x.AI, The Robot Secretary | Living in the Future

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5 thoughts on “x.AI, The Robot Secretary | Living in the Future

  1. Look for artificial intelligence to be incorporated in the next phase of mobile apps. A.I. is in the near future, well it's already been here, and already been mainstreamed with siri, but it will begin to become more prevalent in the marketplace. This is a good example of practical use case for a.i. Very nice. Amy. Schedule this: Hi, telegraph meet me at the corner of your mom's house after hours. Will Amy ask and clarify the location and time via another email? can she call me directly and take audible input? Exciting things folks! A.I. IS HERE!

  2. AI shall soon be replacing all software related tasks carried out by humans from the work place so get ready for a future of unemployment where Ai shall replace 75 to 80% of humans from your work place

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