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Microsoft lays off a good amount of people,
Slack hits 3 million daily users and Xiaomi unveils its new drone It’s Wednesday may 25th and this is Crunch
Report Guys Welcome to Crunch Report and big shout
out to Mr White’s classes at Orchard house preparatory school in the UK, apparently he
shows his computing classes Tech News. Thank you and work hard Kids! Let get into the News
Today Microsoft announced it would lay off a little over 1800 staff and take a charge
of $950 million dollars, including $200 million in severance payments, as it “streamlines”
its smartphone business. In a statement CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella said “We are
focusing our phone efforts where we have differentiation — with enterprises that value security,
manageability and our Continuum capability, and consumers who value the same We will continue
to innovate across devices and on our cloud services across all mobile platforms.” Microsoft
was late into the smartphone game that’s being played and dominated by iOS and android. It’s
tough! The layoffs announced today will be fully completed by July 2017, the company
said, to coincide with the end of its fiscal year. First lesson kids – get your product
to market quick! Slack the enterprise communication messaging
platform posted some metrics today that show its pretty impressive growth. It hit 3 million
daily active users. As well at one point recently it hit 2 million people logged on simultaneously.
We use Slack at TechCrunch all the time – Especially when im creeping on Lucas. The company is
currently valued at $3.8 billion after raising another $200 million in funding this past
April. Lesson 2 kids – Communicate effectively by using the right tools for the job. Boom for iOS is looking to add that extra
special “boom”, “bang”, “kapow” (insert Batman like graphics) sauce to your
music. The app is an equalizer that adds depth and bass to regular MP3 files. Simply play
your music through the app and then select various effects including 3D surround sound
simulation and various boosters. It is free for five days and then you have to pay to
unlock it. According to software architect Sandhya Prabhu, “The key differentiator
in the market is, its unique audio processing logic, by which Boom iOS app can spatialize
ordinary stereo music into a very realistic surround experience on headphones. So it’s
basically surround sound anywhere, anytime without any expensive hardware.” Lesson
3 Kids – No lesson really, actually brush your teeth, thats just good hygiene. Xiaomi the Chinese smartphone maker revealed
its drone today – and listen to this doozy it’s selling its drone for 350 dollars for
the 1080 HD version and 450 dollars for the 4K version. I can’t say this drone is amazing
or anything because we haven’t tested it out yet but if it’s comparable to DJI Phantoms
and for that price woo wee that will be sweet. The Mi Drone can fly for 27 minutes per session
and to a range of 3km. That’s around five minutes more than DJI’s drones, It also
includes a 360-degree camera that can shoot 4K video, and handheld remote which has the
option of attaching a smartphone for a livefeed view from the drone. No word yet on if this
drone will be sold outside of China yet. Lesson 4 Kids, Buy the cheapest drone you can buy
as your first drone. You’re going to break that first one fast. Niantic Labs, the game maker that was spun
out of Google last year following Google’s move to Alphabet, today announced that its
new title Pokémon GO is launching into beta in the U.S. On a company blog post Niantic
revealed a bit more about the game itself. Like Niantic’s previous title Ingress, which
connected gameplay to the real world, Pokémon GO will involve real-world locations and users
can join teams and battle other teams in gyms around the world, it’s real life pokemon.
The game is expected to launch on both iOS and Android devices later this year. Lesson
5 kids – You gotta catch em all That’s the report for today. I’m Tito
Hamze Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on Techcrunch.com. You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. See you

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