XPS 13 (2019) – Laptop Perfected

The very first laptop I ever did a review on this channel was the 2015 XPS13. It was the first thin bezel laptop. I think it’s actually one of the first thin bezel devices. And over the years four years later, we now have what I would consider basically the most perfect XPS 13 that Dell could make. This is now on its fourth iteration and it is a device that a lot of companies have learned from because at this point in time there are so many thin bezel ultrabooks on the market. But I still think that the 2019 XPS 13 is one of the best options that you can get for just over all 13 inch ultrabooks. So they’ve done two major changes this year. The first one is this camera up at the top of the screen. It used to be on the bottom like this is last year’s version. For many years, the brought these web cameras that were always on the bottom of the screen and they’re just… I don’t know this is really bad camera angle looked up your nose and a lot of people complained about it. I would say for some people it was like a deal breaker for this machine. They finally fixed it. It’s now at the top of the screen and it’s a pretty good looking image. The second change that they’ve done on this device is actually an aesthetic change. So this device finally comes in a white on white finish. It’s kind of like a silvery white on the surface of the device instead of the rose gold that they had last year. And also the texture is slightly different. So this material is it’s like slightly rougher, not that it’s like rougher sounds like it’s just poor qualIty is just a more textured material, it’s actually more pleasing to hold than any of the XPS 13 that have held in the past. It’s hard to kind of convey this message over video but when you hold it, it’s slightly grippier and it’s got a more matte look to the finish. The interior is still running the woven glass fiber in this white colour which I personally really like and one of the issues that I was concerned about last year was just durability. I knew that they had mentioned that it was kind of stain resistance and stuff but this device is a year old uh this is the older one here and it’s been used every day by someone not me, but it’s been used every day and there’s literally no change, there’s no wear on the surface material like it still feels and looks exactly the same. However I do notice a slight difference in color and i’m sure if there’s just a difference in manufacturing from last year’s white to this year’s white or if that’s just how the material ages like this has a slightly warmer, like yellowish hew to the white. This looks more like pure white. I still think the old one looks perfectly good. It’s just that there is a difference in color. The performance on the 2019 XPS 13 is a little bit better than last year’s model. So this new one is running the 8565U Whiskey Lake quad core cpu And it’s pretty good for multicore applications, but it also has an improvement in thermals but not through hardware because internally the thermal solution is the same as last year. But they have software this year that gives you full fan control and this is one of the complaints I had last year, despite it having a pretty good thermal system the fans ran a little too conservatively. But the new software allows you to push the device if you want to and even when you do the fans don’t get super loud or anything Now on the inside not much has changed. Just have to remove a bunch of screws and you have access to the removable ssd but the ram and the wifi card are baked on the battery remains unchanged on this unit with 4K panel on getting around eight and half nine hours of battery life on that1080p screen, you’re probably gonna push eleven hours but it just is very similar to last years model which is honestly a good thing. The ports on the device are okay. for people looking for someone that’s light and very portable It kind of makes sense, three USB-Cs and one micro sd slot but for people that are just looking for just a more robust port selection there is no USB-A which is some people are going to miss that they do included dongle but it’s still a dongle and dongles are never as convenient charges via usb c and it’s also got the button to tell you how much battery life is on there. This is a feature that I feel like so many companies like I just wish they would do it. It’s so cool, you press the button, it shows you how much batteries in there and I feel like it’s a feature that is so convenient and useful but just no one seems to do anymore. So it’s nice to see that the XPS devices still have it. Uh the USB-C on the left side support Thunderbolt 3 and I connected this up to the gigabyte gaming box with RTX 2070 and the performance is really good Both gaming and video editing is awesome off that gaming box. But if you’re running that stuff on the internal gpu. It’s a UHD 620. And quite frankly it’s trash It’s an internal GPU, it’s what you would expect. The keyboard and track pad. These remain unchanged. I’ve always liked both of these on the XPS devices. It’s not like the world’s best keyboard also wouldn’t call this the world’s best track pad either. But they’re very solid and I think anybody can get used to these and enjoy them. The only gripe I have with this keyboard are the page up and page down buttons. They are located right above the left and right keys. So it’s pretty easy to accidentally hit them. And if you’re just kind of navigating through a spreadsheet or something you actually hit page up, it’s a pain in the button Uh there’s also a fingerprint sensor on the power button So you can log in with windows hello via fingerprint The track pad glass surface windows precision drivers. It’s a great track pad. It’s a little on the small size especially nowadays like a lot of companies go with huge track pads but this one’s kind of the old style in terms of its size but it’s a great all-round track pad. The speakers are unchanged, they are located on the side. They sound good, good enough for what this is in an ultra book but you’re not gonna get killer sound out of these. All right. I want to talk about the screens for a little bit. The unit that I have this year is 4K panel. The unit that I had last year was the 1080p panel. They’re both glossy screens. They’re both very good screens. This one’s a little bit brighter than the 1080p panel. But if you’re on the market and you’re interested in this device, you are kind of deciding between the screens My vote for like ninety five percent of the people out there is to go for the 1080p screen The 4k screen does look a little bit better. It’s a little bit sharper. But on a thirteen inch screen size you are not able to discern the difference in pixel density very easily. A thirteen inch 1080p panel looks very sharp. A thirteen inch 4k panel looks even sharper, but it’s really hard to tell the difference at that screen size The 1080p screen isn’t as color accurate as the 4k screen. But I feel like because it’s more energy efficient and it’s a little bit cheaper. More people should be choosing that 1080p screen instead of a 4k screen. But regardless of which one you choose, It’s a solid product xps13 2019 They’ve done such a good job. I feel like dell improve this thing every year just a little bit They finally fixed the webcam issue that they’ve had since the beginning. And it’s finally like this is as good as it’s gonna get. I don’t see dell making this that much better if at all. Uh, the one last year was running a dbrand marble skin. I’m gonna pick up another one this year skin it just to kind of keep it looking super flat. Ok. Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it sub if you loved it, see guys next time.

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100 thoughts on “XPS 13 (2019) – Laptop Perfected

  1. AVOID THE HEADACHE. I paid over $2500 for the works! Perfect, tiny, touch screen to be gamer ding dong ready. After 2 years, this thing is burnt up. Keyboard warped, bluetooth and wifi barely stays awake, and oh yeah, the BATTERY is pretty much DEAD! it has a 10% life span.So after I unplug it, it lasts about 5 mins. Yeah, and this seems to be a normal occurrence after I researched the issues. If you need to change the battery, supposedly its connected to audio and many ppl lose or have issues with audio after a battery change. It comes with NO fan. And if you sit it on a flat surface, the computer can't breath really. Yep, forgot to add that the plug tip keeps bending. I'm on my 2nd cable. The ports are loose. Man, just save yourselves the headache. Avoid getting this at any cost. It was fun while it lasted but 2 years and $2500. I could have simply thrown that money out of a moving car window for better results.

  2. Wtf his every videos is by saying the best laptop the most perfect laptop every damn thing is great well waot except macbooks of course the disgusting… and 2 weeks later again the greatest laptop comes out…!!

  3. Very incomplete review. Battery life, Max RAM and SSD size you can get? How does it perform with linux? Spent too much time on color and texture not enough on substance.

  4. Wow a 13" screen that weighs about the same as an LG gram with a 17" screen. If LG made a 13" gram you'd have to tape it to your desk so it wouldn't float away. Pity Dell still lines their laptops with lead.

  5. D. would You want to have a business laptop,that is thin but ports minimal,or…
    -One a beat thiker buy full option??

  6. you seem to have a partiality for the XPS, line and overlook the crappy keyboard. saying you will get used to it, it is low travel and feels awful for those of us who do a lot of typing, I am surprised you are not more critical

  7. Hi Dave, and everyone.
    I am currently using the XPS12 9380, 4k touchscreen. I have been sourcing for a good stylus for taking down notes on my laptop for the past few months. However, 9380 does not support an active stylus and DELL does not have any stylus made for this model too. DOES anyone know any good and accurate stylus I could get? I am stuck with those rubber tip styluses, which are not accurate and only have a short lifespan. Please help me out. Thank you!

  8. Can anyone please recommend a laptop primarily for software development (should run python ML so obviously looking for something with an upgradeable ram ) and some light gaming (dotA,fifa etc nothing flashy)?

  9. Can anyone please recommend a laptop primarily for software development (should run python ML so obviously looking for something with an upgradeable ram ) and some light gaming (dotA,fifa etc nothing flashy)?

  10. Can anyone please recommend a laptop primarily for software development (should run python ML so obviously looking for something with an upgradeable ram ) and some light gaming (dotA,fifa etc nothing flashy)?

  11. Can anyone please recommend a laptop primarily for software development (should run python ML so obviously looking for something with an upgradeable ram ) and some light gaming (dotA,fifa etc nothing flashy)?

  12. I was gonna get this laptop for the whites but all of the shops in my country (I live in Europe) don't seem to sell this model… It looks almost like a XPS 15.
    BTW Wich one is better for the price the xps 13 or 15, both 2019 models?

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  14. Do y’all think this is better than a surface book 2 or a MacBook Pro??? Idk what to invest in…looking for something for video editing and for college, any recommendations?

  15. I am bothered by the times Dave has been opening and closing the laptops. Like how many times should you do it? HAHAHAHA

  16. I am an engineering student and i have to work a lot with some heavy softwares.Is dell xps 13 (2019) is worth to buy?

  17. I dont understand why they insist on ONLY having USB C. There is virtually no use to them on day to day basis. The standard is still USB A. 99% of computer accessories use USB A, including USB memory pen drives, external HDD or computer mice. It makes no sense and its an insta deal breaker for me.

  18. Hey dave will you make a review on the new dell xps 13 2 in 1 7390, and the new dell xps 13 which both uses 10th generation intel processors?

  19. About damn time they offered a touch screen that isn't 4k. Like why the actual f*ck do people care about 4k in a 13 inch display. You're not gonna notice a difference ffs and it drains so much more battery. So happy Dell did this.

  20. You can not call this laptop an XPS without a dedicated GPU Dell. This is just a basic bitch ultrabook. Sexy but still shitty.

  21. Hi Dave,
    Em planning to buy a laptop for my Engineering graduate! So I would like you suggest me a laptop for it! Cause I was planning for MacBook pro 13" or Dell XPS 15! I need to use MATlab,Ansys softwares for work! Em confused, so please help me out!

  22. Terrible laptop. My Dell XPS 15 that I bought in March, 2019 is still sitting unused in my basement. Failed SD card. Failed mainboard. Failed fingerprint reader. Do not buy.

  23. This laptop is 0.5 lbs (20%) heavier than it needs to be with no benefit. To call it close to perfection is either a joke or a sign of poor taste imo

  24. You should do a review and bench test of the 9370 and the 7390, so consumers can understand the differences and buy which one that fits their needs.

    PS — Like that shirt. I have 2 Nixon's. :p

  25. I want to buy a good ultra book for school work, but not one that’s too pricey so I can build a sffpc for more portable gaming

  26. would you give me one advice. i browse about 20 tabs in chrome, simultaneously opening mozilla, internet explorer and simultaneously running 4-5software? my old laptop can handle @t freezes and is slow in performance. which model laptop will be suitable for me? i mean which laptop can handle multitaksing smoothly and has high speed performance. i dont care cost. i need fast and smooth runnning laptop

  27. I don‘t like that you say this is a perfect laptop but you hated Macbooks that have better Quality (Display, hinge, aluminium Unibody, much much better trackpad with force touch. And the batteries on Macbooks are more long-life than that in any windows laptop…

  28. I pray to have this one.. I ve been using one dell laptop for the past 7 years. it is broken now. As a teacher earning $6 dollars per day in the philippines. this things are just a dream come true, imposible to own something good like this. 🙂

  29. Really appreciate how he takes a sensible approach to purchasing a product. Reviewers in every "genre" will complain and go for the most expensive, feature packed options because a lot of the times they don't have to pay for them.

    Most other dudes: "Yeah you can't do anything without the upgraded i9 processor and the extra 16gigs of RAM, it's an extra $1500 but its definitely worth it" Referring to a lightweight laptop that'll more than likely just run a Powerpoint as its most stressful application.

  30. The 1080p panel is not very sharp, but it’s sharp for a 1080p panel, but looks quite sharp. The nice thing having a 4K panel over a 1600×2560 or 1800×3200 is that everything will scale better if you want the extra sharpness. You tend to notice the sharpness of 4K when you look at a lot of text on the screen

  31. This is a premium laptop in every way, this is why Dell can charge a lot. The fans are barely audible and sound nothing like a regular laptop fan. It's a whisp if that, definitely not a whirring or anything annoying and for normal office use they are silent. I was concerned about getting a 13" screen but setting scaling to 320% makes things easy to read. My only gripe is that it isn't 16:10. If you need that get the XPS 13 2 – in 1. Not seen a 2 in 1 in person but I'd imagine they are probably thicker.

  32. If anyone in Australia wants to buy a brand new one of these with a heavy discount then send me a message! I've been given one but have no use for it

  33. Now, I want to buy a laptop:
    Hp 15db0002au; AMD dual core e2 9000e; 4GB DDR4; 5000GB HDD.
    Next, I want to replace HDD with 120GB or 240 GB SSD.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Later, I want to add this HDD in place of DVD RW.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Then,can this laptop run MS office and internet **without any problem**??
    Please answer…

  34. If you're interested in buying this laptop, read my experience with it's 3 year old parent.

    Short review of Dell XPS 13 (9360, 2016) after every day usage for the last 3 years. The laptop is insane, the performance I have today is the same I had the first day. Touchpad is fantastic, keyboard is like new (I type a lot of text and not even a single millimeter of any letter label is missing). Screen is brilliant (Full HD). Fan does turn on sometimes but only when windows forces updating. I still do receive regular driver updates trough Dell Update software which is great! Unfortunately, and in the end that is expected, the battery today has max capacity of 50% it had the first day, which is still good (you can work for few hours or watch movies).
    So considering my experience with the model I bought 3 years ago, if I'm looking for a Windows laptop, I would definitely buy newest XPS. It just can't be any better than this.

  35. Nice review, would you do same after few months use and mention battery life please 😉 and compare with FHD please!👍😎

  36. i think one thing a lot of people aren't mentioning with the 9380 is that they changed the hinge. much easier to open with one hand than previous models

  37. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy a Dell. Their laptops are shitty and tech support is trash. I have a HP over 10 years old, and a Toshiba approx 5 years old that works better than the XPS. This laptop has problem after problem, they’ve replaced my motherboard twice, I’ve spent about 30 hours on the phone w/ tech support in 6 months. Save your money, you’ve been warned. Donating my POS and gonna use my Toshiba until I have money for a diff laptop. Maybe some of y’all have gotten lucky with your unit and good for all of you. But proceed with caution, Gluck my people.

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