Yeni iPhone-un ilk konsept görüntüləri yayılıb | Tech-News #18

What happened in this everchanging technology world this week? Let’s find out. You’re watching Tech-News presented by Azercell. The most scandalous news of the past week was Facebook’s unauthorized access to Apple’s user datas. According to information provided by Techcrunch, Facebook was paying these people secretly for downloading an application that acquired users’ data and all their activities. That is why Facebook violated Apple’s data collection policy. News about Apple’s new devices don’t stop. Bloomberg reported that the iPhone 2019 will be equipped with a triple rear camera and a USB-C input. In addition there was some reports about 10 inch iPad, iPad Mini 5 and iOS 13 operating systems dark mode At the beginning of this month some designers presented conceptual photos of the iPhone with three rear cameras. Last week, Bloomberg confirmed that the iPhone XS Max’s successor will actually have a triple rear camera. Tesla finished 2018 with a 1 billion dollar loss. The company previously reported on the fourth quarter of 2018. Now, Tesla has presented a new report. In 2017, the company’s total annual loss of $ 2.2 billion. Tesla has also announced that companies financial director Deepak Ahuja, will be leaveing the company. According to Elon Musk, Ahuja will leave the company in the next few months and will be replaced by Zach Kirkhamtut, the vice president of the company’s financial affairs. If you want to keep up with this everchanging tech-world, just remember to subscribe.

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