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hey everyone welcome back to Tech Talk
I’m Julia Beauchamp I am here with computer world Apple blogger Jonny
Evans and we are going to be diving into some of the enterprise features from
WWDC so stick around okay Johnny thank you so much for
calling in with us really excited to talk about WWDC lots of announcements
how was it going over there it’s been so busy longest keynote that’s that’s
really huge and they threw so much information out everybody I’m talking to
we’re all still trying to figure it out you know there was a lot a very short
space of time okay Johnny so there’s a lot of news
like you said for enterprise and consumer customers but let’s focus a
little more on the enterprise there’s big news new iPad OS new Mac but I
really want to talk about right now is sign-in with Apple that seems like a
really interesting concept so could you tell me a little bit more about that of
course the thing with sewn-on with Apple is it replaces existing online
authorization systems for websites and services and apps we can think of the
entities the companies who offer those services the difference to Apple
provides is that it locks onto your Apple ID and it it creates a sort of
completely private experience where the people whose services you use don’t
necessarily ever need to know who you are they don’t need to know your actual
email address you can sort of create a sort of a virtual email address you will
still get messages from them but they will not have access to you or your
details they won’t be able to track you they won’t be able to basically figure
out too much about you except the information you choose to give up this
is this is quite important in lots of different ways but when combined with
some of the other enterprise features they’re bringing in managed Apple IDs as
well in iOS 13 it means that Enterprise Services can provide their employees
with direct access to bespoke enterprise apps and services in complete privacy in
such a way as that no one can be trapped and other you know we know that there’s
hackers and crackers in the world and we’ll make it much more difficult for
people to break into people’s online services so I think that’s I think
that’s going to be very valuable for the enterprises the word of that spreads one
problem people had when it was first announced in people were not entirely
sure if it was cross-platform but I’ve looked at the notes and it seems to be
in that it also provided also it works on the web which means it can be
cross-platform so I think it’s quite an exciting feature it’s one of those tiny
little details which could you know you could stick it and miss it but it could
be quite profound as we see it get sort of deployed there have been some critics
of the way Apple is insisting that if you support sign-in services in your
apps you must offer it as an alternative there and some people have noted that
it’s going to be the top alternative but I think it’s quite a good way to
encourage people to think about the privacy exchange they’re making when
they sign up for these things that make sense yeah absolutely and this is a
question I had you say it’s cross-platform but I’m wondering if that
signing with Apple is only going to be available to enterprises who were
already Apple shops that everyone has a Macbook everyone has a Mac iPhone
whatever I think I I don’t think it is you know because it relies on an Apple
ID you don’t necessarily need to have an Apple device do to have an Apple ID but
obviously it will be most used and probably completely used by people who
are already on an Apple platform in some way I think it could it could be
something encourages people to go to that platform ooh that’s a good point
and it is it was an interesting point on that you mentioned how Apple not so
subtly it’s not even not even a suggestion more of us telling developers
that you now need to include sign-in with Apple it’s and it’s interesting of
them to suggest that in a time in the current climate where it seems there’s a
lot of talk about breaking up big tech and these big tech companies have
monopolies just an interesting interesting extra push on Apple’s end it
sort of is but it’s not anti-competitive because the other alternative services
which have got bigger market share are still there so you know and and and I
think I think Tim Cook the other day was speaking to a
newspaper I think and said well you know we we welcome the idea of Investigation
it’s fair to have regulatory oversight but he doesn’t think not only not the
biggest OPC provider they’re not the biggest mobile phone provider they’re
far from monopoly but they just provide a quite intact cross-platform service so
I think we’ll see how that goes but I guess it might depend on who does the
judging these days so another topic that I want to talk about is this new iPad OS
as we all know iPads really helped Apple push into the enterprise they’re small
they’re compact you can do so much on them and I’m interested to hear what the
new iPad OS how that will help enterprises what’s what’s going to
change quite a lots changed in the new iPad OS I’ve had less time with that and
some of the other announcements but I’m very impressed with the multitasking
improvements I’m very impressed with their sidecar enhancement which works
with Mac’s to almost turn the the iPad into an additional control service with
little touches like if you’re using your iPad in cycle mode with an iMac you will
find you got a little touch bar on the iPad surface so you can lots of little
tiny thoughts like that the improvements in slide over you know that mode where
you can have an extra window open when you’re working an iPad they’ve now
turned it into an app switch here as well so you can literally flip between
multiple apps in slide view while actually working in split view in two
other apps or two instances of the same app which is also very important and new Missouri this means that your iPad
becomes a much more easy to use productivity tool it enables you to work
much faster between multiple apps and I think that will have a very positive
influence on on on how people work with their iPads and as well things like the
accessibility feature of mouse support which will come in useful from the Sun
and that Mouse support is it’s also in iPhones as well but it’s it’s
it’s an accessibility setting the moving accessibility to front of the operator
of the system as well as of general and into somewhere it’s easier to find is it
also going to be important because you’ll find that more and more people
were able to access computing tools and actually you know operate on a pier
basis with others I think that’s great it’s good as it’s gonna transform
people’s lives that aspect absolutely yeah huge for accessibility that’s it’s
just important to make sure that everyone can have equal access to this
really impressive tech so and it’s actually interesting all of these
updates to an iPad it almost is feeling like a lot of enterprise users can use
it instead of a traditional laptop a MacBook I mean we have MacBook Pros here
maybe not yet a MacBook Pro but for certainly I would think for a MacBook
Air I can’t so that’s very interesting and equally exciting again a little
especially exciting for me we’re producing videos here is the new Mac Pro
oh yeah this is crazy it’s just such high power and could you tell me a
little bit more about that because this is really interesting uh it’s it’s these
deep I I spent some extensive time looking at the Mac and and the new
display yesterday and my overriding impression this – there’s lots of
impressions and quite a lot of power to discuss but the impressions I got
definitely from the various members of the Mac team some of them I’ve known for
a long time right so they are genuinely I think I think the people who’ve worked
on that product are genuinely really super pleased to be able to deliver
something which is it you know if you wanted to create the best Mac in the
world they just did and that I think has really excited to whole team they are I
get a real sense of optimism and hope and ambition and you know I think they
feel really proud of this machine and so they should because it’s it’s incredibly
powerful it’s it’s absolutely the sort of nadir if you’re gonna have a perfect
Mac this is it it’s also I think a symbolic of the
future of the a platform like to say we’re finder I
pad become more and more productive more more useful for more and more usage
cases and this kind of means that Macs and computers generally have to sort of
more increasingly meet the needs of extremely high end users where where
tablet isn’t really appropriate and that’s what this map does it’s it sets
that ground the other thing they’ve done in the design and development of the Mac
they haven’t just sort of stuck with ok let’s make it really good and throw a
bunch of stuff together oh that’s great they’ve they’ve actually saw ok we can
innovate in the technologies we use but let’s take a really deep block how
people use this technology so they’ve they’ve worked very closely with them
video production houses post production houses photographers doing high-end
photographers the sort of people who take shots on red cameras and hang from
helicopters and if they’ve worked closely with music producers video
producers and AR etc etc and and and they’ve designed the machines to meet
workflow needs and that means that these these integrate really well in people’s
existing workflows and they believe them to not just optimize the technologies
they use to have the very best technology but also to optimize how they
work and that that’s kind of profound because they’ve put as much thought into
how it is deployed as they have into how it is made and I think that’s going to
be really really significant moving forward yes it is expensive no it’s not
a Mac for everybody but it absolutely is a map that’s going to deliver on that
promise of power and those displays a superb back I can’t even imagine how
that would change video production and it really does seem like exactly what
you were saying everything about it seems like they were very intentional in
this yes reduction they did a lot of research very interesting very excited
my only complaint when I was reading over the notes and all of the
announcements from WWDC the fact that it’s called XDR it just confuses me with
all of the Apple at 10:06 oh my gosh me too they really had to
confuse us they are they are gluttons for a little piece of branding now and
there they do like that kind of thing I’ve seen the XDR in action as well
beside reference monitors reference displays high-end displays 40,000
$50,000 displays sure I’ve walked into a room and sort of got treated if you like
to a demonstration of the XD ours against multiple displays from other
manufacturers I’m gonna name because that’s probably not fair but my my even
simple things such as consistent color gamut both in the map display which is
very clever under standard one and the viewing angle you could you could stand
beside the monitor pretty much and still see what was on the front of it it was five thousand bucks is a lot of money
for a monitor but forty five thousand bucks is a lot of money for a display
you can get nine of these and then more consistent they’re lighter and they’re
more capable of different usage cases and a lot quieter I mean so much quieter
yeah yeah they’ve really they I asked how they did it and again they went to
the factories they worked with the manufacturers they invented new design
processes they invented new pixel it’s just gone they’ve invented a range of
new technologies which they shoved into this this display and if you think about
it they’ve been working very very hard on display technologies for quite a
while think about the Retina display think about the display in the iMac that
was delivered I think about five years ago and then they began to talk about
how they worked on pixel basis in terms of dismay technology this is kind of
part of a past that they’ve been on for a while so I think you know given that
well you’ll spend 5,000 bucks hiring a reference display you like the high-end
stuff for a week you measure by a monitor from Apple and there it is sure
you have quite a good compelling sales point just with that they’ve actually
met a need I think yeah absolutely it’s displays are one of those things that
you I find that whenever I have an upgraded display I can I immediately
notice a difference but it’s one of those things when you see it side by
side it’s like night and day but before I let
you go Johnny I wanted a little bit I know I want to talk a little bit more
about something maybe a little less enterprise focus and that’s iOS 13 this
is obviously a huge huge announcement from WWDC it seems silly not to mention
it and there’s a lot that’s going to be coming um to the iPhone so can you hit
on some of the highlights we all know dark mode yes there will be dark mode
but how about some like maybe the the smaller features what do you think is
really going to be great and what do you have any thoughts about some things that
aren’t that great I don’t have much that is not that great yet I mean emojis
don’t sort of do it for me back they’ve a lot of people love them right so
that’s kind of fun interesting points I think one of the more interesting points
is they continue to work in terms of core ml and machine learning and it’s I
think quite astounding the amount of work that’s going on on your iPhone’s
know when it comes to machine intelligence so if you think about your
photo library and the photo library improvements that are coming in I was 13
and those we already have the capacity to sort of analyze the photos you got
deliver well curated collections of images and to do this in such a way as
they look really nice this is using intelligence on the device and this
means that there is no communication with the cloud there’s no interesting
talk to the cloud yeah at all it analyzes your images on the device so
when doing that so when you look at one of the curated galleries they have an
ability now for the machine intelligence to analyze the picture figure out what
the focal point is do some slight edits to that picture so they’re in the sort
of gallery view you’re given the picture is optimized to look fantastic this is
all happening in the neural engine on your device no one knows it’s happening
no one’s seen those pictures no third-party entity has any access so
those those images they are they’re kind of advancing in machine intelligence in
very sophisticated ways to deliver a model in iris 13 which is capable of
doing so much more while maintaining privacy and that
privacy argument is a thread that goes through every single announcement they
made @w oh yeah see and it goes all the way back to the beginning enter signing
with apple and and you see this I think I think there’s a great deal to look
forward to there but I also think you’ll see the implementation of that kind of
AI a widen across apps and across the apps that apple provides an iOS 13 over
the next year they’ve opened up a whole bunch of new calls they support a whole
bunch of new machine intelligence models they’re kicking the cutting-edge here
it’s it’s it’s it’s really good and when does iOS 13 actually roll out it will be
it’s traditionally they ship these things in full developers are already
working with it and I have and and and so that’s good and the developers
already working with it and that’s good sorry I’ll get interrupted by something
we I think we’ll see the public beat in next month’s followed by the actual
amount actually probably a September but certainly in fall okay great thank you
and thank you so much Johnny for calling in it’s so important to talk about what
these updates are going to be it’s I’m excited I’m excited as a consumer to so
really looking forward to signing with Apple that’s I’m really excited about
because I never used sign-in with Google or sign in with Facebook I’m always I’m
very excited to a very interesting time here yeah and that was as you see I was
talking from my hotel room and that was the the room keeper coming in to say
hello there is there were very few bum notes in that announcement on Monday two
and a half hours of deep in information I actually recommend if you’re
interested you should definitely spend at that time watching the keynote there
is lots there for everybody we’ve touched we barely touched the surface in
our chat and we’ve talked about a lot yeah so kind of it was that kind of dub
dub you know why spend that long watching the new event
when you could watch WWDC thanks Johnny yeah thank you so much Johnny for these
updates and we’ll be talking more about iOS 13 on the June 13th Twitter chat
that’s on the at IDG Tech Talk Twitter and that’s at 12 p.m. Eastern and make
sure to join using the IDG Tech Talk hashtag so that’ll be exciting if you
have any strong opinions regarding iOS 13 definitely tune into that thank you
so much for watching this episode of tech talk I’m Julia Beauchamp if you
liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel
and leave a comment what are you most excited about out of WWDC or if there
was just something that you hated about it let me know see you next time

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  1. Personally, I'm most excited about Sign In with Apple. And I'm looking forward to talking about it more in next week's IDG TECH(talk) Twitter chat, which I will be moderating. We'll be talking about iOS vs. Android. You can join the conversation — June 13, 2019, at 12pm ET — on the @IDGTECHtalk Twitter page and by using the #IDGTECHtalk hashtag — https://twitter.com/IDGTechTalk

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