. – Hey, everyone. Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. And thank you to all
of the YouTubers who came in and shot with us today. Make sure
you check out their channels. Their links are gonna be down
in the description. Bye, everyone!

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