YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind

Aaaah It’s Rewind time. If I controlled Rewind I would want Fortnite and Marques Brownlee. Is this what you wanted? You know who I would have asked for? Quit horsing around. Play me some of that jumping music. Did you say jumping music? Jumping music? Everybody! Off! Not even a thank you?! Is that Marques? I want Liza! Yeaaaaaahhhh!!!! So guys, apparently
we control Rewind this year. Y’all we can do whatever we want.
What do we do? There’s one thing this video needs. K-pop! Can I have a Royal Wedding? Yeah, but you’re marrying Bongo Cat. Wait, what? Rewind needs more science. Can we do an experiment? I love that. Melting lipstick. I want to eat something. Mukbang! Yes, let’s do it in Korea! Gallop, what do you want? Marshmello needs to be in this video. Who is Marshmello? How about yodeling kid? With Adam Rippon! Guys, let’s do the
In My Feelings challenge. Right! I love this song! Let’s hear the remix! Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on, hold on. You know who really needs to be
in this Rewind video? Everyone who managed to do something
bigger than themselves this year. Found a way to help the causes
that matter to them most. To everyone who proved it’s ok
to talk about mental health this year. Showing our viewers that it’s ok
to go through tough times like that. It takes a lot of bravery to be that vulnerable
and I’m so proud of this community. I think this year’s Rewind should
celebrate the fierce, fabulous and empowering art of drag. I want to see all of you be your
own kind of beautiful. And to those people who have
raised money in the field of education. Can we also give a moment to Asian
representation in entertainment this year? Major strides were made. And to the people who put aside
their differences. Yeah, and created something really special. Here’s to all women in 2018
for finding their voices. It’s nice seeing how women grew
and were empowered. Can we give a moment to working moms?
Let’s do it! To everyone who taught, or learned,
something new this year. And to all the refugees and
anyone looking for a home. All of us should send a toast to the
kids who follow their dreams. I want to thank the whole community that
always supports during our best and worst. We are a family,
we are a team. Family is everything. I want to give a moment to everyone
who supported me when I got sick. All of the comments and messages I got
made me feel like I wasn’t alone. We’re forgetting something. I think we should read the comments. Yeah I have a feeling this is going to get
a little bit crazy. Let’s give the people what they want. Aaaahhh That’s hot, that’s hot.

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100 thoughts on “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind

  1. After several months, and youtube was said "let's give people what they want" HA, really funny YouTube you're the circus now

  2. When you search YouTube Rewind 2018, you can barely find the video. I guess YouTube doesn't like to show off it's own bad content.

  3. Hey guys I don't usually do this but if you wouldn't mind I'm a 2 year old rapper from
    Ávži, Norway and I would appreciate it if you could check out my stuff

  4. If PewDiePie’s Minecraft series is not in YouTube rewind 2019 then we will get it to 500million dislikes

  5. Can this comment get more likes than this video? (2019) This is possible! I BELIEVE IN US! We can do this! Don't let your dreams be dreams! Salmon are cool btw.
    Like It for the Minecraft
    Like It for the EPIC OF GAMERS
    Like it for the MEMERS
    Like it to dab (drugs are bad) on your haters
    Like it for JESUS
    Like it for me
    Like it for iron man
    Like it for your dog
    Like it because TOGEHTER WE ARE STRONG!!!

  6. Things YouTube rewind 2019 needs

    Shane and ryland getting engaged
    Pewdiepie getting married
    The try guys
    The song sunflower
    The song old town road

    Add more in the comments and like this so YouTube will see this

  7. Odd one out: let’s do the In my Feelings challenge
    Me: I can handle this
    Now let’s do the remix!
    Me: so help me God

  8. I kinda hope 2019 rewind is either good (because rewind views are getting worse and worse) but i wouldn't mind if it was worse (because I kind of like the rewinds and this video made the also hated 2017 one look better in comparison), so i pray for you, @Youtube

    Kermit the frog
    Even more Bongo cat
    Mine diamonds ( song )
    Play with fire ( Blackpink )
    Naruto running in Area 51
    Animals ( song )
    Subway ( restaurant )
    Gorygaming ( how she draws herself in her profile picture )

  10. Google, YouTube Corp… Please you must Put Pewdiepie,minecraft and whole thing of Meme,.also Mr beast in YouTube Rewind 2019 No matter what happen

  11. What we need in youtube rewind 2019
    -NO BTS
    -Old dead memes (knuckles ,chungus)
    -Area 51 raid

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