WWDC 2016 Event Recap

Apple is changing its approach to software
in big ways, possibly to compete with Google, Facebook, Amazon, and the developer community
as a whole. Today’s WWDC keynote showcased three major themes from Apple: new, simple,
and repeatable design experiences, making Apple devices feel connected, and opening
traditionally Apple-controlled tools like Siri, Messenger, and Maps to the developer
community. WatchOS, OS X, iOS, and tvOS all receiving
updates today, so let’s dive right in… Starting with watchOS….Today Apple announced
a new UI and faster app launching. The third version of watchOS is all about speed. According
to Apple, it’s seven times faster than the previous OS. To help you navigate faster,
Apple added a “dock”. Just swipe up to quickly launch different apps. WatchOS 3 will
also have control center, like on iOS. You can swipe up and see quick commands like mute,
Bluetooth and WiFi on and off. There are also a few new Watch faces, including
one with Minnie Mouse, and one with numerals. On to OS X…. OS X is getting a new name, macOS, with the
current version dubbed Sierra. As expected, this new version of macOS will finally bring
support for Siri to the desktop. Siri will be able to help you find files on your Mac,
send messages, and perform tasks while you are using other apps in fullscreen mode. Speaking of Siri, today Apple finally opened
its voice assistant to third party developers. A quick ‘hey Siri’ now works with Slack,
WhatsApp, Twitter, Yelp, Runkeeper, Venmo, and potentially many, many more. Also new to macOS is ‘auto unlock,’ which
automatically unlocks your Mac when your iPhone or Apple Watch is close to it. Apple Pay is coming to the web this fall.
Mac users will be able to pay online in Safari using a “Pay with Apple Pay” button, and
authenticate their purchase using Touch ID on their phone or watch. Apple is also adding improved support for
iCloud Drive. With this update, you can easily move older files to the cloud to free up space
on your local machines. If you use multiple macOS machines, Apple will now sync your desktops.
The new OS will be available as a free upgrade to all OS X, now macOS, users this fall. Now let’s talk about all the software upgrades
to your iPhone or iPad with the new iOS 10. An update we’ve all been waiting for….users
can now send each other rich links, meaning music and videos can play directly within
the conversation. Thanks to opening the platform to third-party developers, integration will
range from sending videos and gif to paying friends with Square Pay or collaboratively
ordering food from DoorDash. There’s also been a big overhaul to the
Photos app in iOS 10. Apple is making it easier to find and group your images. The new Photos
app groups your library into editable movie Memories. Maps has been redesigned adding Proactive
suggestions, a new turn-by-turn look, and is now also opened to third-party developers. Apple Music has been simplified in a major
redesign. With the new, Apple Home, all HomeKit-enabled
devices from lights to thermostats to garage doors can be controlled from a single app. Another shakeup from today, is that Apple
has unbundled its native apps like Mail, Maps, Music and more, and put them in the App Store.
This means these apps will be updated more often, instead of only when a major iOS is
released, allowing for quicker updates and the ability to add new features, fix bugs,
address security issues, or make other changes as needed. iOS 10 also offers some new lockscreen and
3D touch shortcuts that help you get the info you need quicker. iOS 10 is available in public
beta this summer and rolls out in the fall. On the TV side, not a ton has changed. tvOS
had some minor updates to the operating system, gaining a deeper Siri integration and single
sign-on option. To Recap….with no new devices announced,
today marked a huge software overhaul for Apple, with a deeper integration of Siri,
and new marching orders to improve by collaboration on the software-side moving forward.

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  1. And we will continue to wait to the day we can save files to the iPhone and attach them in emails, simple thing that phones can do since the Blackberry or maybe the Nokias

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