Xerox ConnectKey App Technology

In today’s fast-paced world we
have become dependent on technology allowing us to keep up and more productive than ever before However within our workplace we still
come across many manual processes that often slow us and the business down Apps on mobile devices are just one area of technology helping us to improve the pace of our lives by creating shortcuts to the information we need or just simplifying everyday tasks Xerox have also recognized the value of apps and have decided to make app technology part of our ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers enabling people to work smarter and faster ConnectKey apps can help you share information such as company announcements or important contact details. They can short-cut standard processes by creating one-touch operations as well as connecting users directly to business-critical systems Apps can present information that you want your employees to interact with even linking to training material or other
business related media. How about an interactive help desk on the device enabling authorized users to request supplies or service at the touch of a button and avoiding time-consuming phone calls Apps can fully integrate with your current processes offering users a familiar or fully personalised experience. This can include dynamically displaying key information to help avoid any workflow errors Even those that are always on the go ConnectKey apps allow your mobile users or guests easy access to their business-critical document Without the need to access your personal network Whatever your business, whatever your
workflow, whatever you need… Xerox haves a range of ready-to-go
downloadable apps Or, when working with our partners, the ability to create a completely personialized app to meet your individual requirements. Xerox ConnectKey technology will revolutionize the way your business interacts with critical information and processes allowing your Xerox multifunction printer to be positioned at the center of the office and become the heart that drives your
business forwards. To find out more about how Xerox ConnectKey apps can help your business please visit

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