YOUR TURN – SHORT FILM [ With Eng Subtitles ]

Dude , why the fuck aren’t you answering your phone? Hey , back already ? that too on a sunday morning ?? What happened to the room ? i was gone just for a week and you turned the room into a dustbin ah ?? How am i supposed to walk here ? Dude , this room has to be cleaned right now isn’t it your turn this time ? What the fuck ? i cleaned the room last three times i will kick your ass if you won’t clean it right now chill , i will do it later WTF ? are you doing me a favour ? i will fuck you up if you won’t do it i said i will do it right ? what’s wrong with you ? i will do it .ok ? ok. i am going to pranay’s room i will be going out.I have some work to do. i will be back by it by then.ok ? ok hello hello i gave my ray-ban glasses to you right? ? yes you have them with you right now ? let me check ok ,then.rohit will come to our room.give it him.ok ? to rohit ? ok.

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