Yasooka’s Golgari Destruction | War of the Spark Standard Deck Guide [Magic Arena]

Welcome to today’s MTG Arena War of the Spark Standard Deck Guide! what’s cracking everyone hello and
welcome to today’s video before we get into it just a reminder again that
spikes Academy and I have partnered up to give you guys cool discount on their
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yeah that’d be cool we can get good at magic together but let’s take a look at
today’s deck we are checking out yes oh cos go gauri list which you would have
seen during the NPL week 3 sparks blitz and basically what this deck wants to do
is blow up a whole bunch of shit so it looks like a typical goal guard list you
know you got your explore package you got your ramp into big dumb dudes like
you know mask a girl Nyssa Vivienne etc party tee being the biggest
dumb do do them all but you’ll also notice that there are assassins trophies
casualties of war killed of ruin just a whole bunch of things I’d like to blow
stuff up now a lot of Dex you’ll find especially the 4 colored red whole deck
they don’t run any basic lands because their mana bases so text so this is
Hassen strophe you can blow up one of your opponent’s lands from the color
that they need for example and they can’t find a basic land to replace it so
assassins trophy gets a whole lot better in that mention against Monterrey agro
and white weenies it’s not that great because oftentimes they’re scrambling
for land all the time so you don’t really want to use this and I found that
out during these games as you’ll see you don’t really want to use assasin strophe
on at the aggro decks new it’s bad bad bad better bad as well this deck runs
ravenous chupacabra which we haven’t seen in quite a while but you know he’s
good renewal on a stick the good boy slightly frightening but he’s a good boy
my favorite card currently in Stan it’s the massacre girl because she just kills
everything it’s fantastic you would have seen her in the previous video this week
Massacre girl in the and really good she’s four colored red horde deck so you
haven’t checked that video up I recommend it it’s great
go look let’s take a quick look at the side board here as well it’s pretty
standard stuff you’ll see in most of the side boards nowadays you got your two
races for the control matchups to cast downs to moans of cravings the elder
spell for those obnoxious Planeswalkers that you’re encountering in every single
deck of Nexus is cruelty for any a big threat that’s you know over the usual
moment of craving level etc you got refreshing bronzer done for enchantments
crucible of worlds this is pretty cool because if you are finding yourself
blowing up a field of ruin quite often you can bring that back and just keep
blowing up your opponents land so just a great way to stop them from ramping
especially if they’re not playing any basic lands so yeah and then Anissa who
shakes the world which just puts in so much good work gosh this card is great I
love it I love it if you didn’t get missive down and you can get your tree
people just swinging in that’s such a good feeling it’s such a good feeling
but yeah so this is the deck you will have noticed all of the Japanese players
in the MPL were playing something similar so you’re probably an encounter
done ladder a few times try it out between this and the dread horde deck I
do prefer the dread whole deck I think it’s got more bump to it especially just
being able to recruit grademark itches but graveyard creatures rather but yeah
this deck is great give it a go and have fun blowing up people shit on that note
friends thank you so much for watching don’t forget to hit the like subscribe
do all those things hit the bell if you want notifications from my vids go live
stay spiffy as always and I will see you again soon for another video this would be a fantastic hand if there
was many in it friends so we cannot keep that new this we can even though it’s
not super great but we’ll keep it and we’ll put that to the back
we’ll help you find something yikes okay we need something good off the top
it’s red Oh Oh Lenny I’m sorry you’re dead
Lenny dead Lenny just very dead well Lenny very dead no I don’t want to play
it pay it because Lenny you’re dead Lenny damn right if we can magically get
to our carnie T we might have a farts chance in hell but it’s not very likely
friends you gonna blow up my Leno War I bet you are
yep adios oh but trophy mmm do I want to play the butt trophy we might have to
play the back trophy but let’s see what they play
that’s a Frank sure all right if this thing becomes ginormous then were 100
ain’t killing it okay I’m gonna kill it now before you can buff it any further
you can go find another land and just drop things and hit me I suppose but
trophy the Buddy astir total fee of all okay that’s the casualties of war
there’s no non-basic lands in red it’s just just friggin red this is red
everywhere so we might not get the best the best view of things here especially
considering how heavy this here deco is so we need we need one more manner just one more
ting and then we can mask a girl at least just to get a body on the board
frankest a pitch is good so if they play another creature now and I get a land
Massacre girl should kill everything as they’re creatures don’t go over like
three toughness or something so if we got a critter that’s the experimental
frenzy retro that’s not a land so we’re in a bit of a pickle here the friends is
gonna go apeshit on me the land stinking alright what do you find let’s see
nothing oh I don’t want to take it but I’m gonna take it and I’m gonna regret
this decision I need Massacre girl to hit the board oh you mean any one so if they got it
okay they don’t have an instant on top my boys haven’t played it there ah only
mother of poop okay okay okay okay okay okay right I can carnage tyrant now do I
carnage tyrant my carnage turned mask a girl wipes the board was a good analogy
as a war mask a girl kills everything I’m gonna put my trust in the big death
lizard they believe in you well if after masks a girl afterwards
this kid in badly cuz I’ll be one too okay well let’s see what they find
mmm-hmm guessing hmm what are you gonna do Frank you want to
go face Frank probably just goes face and if they find two strikes off the
table I wouldn’t made a difference anyway
wouldn’t matter what I played okay we another frenzy all right
is my face safe a shock they could find was its lightning or lightning strike or
skewer the critics even my face is most certainly not safe I will just say that
oh no attacks one two three so mask a girl will kill
his board not mine unless they played the shock which they could do but then I
can kill it with this right yellow Hey so carny tea should stay safe they can
protect the steam kitten I just need two points of burn to to Bernie things you
gonna save this motion of a techno scoring start first that was probably
the way to go hmm I still think I’m pretty dead they
just need to find burn and then there’s me this probably it’s a runner yeah that
does it but you know what they’ve just gonna burn my face up anyway I needed my
um my wild growth walkers didn’t find them there okay Toronto’s in moment of
cravings in cost downs in royalty we could bring them to races these little
idiots die so easy so I’m gonna take him out for now ah but trophies listen here
I really don’t like these fields of blue and I though because I’m not doing
anything for me take out some of the butter because I don’t want a ramp for
my that that’s the thing mmm let’s take out one of you and one of you will see
you gonna I hope we find these to kill the steam can before
and I think this looks fun let’s go that and hope for the best
but yeah I really needed some life gain there hopefully mum – craving helps us a
little bit yes – wait a bit I would like to play for us please
yes about trophy bah bah bah bah Frank Ella Frank Frank the fanatical fire for
this also don’t want you dead so as soon as I find like a branch Walker or
something then I will lay the wild girth Walker just try and get him out of dead
range maybe you’re stuck on one man I wish you’re not I may have not learned
that land because I would just be done like no baby s that’s not what you do leave of the but trap in the cast down ok one more man I can play live I’m go
digging for creatures this is safe for now
pretty sure you’re getting lightning struck off the board it’s a gobbledygook I’m gonna float my
mana kill the man’s nope all right come on
explore creature new new be do be do be do be do be do be do be do be do be do
do well I might need to get rid of this here Iron Man sir unfortunately no
Explorer creatures for us our face is just getting walked off by Frank and his
friends what helps me here I’m not entirely sure that’s some land right it’s good digging for creatures wild animals I like people not so much
sure okay so bone is probably just gonna keep going face it’s not really bothered
by Vivian I don’t think yeah couldn’t be bothered I’ve seen things that would
break someone like you live you gotta find me some better things dude and do I
put the other one down and go again oh yeah what but why opponent let me make my
explore creatures take out the dresses screw those let’s just you can get big
dudes and go why did opponent forfeit their you’re just getting flooded okay don’t runaway opponents I don’t fight
odd I don’t bite hard hmm again why one Landers dude green yeah one thing I
don’t like about the new scry thing is the blue hate is covers the done button
so you’re like ah yeah where is it I don’t like that and just tapped cuz
you’re gonna play on ones there’s no point in smacking ourselves in the face
helping our opponent out s key Frank is just gonna keep smoking me it’s a lava
dude this is probably getting shocked straight away it’s fine we expected to
die either way you finding yeah yes this is actually very good library okay so
forget that dumb and reeking yes that dies so if we can get wild growth down
and the perfect branch will go down at the same time that’s ideal cuz if it get
some extra life so I’m not gonna play in this turn we all keep up our assassins
trophy to kill any threatening threats because what threats aren’t threatening
and then we’ll go wild growth or folk same time he knows I have it though so
pretty sure he’s aware of what the plan is so I’m guessing oh they did play
something what did you find he found some zippy zap song I want to
kill this love Arana I think I do I think I want to kill the lava runner
because if they’ve got wizards lightning that’s the only thing that can kill the
wild booth Walker now so I play the land wild growth mofo gain life
shit but I found that yeah maybe I should have done that because now I
can’t get it no you dumbass hmm I probably should
have left it there I’m good well use it or lose it but yeah I needed
to not do that that was stupid of me but trophy brings mana for mana red mm-hmm so you won’t play that in the face
that’s a Frank maybe assassins trophies not the right
thing to keep in them on a red match up gonna guess it’s not all right so you played it anyway I
don’t have another green soul so I just realized that as well so that’s not
great retro J and Willie Frank blows up kills
merfolk I gave four three very good yeah well your one turn too late that’s a
pity although I can play you and your
annoying friend there I’m pretty sure I just get lightning struck in the face
here or shocked even and blown up by Frank so let’s see let’s see today and
how do we die oh good a boring old lightning strike alright let’s see we can find a not mono
red match up for the stick serving the people part of my life a little
Schneider the land there she’s unfortunate just a little humble age play first yes
I like this hand this looks like a good hand me likey all right let’s go lower
and hope it doesn’t die it to a shock this is actually a freaking great hand
let’s see we’re playing oh good it’s not what we don’t like sure yeah sure hi I want to smack you in the face
thanks it’s a weight light changer yes you are paying basic lens I’m
probably gonna smoke the jail and Ranger library just to get that out the way if
you cool I’m guessing they’ve got removal in one
form or another my aim rasca I’m good at what I do
hey we couldn’t have been allies yeah that’s fine use mark you ain’t going use
mark where’s my land why do I never find land hey man I think goes my friend it’s
all up to you little Lenny it’s all up to you now
you just keep smoking I believe in you little Leonard sure you see why can’t
they but trophy me cuz and I can find land you see retro alrighty chup zero you’ll be right
so this deck is doing what my deck wants to be doing but I’m getting stuck on
mana so fields bad man I’m just gonna kill this guy dawn can kill the Jade lot of swings bringing a casualties to sit yeah you
got something you got something go on frescas contempt
me you know you won’t do Cobra I need I can blow up my target a
creature the thing that hurts more I would land the thing that hurts more
mmm go away planeswalker go away no don’t do that just don’t just don’t
fight with just no okay so we kill the land that actually hurts us we got to
carny tease that can drop and kill these things provided they don’t have like
another um eldest rip born because that would suck oh good oh good I’m so glad
why not play the other Wyeth Walker first fringe like seriously you had the
mana for it you could have had six extra life there
oops yeah and you know it I’m pretty good yeah I can’t stop him
GG dead dead – lack of land right know what you wanna do here ah stands in
moments are craving in maybe one older spell I got the Paradise druids they got
hey hey but trophy masks a girl would be great if we could find her what else dresses might be useful not
sure though I think I’m going to decrease my creature can’t see much
let’s maybe check one bit for wonderous and see how that goes all right opponent behave land
they first Shh this doesn’t look too bad throughout wild growth into jade lights
if we get another green okay ready another green bring green interwebs Green Green Green Green Green Green
Green Europe gimme gimme gimme gimme yep okay found Green II a little bit
ass-backwards way to get there but we found it dearest hmm
what are you gonna take nothing cuz you cannot sure hey that’s a cost down we
don’t like that um I think I want a ravenous chupacabra is dude this thing
is gonna die so do we get the little life offered why can we wanted to shoot that guy bigger oh my
god Zach machine gun growl so you knows about masks a girl little
dudes done yeah give me that boo-boo casualties of wha
let’s fight hello Logan oh come back I wanted to fight you you’re submitting
that yeah give me that boy no Kentucky’s just
in case they have um oldest reborn again we want other things to sack to it
oh you whiffed that means I can kill their things
Iggy he Carney Carney tea you’re a nice big dummy okay if they
play Braska I can casualties but they can see my hand right I know exactly
what I’m playing but they have no other black Manas there’s no other removal
spells currently which is noise if I’m massacre girl I’ll just get rid of the
one right nothing can’t kill me it’s gonna keep Carney tear the lives
I’m fun with that funk no not okay
sure I’m fine with that that’s all good little Gooch well
there’s a Miss sir okay so they find a dress and they smoke
me and I’m sad I think I just swing here and I want to kill the carnage tired
they have to put two things in the way and Kearney tea concurrently kill two of
their things so that’s good for us they were playing find which sucks no I
had lethal there if I killed that thing possibly
I’ll see Bree that’s Nissa if they’re playing us uh I kill it with casualties
I get the tree in this land we are all connected so kill a creature kill Allah
and kill planeswalker is he busy I don’t think you’re getting it you know you do
beauty you yes exactly that that’s what would have happened if I had had the
opportunity to kill my apparent um yeah that felt I could work pretty well
do we want to ditch the dress like we do there’s a lot of creatures and they
whipped on my hand Rhonda that’s not true bring Chris Boldt
yeah let’s bring Chris full of worlds for the lolz although we’re not blowing
up the lands a lot I know yeah that doesn’t seem like a good idea let’s
bring in the other branch Walker let’s get digging through our deck a bit more
diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy for
I am go gari I’m digging a hole diggy diggy hole
I like this hand keep on you right so ever go into him wild growth bro
Mira branch Walker see what we find hopefully Brasco Oh cost down thank you
that’s very lovely that’s lovely Oh memorial to Foley
eh that’s nice right you might die now my bud but we must all play our part don’t you go
Lenny Lenny the land of war that’s a bit about what I do I kill that no I don’t
kill that that there’s no way that I kill that there is probably a contemplation to
kill that but yeah it’s just fodder for my massacre girl so we can stay Lenny
can stay it’s a wait life changer mind finality like I’ve been shown you
found land cool great do you have poor blocks irrespective
Raska sure Russ gotta kill that I would just cost down I think we could tack and
see what they do I could have killed that first I suppose get Anissa next which is nice
they might get miss a2 which is not nice now under rude rude rude oh it should be
come this up let’s fight I protect that which cannot protect
itself turn to put your lens into it damn straight it will gonna sag oh I do
kind of want to blow up my world to follow though yeah that’s fine
SEC the branch Walker we can casualties of war this Turner’s just pretty fun
let’s do that that’s tappets let’s bring it to life that’s casualties of hey kill all the
things Tiger to creature you die toggle and you die Tiger planeswalker
oh no I don’t wanna play the Walker Simmons zero cancel wait do this
properly don’t kill my planeswalker maker dumbass
creature land enchantment die and Braska sure wait not can i Brasco
afterwards I think I can I lose that one matter that was floating that’s fun
and then Brasco your life’s about its pain is our gain cool all right what you got bud presents true P gets to kill a jade light isn’t
that lovely oh I love mrs. so much cuz she makes me
a hey steel and now Chet hmm like it’s a go boo Brenda man she poops Jupe doop
boop s– the snoot Missa makes a lovely land for me which is lovely and then we
get to kill again friend yay cool that’s fine

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7 thoughts on “Yasooka’s Golgari Destruction | War of the Spark Standard Deck Guide [Magic Arena]

  1. When you didn’t have a green source you could have assassins trophy your black source and fetch a green. Just like modern path to exile ramps.

  2. I think Casualties of War would have been a better play and even given you an additional turn to potentially stabilize instead of Carnage Tyrant in game 1.

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