WOW! Bigoted Backlash or Massive Feminist Statement?

‘Sup, you beautiful bastards? Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show, and let’s just jump into it. The first thing I want to talk about today was the most requested story: an update on the Milo Yiannopoulos situation. The response from yesterday’s video was very interesting. Ninety percent of people understood where I was coming from, and then about five percent of people felt like I was going too hard on Milo, and then five percent of people thought that I was – I was supporting him, even though my main comment there is in no way do I support any of the things that he’s saying, but I don’t want to try and destroy this guy with words because he very much sounds like a sexual assault victim not really handling the situation; this is how he coping with it. For that, I was a monster for some reason. A few things have happened since I talked about that story – some just after, more still developing – the first being Milo’s former manager saying he doesn’t support him here. Then, the publisher Simon & Schuster announced that they are cancelling Milo’s book deal. They’d given him a $250,000 advance. They had defended their decision to publish this book, saying they published a “wide range of authors with greatly varying, and infrequently controversial opinions. While we are cognizant that many disagree with the books we publish, we note that the opinions expressed therein belong to our authors and do not reflect either a corporate viewpoint or the views of our employees.” So initially, they defended this, saying “you know it’s – it’s free speech. We’re not supporting what he says but he has a right to speak it, and we’re going to publish his book, but ultimately, these new remarks were too much, and they canceled the deal. And on top of that. CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference have uninvited Milo to speak. There’s been a lot of fallout, but there’s also been a lot of support, a lot of people thinking that the video was edited out of context, which like I said yesterday, and I linked yesterday, if you want to see the full context, the full version, I’ll link to it down below again. There are several versions making the rounds. There’s the two-minute version that has three clips in it. Then there’s the five-minute unedited one, and then of course like i said the – the whole – the whole podcast was live-streamed, so there are no cuts in it. I’ll link down below again to the full version so you can see if he’s been – being taken out of context, and I’ll also link, once again, to the full Joe Rogan podcast where he has those comments there as well that we talked about yesterday. So there was that defense, then there were a lot of people saying they don’t support his comments but this is obviously a political attack, and to that I say, the organization and planning, that may be the case, but that – that is also a side story. It’s a story that there is coordination happening, but they didn’t – they didn’t – they didn’t hack him to get secret clips, they didn’t have to pay someone. This was just out there – this is readily available information. So, yes, you have an argument that this is a political coordinated attack, but I also don’t think that takes away from the actual story regarding Milo and his comments. Also, you have many Milo supporters pointing to those on the Left, who they say are just as guilty as Milo, many pointing to George Takei. He’s been outspoken against Donald Trump. They’re linking to a Howard Stern interview. “STERN: You, uh, sat there there, and he touched you, and did you feel – did you feel molested in a way? TAKEI: What? HS: Were you molested in a sense? Because you were 13? GT: No, no, ’cause I was kind of, well I thought he was pretty attractive” And in the clip, he talks about being 13 years old. He had a sexual experience with a counselor and adults, and he talks about it being consensual, and people are saying saying “well why do we support this guy, but not this guy?” Also, they’ve been pointing back to Lena Dunham, who, I’ve talked about this story because it’s so creepy to me. In her memoirs she talked about sexually experimenting with her sister. If you don’t remember the story here’s an – it’s an excerpt from the book, it’s not like, misleading. She talks about bribing her little sister for sexual things. “As she grew, I took to briding her for her time and affection. Three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds, whatever she wanted to watch on TV, if she could just relax on me. Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl, I was trying.” Also, she talks about when her sister was a toddler she would – she like opened her vagina. Some of the defenses at the time were like “if you’re weirded out by this, you’re – you’re too locked into heteronormativity” No. This sounds a bit like something else. But to all of this, I would say, “well, I spoke out against Lena Dunham, we talked about the Milo situation, I’d never seen the George Takei clip.” For me, an important point I want to make is – is just because Milo did this, and he supports Trump, that doesn’t mean all Trump supporters support that or want to do that. Just because outspoken anti-Trump people like Lena Dunham and George Takei may have done some other things, that doesn’t mean all liberals are like that. When you look at the situation of the Milos and the Lena Dunhams, people that have their same beliefs regarding politics there’s in-fighting there: people that do support Milo, people that don’t – people that do support Lena, people that don’t. We’re talking about individuals, and everyone’s making it about generalities. Just because one person did something, it doesn’t excuse what someone else. You can point out some people’s hypocrisy, you can point out that other people have done wrong, but that doesn’t take away from what the person that you support did. If I murdered someone and then people were like “yeah, but everyone’s making a big deal about this, but no one’s making a big deal about this dude who killed someone!” You wouldn’t make me any less responsible for my actions, but if we are going to make comparisons, I believe, just like Lena Dunham, Milo is going to continue having a career. There are going to be people that support them both, people that think that their words are being skewed and taken out of context, and there are going to people that hate them, but specifically with the Milo situation, I’m very interested see what happens because, even with a specific book deal going away, other outlets shunning him, I look at his pages, and he just continues to grow. I’ll have to double-check the numbers, but before the Berkeley incident, he had around 1.3 million fans on Facebook. He’s just about to pass 1.9 million. It really does feel like we live in a time where if there is controversy around your words, that’s just – it’s the best thing in the world for you. All the big guys go after you, you get put on the national, and sometimes international, page, and you just grow. I feel like I should make a video that – where I come out, and I’m like I’m pro- punching other people’s children. The leftist globalist mainstream media tries to suppress it, but there is a good reason people want to punch other people’s children. Boom! 400,000 new subscribers. I actually shouldn’t even joke about that. There have been so many instances recently where they have taken people and put their stuff where they were like “the mainstream media’s gonna talk about me like this”. Then, they literally do that. [sighs] Weird, trying, exhausting, exciting, but exhausting times. And from that, I want to share some stuff I love today in Today In Awesome, brought to you by the DeFranco 2024 shirt, a shirt that says “Hey, in less than eight years, I am willing to throw away my vote on Philip DeFranco”. Unless, over the years people keep sharing my videos and I become 10 times more popular, and then I’m a legitimate candidate, in which case you’re just getting a seven-year head-start. So, if you want to snag those shirts and join the DeFranco 2024 fam, you have a few days to grab those in the links down below. And the first bit of Awesome is for any dog-lover out there. We put out a brand new bonus video featuring Boogie – not that Boogie, but this Boogie. It’s just something if you want to insert a little happiness into your day. Then, we had Rick and Morty trolling the internet. If you haven’t seen the video yet, I’m not going to say what the troll is, but I recommend. if you’re a fan of the series, watch it. Then, we got a new trailer for Breath of the Wild, but I’m not going to feature any of it in this video because there are a lot of people that are shouting “spoilers! Why are you spoiling it for me?!” But, if you don’t mind one thing being spoiled for you in the game, if it’s more about the gameplay for you, I’ll link to that. Then, Vox put out a fantastic video on Planet Earth. They talk about and explain the technology behind Planet Earth and Planet Earth 2, and it’s fascinating to me, so if you’re a nerd like that, I highly recommend it. Finally, I’ve got to give a shout-out to the Humble Bundle. They made a bundle of 47 games and books. They sold it for a minimum of thirty dollars. I say minimum because when you buy you could give more money because the money goes to charity, and they just announced that their most recent bundle has raised over 6.4 million dollars, and that money is going to the ACLU, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee. So just wanted to give everyone involved there, the people that put it together, the developers for offering their product, the people that donated what they had to or what they could. It’s very awesome to see. And if you want to see the full versions of everything I just shared the Secret Link of the Day, anything at all, links as always are in the description down below. Then let’s talk about drone news. Automation and drones have been a hot topic right now. We have the Amazon delivery drones, news that drones are going to deliver your pizza, and recently UPS want to show their new drone service off. And so, they got a bunch of reporters and you see the iconic brown delivery truck the top pulls back and they reveal the Opticopter that will reportedly deliver packages that are 10 pounds or less. When the drone’s docked, it’s charging. The driver can put packages that are 10 pounds or less on the drone. The drone, by the way, the name, I guess they were just in a meeting there like what says grace, timeliness? Horsefly. The annoying fly that not only bites horses, but humans. Unfortunately, the story isn’t that the future is here! The story is that live demos can be a hilarious thing because they – they tried to show the [laughs] the Horsefly flying and – and it tipped over, spinning into the UPS truck, and then a second time, it almost got crushed by the UPS truck. And in response to those glitches, they said “we’ve never seen it before”. So, yeah, the future’s not here right now, but maybe one day it will be. And then let’s talk about international news regarding the hijab. For those that aren’t aware it is a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women. Well, two stories have popped up, the first being around or for Dorsa Derakhshani. She’s an eighteen-year-old grandmaster. She was on the Iranian national chess team, and she has now been kicked off/ This, because last month at a chess festival, she wore a headband instead of a hijab. Also, fun fact, Dorsa’s younger brother, Borna, is 15 years old. He was kicked off the national chess team for what transpired at that event as well, but it wasn’t because he wasn’t wearing a hijab, for some reason. He’s a man. he plays by different set of rules. No, Borna’s crime was he played against an Israeli opponent. And if you don’t know, officially, Iran doesn’t recognize Israel as a state. It’s a big no-no there. The head of the Iranian Chess Federation said “Unfortunately what shouldn’t have happened has happened. Our national interests have priority over everything. As a first step, these two will be denied entry to all tournaments taking place in Iran, and, in the name of Iran, they will no longer be allowed the opportunity to be present on the national team.” And the other story is Marine Le Pen, the far-right National Front presidential candidate in France, reportedly cancel the meeting today with Lebanon’s grand mufti, their top cleric for Sunni Muslims because she did not want to wear hijab. She refused, and that was reportedly a requirement for the meeting. Before moving on, there have been more and more people asked me to talk about Le Pen recently, and I have to say I need to research her. If I give my full opinion now, it’ll be based off of two articles, which is nowhere near how much research i would need to do. So, I’ll be talking about her here in the bubble that is just this story. But main point, the news came out around this. Some – some cheered her on, saying that, you know, this is what feminism looks like, other people saying that it’s intolerant. And I have to say, personally, I support her move here. Some people have described the requirement of a foreign women wearing hijab in a Muslim country as just “you’re over at someone’s house. It’s a ‘no shoes’ house, gotta take your shoes off at the door. It’s kind of like that”. And to that, I would argue, no, it’s not. It’s like if you came over to a house, and the person that owned the house was like “by the way, we have a policy: all black people have to wear gloves. I’m not saying black people are dirty or they’re lesser. It’s just a rule that’s just about black people. It’s just about modesty.” And there are going to be people that say “well, there’s a difference between being a woman and being a black person.” Yeah, I mean, there’s gender and race, but they are both things that someone was born, they didn’t pick, and it doesn’t make them lesser. But, the way I view it they are being treated as a lesser, non-person. People talk about showing respect to other cultures that are different than yours, but it’s hard for me to go “yeah, that sounds good” to something that I find suppresses women. And a big thing I want to point out is I am against forcing someone to wear hijab or banning them if you want to wear one. Both my eyes are oppression. You know, I try to stay away from the label of feminist because there’s a lot of toxic feminism out there rather than just classical feminism, which is just equality. Obviously, there are differences between the sexes. A majority of the time, Men are larger, and they’re stronger. Women can give birth to humans, but as far as how we treat one another, equals. If you’re an asshole, I’m gonna treat you like an asshole if you’re a good person, I’m gonna treat you like a good person. Your race, your gender, that’s not gonna play into it for me. And so, I say good for Le Pen and any other woman that doesn’t want to wear it, not wearing it. The punishment that Dorsa’s receiving because she didn’t wear a headscarf, I say fuck the people that are enforcing that. And sometimes when I comment on things like this, people go really, Phil? You’re saying fuck Iran, fuck Muslims? No. When you look at the world it’s not all or nothing. When I say “fuck the people enforcing these rules” I’m talking about the people in power who are hurting others for idiotic reasons, so I’m including them, and there are – there are a lot of people that are very conservative in their beliefs, and all women have to wear this, they need to be subservient, blah blah blah. Not a fan of that, but in those countries are also people that – that are more open-minded. When you’re talking about pretty much any place in the world, it’s stupid to say all of the people in this place are like this. Right? Look at America. There are a lot of conservatives. There are a lot of liberals. There are a bunch of people in between. While other countries may have an official stance, there’s still going to be a split in the population. There are gonna be a lot of conservatives but also liberals. Now, the split might not be anywhere near the same as the United States, but there’s a mishmash. When I say things like “fuck North Korea”, I’m not saying fuck all the people of North Korea, I’m talking about the government; horrible controlling body, not the everyday people that are just trying to survive. And that’s where I’m gonna leave that story. I’d love to know your thoughts here. Do you think “no, it is – it is the culture, it needs to be preserved, and it’s their rules,” or “no, why should we respect the customs where we treat women as the lesser.” Once again, that’s my opinion. I’ve heard people say “no, we do that because women are so special, and they – they need modesty.” But to me, the end result is still suppression. And that’s actually where I’m gonna end today’s show. And remember if you liked this video, you like what I try and do on this channel, hit that like button. If you’re new here, hit that subscribe button. Make sure you don’t miss these daily videos, but if you did miss yesterday’s Philip DeFranco Show and you want to watch, you can click or tap right there to watch that. If you want to see the newest vlog, you can click or tap right there. But, that said, of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been Phill’d in, I love yo’ faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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100 thoughts on “WOW! Bigoted Backlash or Massive Feminist Statement?

  1. Hope you enjoy today's show. I was going to dive even deeper on some topics and add 2 more but I had to unexpectedly go to the hospital for some personal health reasons. Don't worry. Love yo faces and hope you have a good Tuesday. 🙂

  2. Import the two Iranian chess players and make them American…Export Lena Dunham to Iran. Then sit back with popcorn and watch the Ayatollah of Iran figure out if Lena should be wearing a hijab!

    …Its a win-win for all.

  3. I want you to know experimentation on siblings is extremely common. Not to say it's okay, but it happens A LOT. It happens because there's no real way for many teens to learn about attraction and sex, so they do it in private with whatever resource they can find, which is usually their sibling. It's the same with Milo's argument. Homosexual teens experiment with older homosexuals because they don't have other ways to find acceptance and learn about why they feel the way they do. Is it right? No, but it does happen and for a lot of people it feels safer than other alternatives. It would be better if it never had to happen in a world of no judgement, but in this world, some people need it.

  4. I am a little bit older than most on YouTube (both content creators and viewers) and have been involved in American politics for several decades now, and I have to say, it's refreshing to see the rising of this new, commonsensical middle ground in political commentary that is beginning to arise out of the youth.  Most of you are too young to know this, but in the past, it has been, for the most part, two polar opposite sides ragingly opposed to one another hashing it out, and we would end up getting policies, usually somewhere in the middle from that back and forth.  I love the new, self-made, non-establishment political commentators that is coming out of the youth, that doesn't play that game, and just calls it like it is.  No "Team" or "Gang" politics.  Not defending "your side" liberal or conservative just because it is your tribe.  And it doesn't seem artificial, like your trying to sound nonbiased and just throwing the other side a bone to gain political clout – it really seems genuine.  With the emerging, and I believe, the more enlightened, youth, there is no "My team", its just calling it like you see it and letting your conscious guide you.  I hope new sensibleness continues and spreads like wildfire!  Thanks Phil!  (But a small warning: this does not serve politicians or the old media, and they WILL try to stomp this out.  No matter what, keep doing what you're doing!)

  5. If I have to take my shoes off to come in your house I'll be waiting outside … I don't know if your carpets are clean ? Nothing worse than pee soaking into your socks

  6. Uh! You said that you disapprove the French banning the hijab and thus is "oppression"; so should we "fuck" France too? I mean we're not talking about the population-just the political elite sort of thing.

  7. Honestly I think she should have worn the Hijab out of respect for their culture.
    I am Jewish and we have a tradition of wearing a little covering on our heads called a Kippa at places like Synagogues and Sabbath prayers.
    If I invite someone over to my house or my synagogue and they refuse to wear a Kippa, I would be offended because wearing the Kippa is a sign of respect for my culture and that's one thing that really matters for me.
    I may disagree with a lot of things in the world but i respect them and not wearing a hijab was a disrespect.
    If people disagree with me I don't mind that's just my opinion and other people have their opinions.

  8. I'm so sick of this whole "This is what Feminism looks like" shit. I support equality between genders, but the Feminist movement lately has been so cringe worthy.

  9. Muslim men show how weak they are for kicking that girl out. They are jealous, and sick. What a shitty religion anyways. She's better off without them altogether.
    All religions are crap.

  10. I simple can't see Le Pen as a far-righty, her father, on the other hand, was a very far-right politician.
    Mrs. Le Pen for France!!!
    -From Portugal With Love

  11. I recently started watching your videos, and instantly subbed, be very very careful with Le Pen I studied her and her party in university for years… She is a very complicated neo fascist with amazing image control. She, however is not a feminist, and you will see this in your research, she has no feminist ideals or plans whatsoever ( check her opinion on the eu parliament s report on domestic violence, she s against political equity, publically stated: if women stayed at home more jobs would be available). Le Pen is not feminist, she s just a racist.

  12. The font used in "click to watch the vlog.." etc looks like "(lick…" at first haha totally thought it was a joke about the dog pictured in the thumbnail haha

  13. When it comes to the various customs that social and religious groups around the world have, then I honestly believe that more 'mutual' respect is the only possible answer.

    If some muslim groups want women to dress in one way while in their country then they need to understand that in other countries people are going to dress based on their own social and cultural norms.

    Respect is a 2 way street, you can't make demands on people and then be upset when the same happens to you.

  14. Great so by hating everything milo stands for. Not Even counting the Pedophile thing, I Hat him because he is a bigot. Horrible human being!

  15. Philip, just to fact correct a little comment you made.

    The word feminism was coined by the philosopher Charles Fourier, it describes a system of thought that judges a society based on how well it treats women; not how equally it treats women, but by how well.

    So a feminism would be someone who believes in de facto treating women as well as possible, regardless of how it impacts society or may effect men.

  16. Yes, Phil. You always seem to hit the mark when it comes to differentiating between individuals and larger groups. I consider myself a progressive person, but I don't agree with or condone every single thing one individual (who is considered to be part of "my" group) might say or do. Hell, I don't see eye-to-eye on every soical/political issue with my best friends.

    Whatever our differences, we should still manage to find some common ground. If we focused more on what we have in common, not our differences, we could achieve so much more.

  17. As a young Muslim living in the West, I understand how hard it is to wear the hijab – your heart is telling you one thing while your insecurities and fears in your head tell you another. I shouldn't feel afraid of the people around me based on my decision to cover my head, but similarly no one should feel pressured to cover up either as that decision is between them and Allah (God). I'd like to point out that Islam teaches that there is no compulsion in religion, and therefore Islamic countries should not be forcing their beliefs onto anyone, especially foreign visitors, so long as they are respectful and professional. On a final note, politics and religion should be kept separate for these exact reasons.

  18. are we seriously forgetting about the symposium by plato????? Where they very much go into depth about their love with young boys. Literally boy sex. Yet, is still published by penguin books and many others as an account about love??? The fact that people want to oppress even the smallest pieces of literature no matter how disgusting it actually is, makes me sick.

  19. I hate it when people force other people to wear the hijab. Like, its banned in the quran.
    "There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error." Quran 2:256

  20. Completely disagree with your take on the French lady. If he was going to france and mandated that she wear one, I'd understand. But it is very much a "When you're in my house you play by my rules". He's going to dress a certain way as well. It's not like she will be covered and he will be half naked in a speedo.

  21. It's not suppression. It's literally putting women before us. the woman runs the house, and the money…and so many other things. I have to be presentable just as the candidate would

  22. In Finland, each year there is this independence day party in the president's "castle", where the guests shake hands with the president and the first lady. When it's the Iranian guests turn, they never shake hands with the first lady. They wouldn't even shake hands with a female president. When the western leaders go to Iran the women have to cover their hair. Respect the culture, sure, but it has to work in both ways. When in Rome..

  23. i know a lot of iranians and in general they're not really pro-muslim and "for the system". Most of them are actually really nice and friendly people.

  24. I understand that you say that you have to choose to wear the head scare. but in a way it is a matter of respect in a synagoge men have to wear a jameka this is respect for the religion, if you dont want to then you have to understand that you are being disrespectful. Free speech is one thing but we have to respect eatch other

  25. I understand why you are on her side here and I agree that she should not be attacked for this, but Jesus Christ, it's really hard for me to be on LePen's side…

  26. I think the largest difference I draw is that Milo never claimed to sexually assault a child in his family for years. There's a big difference there. Being the victim of sexual abuse and being the abuser in my opinion should never sit in the same category when reviewed in this fashion. Other than that single issue I have with your video, as always it was good. Thanks Phil.

  27. I understood the context of your last video I thought you were more then far in your reporting of the story so ya it was a well done report. This is why I like to get some of my news from you as you are more honest in your reporting then the main stream media.

  28. The biggest issue countries like Iran face is that there is no separation of faith and state. The government itself enforces these rules and I have no problem saying fuck the Iran government for being an immovable regressive object that oppresses it's own citizens. I don't hate the people of Islam I hate the faiths regressive ideals. (also don't like Christianity just so I don't get called a Bible thumper)

  29. I agree that making non-practicing women or women who don't want to wear a hijab in general is a stupid thing to do if they're going to some sort of event, but I can understand why it was a requirement. It's the grand mufti, literally THE MOST religious figure there can be in a country, so it makes sense that it would be required, even though it's stupid.

  30. I never comment on thing but I need to say something on this (a bit late, I know – hopefully someone will read it). French Muslim woman here. Marine Le Pen is the definition of hypocrisy. She says over and over again to Muslims in France that we need to take the culture of the country or go ''home'' (even though we're born in France). Basically, for her, you accept the traditions of the country you are in and shut up. so it's very funny that when she goes to Muslim countries, she refuses to go by the lesson she gives…

  31. I agree with you on the whole "oppressive ideas should not be supported just because it's a cultural thing" but I also want to look at things from a different angle. Le Pen is auditioning to be a head of state. If she can't do this now does that mean there will be no state visits to the many countries in which wearing a hijab is mandatory for women during her tenure? That would be a bit of a problem seeing as some of those countries are the ones that France is most reliant on in the fight vs. Isis.

  32. I respect and endorse her decision not to wear the headscarf in Lebanon and canceling the meeting, but oppose her advocacy to ban the burqini in France. It is double standard to ask others to conform to your standard but not adhere to theirs. Liberty is ppl wearing what they want.

  33. Huge distinct between milo and Lena: he talked about what he GOT, and she confessed about what she DID. Before he had molested someone, he is not a pedofile, even if he talks like one (you be the judge whether or this is true)

  34. I would argue that it is a religious thing, not a sexist thing (talking about the hijab story). I have to wear a kippah at synagogue as a man and it's not a sexist thing, it's a religious thing. I understand it's a little smaller and less obtrusive but if there is a non-Jewish speaker or Christian friends at a bar/bat mitzvah we ask them to wear a kippah and they oblige. Again, not a sexist thing, it's religious and perhaps I'm not informed enough or am being too quick to relate these but that's how I see it.

  35. Iran is it's own country, they can have women wear whatever they want, if women from outside of Iran go there then they have to obey the rules, if they don't like the rules then don't go. But the US and European countries are their own countries as well, so they should ban the Hijab and if any Muslim women comes here they should follow it, and if they don't like it, then don't come. It's that simple, countries are sovereign, they came make what rules they want.

  36. So in the Olympics there are many sports that work like a tournament with 1 team facing off against 1 other team, this includes team sports like basketball, football, hockey etc, which have men's and women's variants, as well as sports like judo, boxing, wrestling etc. which not only have men's and women's variants but also weight classes, tennis which has men's and women's singles and doubles, as well as mixed doubles.
    Theoretically, if Iran and Israel got to the final in any one of these sports or variations, the outcome of which would decide which team receives the gold medal, would Iran refuse to play because they don't acknowledge Israel as a legitimate state? Because I feel like if they did indeed refuse to play, they'd forfeit the gold, but in doing so they'd be handing the gold to Israel and their team or competitor would have to take silver and receive that medal whilst standing next to an Israeli when they receive the gold, which surely they'd hate even more?
    Do they just refuse to partake in literally any sport in which that could be a possibility?

  37. The problem with Le Pen is not that she doesn't want to wear a thing for a normal visit. She wants to be president and a president HAS to visit people and respect their traditions. So for any other women or even her with a personal visit I can understand it, in this situation it isn't okay because of politics.

  38. people always are saying "oh you must respect other cultures ( muslim culture) why not they respect our culture?

  39. Hi Phil, I hope you would read more on Marry Le Pen. She went to Lebenon. She asked to meet the Mufti and she knew that she would be required to wear a headscarf and wanted to score some point for the French elections because she is driving a discourse that is Anti Muslims and anti immigrants. And bonus points, she is bank rolled by Putin.

  40. I want LePen to win her election. I am not even a whacked out 3rd wave feminist! Funny how all the whacked out 3rd wave feminists are against a woman winning this election. Could it be because Le Pen is not the correct kind of woman for their cultist club?

  41. A woman being Forced to cover your head in any circumstance is oppression. No! do not be forced to ever cover your head ever! Except maybe with an umbrella during a rain storm.

  42. Well for Milo I don't agree with some of what he says or how he says it but he has made people aware that there is racism against white men, now I am 100% Native American surprise there are some of us still around.
    But I knew the Doctor that started Doctors with out boarders and he was a really nice guy but gave it up because his daughter was attacked by one of the very people he had helped because she was a white girl.
    Now Le Pen is all for the French people and in the French media that is considered to be fascist and evil.
    Now for the socialist well you can look this up it was the Socialist liberal party that supported Nazis occupying France
    Now when Le Pen refused to wear the head scarf that was in France, so that is like me coming to you'r house and telling you, what you can wear and what you can say.
    Now me I am against these new feminist as there not even feminist there more like feminazis than anything else, just look at how they treat rape victims in Sweden England Germany and France it is disgusting.
    Personally I hope Le Pen wins the French election as she seems to be the only one who one wants to do what is best for the French people and two cares about what happens to France.

  43. Well if milo feels like he wasn't abused, he may express that, whether that is really the case or not.
    The line is where he would be saying that applies to other people, who have been young when it happened.

  44. Are you also opposed to having to cover shoulders when entering a church? Or removing shoes when entering a Japanese household?

  45. So…if Muslims go to a Jewish country are the men expected to wear a Yamulka? Do they need to carry rosaries in Catholic countries or wear crosses around their necks in Christian ones? Wear an orange robe when visiting a Buddhist nation? No to all of the above right?

    Should they have to do any of those things? No?

    Then they can get bent and eat their damned hijabs. We shouldn't have to show their religion or culture any more respect or concession than they show us and ours.

  46. What I don't understand is how we are expected to comply and understand another culture while not expecting the same treatment in return.

  47. I don't at all disagree with refusing to wear a hijab. But I think its worth understanding that why those type of people would enforce that rule. Its a culture dictated by religion and the hijab is a religious requirement for maintaining modesty for them, not just some random societal rule being enforced to oppress women. I personally don't think its so horrible that they would expect that kind of thing given the context. Its not like they're forcing it on you in your own home.

  48. Dunham is disgusting, Milo is nowhere near her in terms of being a cunt.

    Le Pen was absolutely right to refuse. If she is not a muslim, she should not have to conform to Islamic practices.

  49. I believe in modesty, but I believe that it goes both ways.

    I will not go out in public or swim without a shirt on (I'm male). This is my choice.

    But the Muslim regulations go way too far, and are massively biased against women.

  50. I'm not sure if anyone will see this or not but 1 yr later a white woman wearing a hijab would be considered cultural appropriation.

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