YouTube says homophobic taunts dont violate its policies TechCrunch

YouTube says homophobic taunts dont violate its policies TechCrunch , that focused on his sexuality and ethnicity are within its rules. The Google owned video platform, which claims two billion monthly users, said on Twitter that it spent the last few days looking into a complaint lodged by Maza, who alleges that Crowder taunted him with racist and homophobic comments. Yet, despite admitting that Crowder used language that was clearly hurtful, the company said that the show has acted within its boundaries. That means the videos remain on the site, and Crowders channel will not be punished. Crowder, meanwhile, couched the situation as being about a larger battle between established media, such as Vox, and independent creators like his channel. This isnt about me versus some guy at Vox. This is an example of a giant corporate media entity trying to silence voices that they dont like, he said in published on May 31. This is David versus Goliath, he added. Steven Crowders Louder With Crowder YouTube show is approaching four million subscribers The YouTuber admitted making comments that reference Mazas sexuality and race — which include the gay Latino host at Vox and lispy queer — but he dismissed them as friendly ribbing. Crowder argued that because Maza identifies as Latino and gay on the internet — his Twitter handle is @gaywonk, for example — it is just harmless banter. Beyond comments, , including t shirts, which generate revenue for the YouTube Channel. The collection includes t shirts that are labeled Socialism Is For Fgs — indeed that slogan has been adapted by Crowder fans to read Carlos Maza Is A Fg, as . Crowders online store is powered by Shopify, which outlaws its service being used for hateful content, including discrimination based on sexual orientation, . TechCrunch has contacted Shopify for comment. Crowders channel sells merchandize, which includes Socialism Is For F asterisk gs t shirts Despite Crowders claims of victimization, clips shared by Maza paint a different picture of the rhetoric used on his show. Some choice quotes from Crowder include: Youre being given a free pass as a crappy writer because youre gay, and a number of derogatory references to his ethnicity. The kicker for this, however, is that YouTube calls Crowders comments clearly hurtful and thats an exact term used within . According to that policy, content that makes hurtful and negative personal comments/videos about another person will be removed with the channel owner warned. then comes into effect for channels. , YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said the company would lessen its focus on juicing numbers and generating revenue to instead focused on responsible growth. To boil it down: YouTube wants to remove the content that violates its policies more quickly and effectively; promote better, more authoritative material and limit the spread of videos that are potentially harmful but do not break the rules, the Times wrote. Despite the soundbites, theres little evidence that Wojcicki can deliver on that promise.

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