WOW! Controversial Copyright Law REJECTED, Mia Khalifa Reboot, “Voodoo Nurse”, & More

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100 thoughts on “WOW! Controversial Copyright Law REJECTED, Mia Khalifa Reboot, “Voodoo Nurse”, & More

  1. hey you… yeah, you with the face. you're cool. unless your name is Greg and then you suck. kkbyeeeee. <3
    Voodoo Nurse:(00:06), TIA(2:09), Poachers(3:48), Entertainment News(4:19), K-Pop Photoshop(6:35), EUCD(7:51)

  2. Hey Phil, great video, but is it my imagination or is there something wrong with your for-camera eye make up? On the skin right below your eyes it looks like you have a subtle yellow-tinge to the skin. A little distracting, otherwise great video!

  3. The warped pole was stupid. There's no reason there would even be a band that far out without seriously obvious smears on the body and exaggerated features. Some people are stupid.

  4. 14 years because she was a black women and she is therefore a poor vulnerable minority of the greater sex and cannot have a proper sentence!

  5. I don’t think Mia Khalifa will be successful in sports industry, it’s just not what her fans watch when they think of her

  6. I love that in the rhino poacher story of the guys getting eaten by lions, you showed a picture of a rhino with lions in the background like the lions are the Rhino's secret service.

  7. Everybody's looking at that weird pole, but no one is worried what this poor girl has growing out of her pants?

  8. I never expected to see a story about Narsha in your show wtf. Also, thanks for pointing out that the EU is a shitty corrupt institution that works for the elites only. But it shocks me that (as you pointed out) most didn't know about this. And it's not just this bill, the TTIP (and the equivalent one with Canada) and other bills like this that have been debated and will likely be approved in the coming years, will just kill the working and middle class.

  9. Everything you need to know about the EUCD can be found on pornhub under the search of "European CD"

  10. Well absolutely mother FUCK that "voodoo nurse" and all of her associates. Glad to see justice there. I can't imagine the experience of being mutilated like that, having your life contingent on paying an unpayable debt, being shipped in an unsafe vessel across seas, and then subsequently pimped out in a foreign land. I'm quite glad to hear the ordeal for those women is (hopefully) going to improve greatly.

  11. Oh hey, another disconnected politician makes a decree that is both unnecessary and laughably heavy handed… what a surprise… although I suppose maybe I'm missing some context there. Either way, that was at least a pretty cool vid.

  12. Man poachers being mauled to death by lions… I can't think of more poetic justice than that…

  13. I really hope that bill in the EU either gets shot down in its entirety, or reworked to have far less collateral damage to innocent internet entities and consumers.

  14. Haha cheers to PhillyD for introducing the teens watching his show to mia kalifa. That google search wont get anyone in trouble or anything 😂😂

  15. 14 years in a prison for slavery that’s it wtaf is England coming to now, yeah it’s better than nothing but that’s it

  16. Can we talk about the number of video cuts per brief news story?
    JUST FINISH A COHERENT THOUGHT BEFORE EDITING! Or, y'know, swap to a picture and back to waving your hands sporadically. That is all.

  17. 14 years? if it was a man it would have been life….. wtf? can we stop with the double standard bullshit? she is a human beeing with equal value and responsibility to any man. Sentence her thereafter please.

  18. the thing about the EU copyright bill (in my opinion) is that because the media would benefit from it, they refuse to write articles about it. in my country i didn't see a single article about it from the mainstream media; there were however a lot of articles from smaller news sites, but since they're labeled as nazis and racist by the mainstream media few people actually read them

  19. 14 years for human trafficking? That should have been the death sentence. But justice doesn't exist in this world.

  20. Glad they put that voodoo nurse away. Should give her life in prison so she doesn't hurt anymore people.

  21. Well if there is anything positive at all to say about the human trafficking and slavery case is, Thank god it wasn't a white person because with double standards as they are racism would have been cried from the mountain tops.

  22. Would it be bad form to link to the Greenday song "When September Ends" in relation to the EUCD story? ;P

  23. I was so surprised that Narsha came up. Welcome to south Korean entertainment industry. It is so toxic they once accused an artist of stealing the identity of someone else just because he was talented, well educated, had a rich family and married a popular actress who was pregnant at the time and they threatened to kill the baby. It was insane you should look it up. They destroyed his career over a rumour that a crazy man on the internet spread out of jealousy because he was doing so well. Eventually he bounced back up but after few years of suffering and trying to prove the truth. His name is Tablu he is the main rapper in a group called Epic high

  24. I really liked today’s show. You covered a good amount of short stories in a 10min video instead of just 2-3 really long stories with the very brief today in awesome segment.

  25. The ignorance of the women was what enslaved them, fear of a devil and thinking hair was a reason to live in a hore house

  26. Mia Khalifa is not that interesting. Even her porn there isn't that good and there isn't much of it. I don't know how it did so well.

  27. I less concerned about the bent pole and more worried about whats around her waist line. WTF is that? grass or a tattoo?

  28. If the last thing you do in your life is poach rhinos and that’s what your remembered for, that would be so terrible

  29. First time I watched this, I thought you meant "pieces of their head" not "pieces of their head <hair>". lmao.

  30. Hey Phil I’m a fan but can u please sometimes give a warning before you tell stories like the first one because honestly it made me throw up

  31. "lets talk about some online entertainment quickies, Mia Khalife" …….. I saw what you did there lol

  32. Hey Phil, Youtube did it again. Sent me a notification about this video that is multiple days old. I watch them all once. Don't need to be notified later to watch it again. Maybe someone you know at Youtube should know this is going on.

  33. It's easy to hate on poachers because yes what they're doing is a crime but it's important to remember many poachers are people who have hit rock bottom and have no other alternative. Poaching is a dangerous job, again not saying it's not a crime, but as long as demand exists for animal parts, suppliers will exist for animal parts. And while the poachers will always exists while demand exists, thus killing animals and poachers, reducing demand is going to drive the economic incentive for poaching way down. Yao Ming has done fantastic work on reducing demand on poached materials including shark fins and I think this is where the focus should be on fighting poachers, in addition to continuing to keeping poaching illegal and arresting poachers. But as long as at least one rich dude wants Rhino Horn because he thinks it makes his dick hard, someone will kill the rhino for him.

  34. God damnit Phil I thought you meant Mia Khalid’s was rebooting her career and the video was called “voodoo nurse”

  35. I wanted Logan to get his ass beaten because I really dislike him, but now I want KSI to lose just for the irony

  36. Glad to see the Korean chick get vindicated about the picture. As an Adobe-certified Photoshop user, it totally annoys the shit out me when people claim something is Photoshopped when it isn't!

  37. Unfortunately Iyamu will be out of prison in less than 8 years…if she behaves herself in prison that is!

  38. They always try to pass major laws behind our backs when no one knows about it. Here in America, when Bruce Jenner was becoming a transgender and the Confederate flag was becoming heavily controversial, they pass like 12 major laws behind our backs robbing the people again. It's done all the time just like taxes becoming mandatory

  39. Id like to see those Nigerian women faces, when they were explained that there is no such thing as devil.. >.> (and people say that the bell curve is not real..)

  40. Re: South African rhino poaching. I'm told Lions (unlike tigers) don't like the taste of humans so will only eat us if really desperate, (tigers find us delicious) Does this mean that the animals are starting to gang up on us? Should we be a little more wary of Fido or Kitty?

  41. Let's hope KSI loses so heavily he loses the ability to speak. Not that I think paul is capable of anything. Hope all channels of people associating themselves with these fights die a fast death!!

  42. Only 14 years , when a man can get life for laundering money and woman can get 14 years for trafficking woman into slavery , torture and prostitution 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  43. Believe it or not, Mia Khalifa, really knows alot about sports and is pretty good at reporting sports…..but yeah, a certain hub will start getting alot more hits.

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