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Welcome to The Know I’m Mika. I’m John. Are YouTube’s Adpocalypse woes finally coming to an end? For months now the YouTube community has been freaking out about YouTube’s ad policies with demonetization hitting creators left and right, killing off any chances of making money on a video right out of the gate. But now YouTube is saying that that’s all a thing of the past, thanks to a new algorithm update that supposedly is going to make things better with fewer false positives and millions more videos making it through the money gates. Did YouTube make good on its promises? Well, that much remains to be seen. This new algorithm update was announced on the YouTube help forum over the weekend, with a spokesperson writing that “the manual review process has helped the company learn a lot about what should and shouldn’t be flagged for demonetization”. For those unaware this has been an issue plaguing creators for the better part of the year. The post said, “Since August over a million human reviews have helped train and improve this technology and today, we’re releasing an important update that will result in fewer misclassifications overall. As a result, there will be a 30% reduction in the number of videos receiving limited ads as they move to being fully monetized. In other words, millions more videos to become fully monetized”. So, doesn’t that make you feel better about all that money you lost in your videos? It was all in the service of learning! Cool… The post goes on to say, “For your channel, you may see icons that were previously yellow turn to green. You may also see icons of a previously green turn to yellow — this updated system is an improvement, but it’s not perfect. We know there’s much more work to do, so if you feel the yellow icon is a mistake, please continue to appeal”. YouTube wrapped things up by saying this update was only possible because of the feedback people gave through the appeals process. And of course the creator community is incredibly important to them, and they’re grateful for your patience as they’ve worked to make their systems better, bring advertisers back to the platform and to push updates that’ll help protect your revenue. If you’ve missed out on all the to do about YouTube’s demonetization problems, the whole snafu started around April, when just about all of YouTube’s major advertisers pulled support for the platform following ad placement next to… Let’s just say it’s controversial subject matter. YouTube’s ad business lost hundreds of millions in the fallout after that, and the company had to pivot very quickly to become a more family-friendly platform. The quick and dirty way to do that was through a pretty aggressive algorithm that demonetized any video that could possibly be construed as “controversial”. It’s a fun word. This was referred to as the “Adpocalypse”, and it hit loads of creators in a way that left many with the choice of becoming less reliant on YouTube. As a result of all that, a spotlight got placed on gaming videos in particular because some of them violate YouTube’s ad-friendly guidelines due to depictions of fake violence. We’ve seen some instances where any videos related to a particular game like, Call of Duty or Destiny, are automatically demonetized. And sometimes it’s a little bit less straightforward than that. Over the last few months, creators have been reporting the most random demonetized videos you can think of, because their channels at some point have been delisted as being advertiser friendly. The rough part of it for these creators is that their videos are basically demonetized until YouTube can manually review them. But, in that time they miss out on any potential revenue. Considering most of the videos revenue is made in those first few days, creators completely miss out by the time the manual review process is over and the demonetization is reversed. All these developments, of course, for some creators to double dip with multiple platforms like Twitch and Patreon, in order to supplement the money they’d lost from YouTube. But, then things got even worse for some of them once YouTube start cracking down on things like, outbound links leading off the site. Recently, it was announced that users had to join YouTube’s Partner Program in order to add end cards with external links (you know like links to a Patreon page or a Twitch channel). On top of that the partner program limits the end cards channels with 10,000 total public views or more that puts a bit of a strain on small dedicated channels of Patreon followings, limiting their ability to get off the ground. But, all those woes are in the past, right?
Sure…Totally Because YouTube is totally fix all of it’s demonetization problems once and for all and everything’s great forever, Amen? Good news everyone, it’s fixed! We’re good..
Yeah? Well, that much remains to be seen, at the moment. All it takes is a few searches on Twitter, as well as angry comments in the announcement post itself, to see that things still aren’t well in YouTube Land. I don’t want to go to YouTube Land, that sounds like a scary place.
Right? There are dozens of posts with creators still saying the algorithm is messed up, and that just about every one of their videos is getting demonetized no matter the subject of the video itself. To be fair, we’re still in the early days of this update so, it’ll probably just you know take a little bit of time to get a sense of how it’s doing in the wild and whether or not they’re machine learning has learned… At all.
Sure. We did some checking around on our side of things, and while some in the RoosterTeeth family say that things seem to have improved from where they were earlier this year, others aren’t so sure, and some of the people who we spoke with expect things to get worse as we hit Q4. Gotta love things gettin’ worse. Yep. Part of that has to do with some political fears being stirred up by controversies regarding propaganda and ad buying on social media sites. We’re not gonna get into the politics of that, but there are worries from advertisers and platforms alike about getting caught up in government oversight and regulations. And it’s making advertisers a little bit nervous about blanket ad bets. The long story short is that despite all this people are still rethinking the way they use YouTube. Larger creators will of course be fine, as always, but the middle tier and smaller creators will probably be hit the hardest. For YouTube’s part, it looks like they’ve… …~tried~… to make good on some of their promises to fix things for creators. In addition to this algorithm update they also announced some Twitch-like features last month to help mitigate the impact for some, so…
Sure, if you can’t fix it copy it. So, as always time will tell if YouTube’s on its way back up for creators, or if we’ll keep seeing the same issues that we’ve seen throughout 2017. What do you guys think of YouTube’s new algorithm update that’s supposed to fix demonetization? Has your channel been fixed? You still gettin’ demonetized? Let us know in the comments! For future updates on YouTube news remember to like this video, and if you’re new around here, subscribe to The Know. And sometimes it’s a little bit less straightforward than that. Over the last few months creators have been reporting the most random demonetized videos you can think of because, their channels at some point have had… …Fears being stirred up by controversies regarding propaganda and ad bullying on social media sites. Offscreen: Ad buying!
Mica: Ad buying. What’s “ad bullying”?
I don’t know, I just went with it.

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100 thoughts on “YouTube FIXES Demonetization? – The Know Tech & Science News

  1. Google: Our new algorithm can identify correctly what content is demonetized or violates our guidelines
    We: So what content will be demonetized or violates your guidelines?
    Google: EVERYTHING!

  2. The Fire Emblem Heroes controversy is one of the silliest issues lol! The character Sigurd gets flagged as Cigarette if you did not know

  3. It bothers me that videos talking about or showing gameplay footage for Destiny 2 are Demonetized. But then I later see Ads for Destiny 2!

  4. Hey look, Jon's voice got deep which must mean his balls finally dropped! 😀

    Yes, sarcasm and I know what he goes through.

  5. I really hope they've fixed it, but don't expect so. What I've seen is that it's been getting worse. It seems the old algorithm would flag a channel once it found even a single video it didn't like, and started flagging more and more of their videos.

    For example, one channel I follow that primarily focuses on Heroes of the Storm, did a video on the Destiny 2 beta which got flagged, and now the majority of his Heroes videos get flagged as well, even though they never did before.

  6. It's simple. You put all your advertisers into one of two categories.
    ~Ones that don't want to be on videos that have icky content.
    ~Ones that don't care.

    Apply as necessary.

    Why do they not? Because they save money not paying content creators for the majority of views a video would get in the first few days while it's tied up in review.

  7. They don't care about the creator community. The goal to finally achieving profitability is to become a traditional media company, the same type we were trying to escape when we started watching YouTube.

  8. SidAlpha just posted a video talking about how he's lost like 90% of his income because his channel is being turbo demonitised now.

  9. I make cross-stitching videos and I had a video demonetized on Sunday. Got fixed on Monday, though…but seriously, YouTube???!!!

  10. Can't appeal a strike without 1000 views per week on the video. Older false flagged videos will never get reviewed. I Spent months building a home made version of Mario Odyssey, it's amazing by the way. The video got flagged immediately along with some of my older videos. It's helping kill off older channels like mine in favore of new ones. If only I could get someone like the know to share my video maybe it would help repaire some of the damage done by 10 years of algorithm changes, no amount of hard work will equal success when you're a smaller Channel. We used to get tens of thousands of views per video, now we only get 200 to 300. The false flags and algorithm changes are a feedback loop of Doom when you're a smaller Channel. It is depressing watching a 10-year career of hard work creating entertainment for the world end for no good reason. 10 years, more than 300 videos, more than 30 million views, more than 30,000 subscribers, and a way of life, gone because nobody cares to help this little guy when I say my way of life's been taken and that way of life is YouTube.

  11. No, it's still broken. What viewers want to watch is unique content, not G-rated bland empty content. That is one reason why broadcast TV continuously loses viewers. The fake morality of the advertisers is what needs to come to an end. They must realize that all people buy their products, and corporations by definition do not have morals (their only purpose is to earn money).

  12. Did they fix that nonsense about creators needing to make daily videos for like, 3 straight years, or they'll be pushed out of searches?

  13. I call bullshit. All of my streams I post on my other channel get demonitized, even for games like fortnite. I’ve put out probably 80 streams in the last 60 days and about 50-60 are demonitized. So yeah

  14. At the time of writing this my channel (created feb this year) still needs 10k views before i can monitize anything.
    So i won't know if i can earn anything until that point. My other option is get 1k subscribers … just need 899 more 😁

  15. know this kind of stuff thay are just going to make it tighter an harder to fight as thay start to belive that thay are right

  16. Maybe they're trying to make people get jobs or something but either way it's pretty stupid Probably another way for Youtube to make more money

  17. Youtube should go back to forcing advertisers to accept all or nothing – every video gets ads. This is basically youtube exporting risk to the content makers. Vote with your wallet and boycott youtu….. err nm.

  18. 3 weeks ago they demonetized 80 percent of my videos. Now it's back to normal. So now I'm going to post all the videos I been saving.

  19. Did they revert the changes to the minimum 10k views before being allowed to monetize? im not reliant on youtube for a job or anything but the little i earnt is still something. Thanks to that i cant even monetize my videos anymore ><

  20. Yeah it's not fixed… my lastest video about Halloween got demonitized… I didn't know a public holiday about sweeties / candy could offend so many people. Cue eye roll

  21. Well no matter what, if they (Youtube) don’t do anything they will die out, so they have to do something about the problem in order to stay afloat, hopefully they will get there s… together because i wouldn’t like to see Youtube go away..

  22. 1 of 3 things has happened here.
    1) John is sick
    2) This video was recorded early in the morning
    3) John found some better drugs

    You're voice is DEEEEP!! And your beard seems fuller than it has been in the past.

  23. for me every time i upload a video it gets demonetized an they pull off another 2 or 3! i just stopped uploading an sold my google stock

  24. YouTube demonetized 100% of my videos, but I've been requesting manual reviews for each video and they are being monetized again one by one

  25. Why not just allow us to set a mature rating on our videos, so PG stuff gets PG ads, and R rated stuff gets R rated ads, and if someone gets caught trying to get PG ads on a South Park style video, then they'd auto locked to the correct rating?

  26. It’s not changed. I have had the most unlikely videos de-monetized… including one I made today of me thanking my subs… there was nothing that went against YouTube’s guidelines in it. It is super frustrating! Please fix this YouTube!

  27. What's with you guys showing an article hating on pewdiepie when you were talking about how youtube gaming is trying to copy twitch?

  28. Ah, the good old 'make things seem better even though it probably is not through deliberately vague language' speak.

  29. The new algothrium update is complete sh*t….it's even worse now then before…and completely has made it difficult for me to make any kind of revenue without having to constantly click manual review….complete BS

  30. A lot of the YouTubers who I know were affected by the Adpocalypse have managed to get monetization back, it pushed them so far to put like 10 ads on their videos to earn a shilling

  31. Not fix please help Demonitorization is killing the smaller channels like my own are getting hit
    massively for no reason..!!We have 10 of our videos being demonetization
    against us for nothing no reason what so ever.Even though most of our video
    are to help others with computer related issues..And it says ads not
    suitable ??

    But they have been showing videos for over 2 years ??what the hell ?
    This makes no sense.We cannot even appeal their decision until we get
    1000 views over 7 days on the said videos which is just insane we get around
    1000 views a day on all 70+ videos..If anyone would like to help please consider
    subscribing and watching these 2 videos so we can get them to evaluate
    the decision its absolute crazy !!And there are other videos out there that
    are still showing videos with the exact same content..The worst part is they are
    hitting the videos we rely on for revenue.We put allot of hours into our videos to help
    other people out and we are lucky to get $16 a month for it..

    Just down right crazy !!!If you would like to help us get this decision over turned
    please watch these 2 videos and leave a like you do not have to watch the whole
    thing..But we are trying our best to find out what is going on its supposed to be done
    by AI and this algorithm is broken..Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1st video

    2nd video

  32. I didn't notice it in the always open episode with kdin, but here I definitely do with jon's voice. Although being use to his voice, to me it sounds like he's under the weather. But if that treatment he's taking is helping him, good for him.

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