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– I’m Art Langer, I am the Chairman and Founder of Workforce Opportunity Services. We are a 501(c)(3) charity. We provide support, employment, and placement for underserved populations throughout the world. Underserved people are underserved because they don’t have
the support systems. We become the surrogate. So, if there’s no money to get on a train, we take care of that. If the car breaks down in a
rural area, we fix the car. One of the things, that of course, that’s always interesting
when you’re trying to create a systemic solution
is the word scalability. And Prudential was a great first partner because that’s what
they were interested in. – WOS offered up the unique opportunity that identified urban kids
in the areas of Newark and Harlem who were looking
for career opportunities but didn’t necessarily
have the educational or financial wherewithal to
enter the corporate ranks. – JetBlue’s core value is built on a very strong foundation of culture. WOS as a service, we absolutely love the fact that they bring in talent
from local communities. – What sets WOS apart from the others is the fact that you gain
hands-on experience in the role that you are hoping to get
once everything gets finished. It definitely gave me the confidence, it gave me the education, the know-how to actually man that task and be confident in
doing my day-to-day work. – The unique work study program that WOS provides really
allowed us to be able to identify diverse candidates, get them trained, and give them job opportunities that turned into full-time employment. – WOS is an incubator, it
brings everybody together. – We’re the largest equipment
rental company in the world. We’re also one of the most
military-friendly employers in North America. When you think about our
key value proposition to bring veterans into United Rentals, WOS provided a really optimal solution. – The WOS opportunity has
drastically changed my life. With my mentors, with the job opportunity, being able to support my family. If I hadn’t met these people, who changed my life for the better, I’m not even sure if
I would’ve had a life. – The relationship that we’ve enjoyed with Workforce Opportunity
Services has been a big part of our success in our veteran’s program. It’s so adaptable, it allows us to train veterans into so many different roles at Prudential. – With all the extra support that WOS provides for the transition, to me that’s a great head start. – WOS sets you up kind of for life. Yeah, they set you up for life.

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