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Mmm. It’s an orange juice. What’s up? Everyone. It’s OJ with the youtuber challenge, so if you look at all these decks They’re all created by youtubers from around the world so for Ash he represents USA for me, I represent Canada So that’s why there wasn’t enough room for Nick Pat or Molt if you guys were wondering because they featured Everyone else from all over the world just like the other challenge this one I wanted to make a better deck But I didn’t want to like hard counter everyone because that would be really cheesy so I picked a really solid deck the bats skeleton barrel mega Knight goblin hut deck but I replaced bats with Zappies the thing with that though is that bats were zap bait for the skeleton barrel and for the inferno dragon, so it’s Kind of making the deck weaker, but I just wanted to use Zappies anyways, and I’m the only Youtuber to create as a Zappies deck So just like the last challenge the biggest thing you have to think about is what people have looking at all these decks really quickly My deck is the only one that has a zappies So as soon as you see zappies played, you gotta be sure that there’s gonna be mega knight there’s gonna be Skeleton barrel Inferno dragon to take care of the big tanks, and then if you look at ash’s deck He has a very unique deck. He’s got Goblin gang. It’s the only deck out of the ten decks that have the goblin gang It’s the only deck to have Three Musketeers So put two and two together If you ever see goblin gang played brace yourself save your mega Knight Save it for the three musketeers that are gonna be coming and you’re gonna be wrecking your tower If you don’t have the magnetic ghost just make sure that your opponent doesn’t build up enough for the 3 Musketeers With like a nice cool I mean everything else on the front for Alvaro’s deck the two things that really set this deck apart Is that has giant skeleton it has Dark Prince any of those two That you see ever ever played; there’s gonna be graveyard brace yourself with a graveyard you’re gonna needs zappies That’s not that good. You can need to use the mega Knight. You’re gonna need to use the Royal Ghost or miner or Zappies It’s ridiculous graveyard is gonna be very strong against this deck just prepare yourself when you see giant skeleton and the Dark Prince It’s gonna be a graveyard flaxe powers From Brazil he has a golem beatdown deck and the one thing that makes this deck really unique Apart from the other one is that it has the flying machine you ever see a flying machine There’s gonna be a golem. Do you have goblin hut you have inferno dragon save that inferno dragon for that golem That’s gonna be coming down at double elixir time. It’s for the flying machine. You have zappies it Just wrecks the flying machine unless they have poison And they will just make sure not to play the goblin hut and the zappies together too closely alright This is gonna be Godspeed stack. It’s very very similar It’s gonna be kind of hard to differentiate from that, but when you see a knight Witch there’s most likely gonna be a golem in there if you see an elixir collector; it’s gonna be the three musketeers or it’s going to be this golem deck so brace yourself for the inferno dragon or The mega knight for the three musketeers that will be coming and it does have guards It’s only one of two decks that will have guards so if it has guards It’s gonna be this golem deck or it’s gonna be this classic Graveyard splash-nado deck made by trymacs so if you see a baby dragon it’s gonna be one of two things It’s gonna be this graveyard deck or it’s gonna be the other skeleton barrel deck But bowlers the only card out of the ten decks that make this unique when you see a bowler down There’s gonna be a graveyard. Brace yourself. You’ve got some decent counters. You’ve got mega Knight miner the zappies kind of royal Ghost you’re gonna have to use a block or kill Kiyo’s deck kill ko ko ko ko ko ko ko’ is deck it Has very unique things in here where it’s the only deck to have a giant It’s the only deck to have Sparky the only deck to have goblin barrel And the only deck to have skarmy so you’re gonna have ZAP for Sparky skeleton army goblin barrel sometimes and the minions You’re gonna need to use the Zappies quite a lot to finish off all those air troops And then you have a mega knight for the skarmy you do have the Royal Ghost depending How you position him you can counter the skarmy to you so you’re gonna want to save your zap not for the skarmy but for these guys Then you have June’s deck the one card that sets this deck Completely apart from everything else is that has the cannon cart when you see a cannon cart There’s gonna be a graveyard for sure just like for the last challenge with the King’s Cup. It’s not necessarily about the deck It’s knowing what your opponent has so in this one. It’s very unique It’s the only one to have lava hound you might not even see into double elixir you might But for sure you will see the furnace Most of the time as a first play if it’s a rotation when you see a furnace there’s gonna be a live round you Have their inferno dragon encounter that and then you have bats that can be zapped skeleton barrel that can be zapped Minions that can be taken care of with zappies and everything and this deck does not have poison It does not have fireball that means you should group up yours zappies in the same Lane Don’t split yours zappiese focus fire everything into the same Lane Make sure that it’s not splashed by the baby dragon protect it from the fire spirits And you’ll be fine alright so for the last deck this one is a big throwback to the classic it has It’s so classic that it’s not even met anymore, so it’s the only deck to have archers That’s the only deck to have the knight It’s the only deck to have hog only one to have inferno tower the only one to have fireball as Soon as you know there’s any of these cards you have the gobling hut to pull the hog You have zappies you have mega knight. They all stop the hog That’s basically the only wind condition that they have just make sure to be wary of their fireball plant the hut or a lot higher a lot more staggered on the side so that can’t clip the Goblin Hut and the princess tower so that they can get value on it especially if it’s a prediction fireball that hog will get through so Make sure not to place that goblin in a weird spot if anything just play the mega Knight counter the hog Then you can counter-attack this deck I don’t see too much trouble because you’ve got so many counters against the hog, and it’s basically the only wind condition all right So this deck I’m 10 – 2 in the challenge just because I like rocking with two losses for the video recordings adds a little more spice to it Well, I’ll show you guys. How does that kind of works? It’s pretty basic? there’s a lot of synergies skeleton barrel works really well with everything and The really good starting hand is goblin hut that if you ever have goblin hut always put it down its defensive, its offensive it protects And it chips Oh Beautiful it gives me the zap on the goblins and I get to zap the elixir collector He’s gonna have a bigger push But I’m gonna have the inferno dragon for that really big thing if he has golem or lava hound I have that Inferno Okay, he has uh Bridge spam that means that he’s gonna have the three musketeers Boom, just like that predicted well not, It was pretty obvious. I do have the mega knight, so I’m not worried about that at all Now I just have to get rid of that musketeer on the left side what a nuisance oh? my goodness that was not a good Goblin gang I Don’t even need to worry about the musketeer in love side. She’s so low on everything I do have my miner up and He’s gonna have looks a collector very soon. Just like that and he’s gonna have the goblin gang for sure for sure But he used it on my megaknight, so he’s good Either way I’m chipping on the right side and he’s got nothing on The left side and because this is the 3m deck it doesn’t really have Any direct damage spells like fireball or poison. That’s why I’m not afraid to put the Zappies and the goblin hut really close together I’m gonna tank of everything I’m using skeleton barrel to tank for my zappies He’s got log, demolishes everything I’m not worried about that musketeer on the left side. He’s gonna try and support on the right side Okay, maybe I’m a little worried. Maybe I’m a little Hold one barbarian that is beautiful That’s a lot of minions I zapped that just to let my spirit goblins can one hit the rest of the minions and Like I said playing it close to my goblin hut because I’m not worried at all I’m not worried about anything because he doesn’t have fireball. He does not poison This is like I was saying for the challenge know what your opponent has is kind of more important than the deck that you get So recognize the patterns that they have I recognize that there is a battle ramb so immediately I knew is gonna be a bridge spam deck I could have used my megaknight on the lumberjack there, but I’m definitely saving it for the three musketeers I’ve got that one zappy to kind of protect my tower. It’s no big deal meanwhile Nothing’s oh the ghost splashes the lumberjack that is beautiful I Over committed on the right side so now my left side is in trouble I’m gonna lose the game. I’m gonna lose the game because I overcommitted hahaha I Had that game I Was being stupid I could have put the megaknight on the right side and just let it fly on the left side with Zappies This is what I get for starting the video with 10 – 2 oh my goodness oh My goodness That’s how you not play the challenge but The beautiful thing about this challenge is that at two wins you get? Ten rare cards four wins two thousand. Gold six wins four thousand. Gold eight wins eight thousand Gold ten wins a giant chest and twelve wins a legendary chest clash with Ash kind of hinted that he wanted legendary chests on this so a big shout to him to that and Big thing with this challenge is that there is ten gems For re-entry the first entry is free and the rest is gonna be ten gems ten gems for a legendary chest even if you try Ten times and you get on the 10th time that is so worth it for a legendary chest because thinking about it It’s 500 gems in the shop so you can try 50 times if you have the time for it But it is so value this challenge is gonna be really really fun and really like I was saying earlier be mindful of everything be mindful of what you have be mindful of what you can counter and Just be aware of their decks. I hope these tips are helpful. Thanks for watching

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  1. Deck porcaria, eu joguei com essa bosta e perdi, essa porcaria nao consegue avançar se o outro cara tiver sparky, tem o eletrocutadores, mas aquilo e uma bosta fica tudo junto e morre de uma vez so, q deck ridiculo, patetico, ele lixo de youtuber escolheu essa porcaria pra colocar no desafio, perdi por causa desse lixo q nem ganhou a partida q ensina como usa o deck e me vem escolhendo essa bosta pra colocar no jogo isso e um lixo isso e patetico, e de dar pena, esse bosta ainda acha q isso presta??, eu tenho pena de vc

  2. Bro, your channel in good, I need some tips for good attack in the tournament, please bro tell me how can I , good attack in the tournament. Bro send me replay.☺☺


  4. They should make a card called Bat Swarm. It would be similar to Minion Horde, where it would cost 4-6 Elixir, and it could spawn like 12-15 Bats or so.

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