World’s SMALLEST Cell Phone – Durability Tested!!

So, y’all ready for a little video? This little guy is the world’s smallest mobile
phone. And believe it or not, it works with both
phone calls and, get this, it can also send text messages using a little something us
old people remember as multi-tap on a 9 number keypad. Yeah, it was a real thing, and yeah, we actually
used it. The phone is cute…but, is it durable? Let’s find out. [Intro] This minuscule cellular device is from a company
called Zanco. And as we know, any name that starts with
“Z” is a good name. It’s a little bit smaller than a double A
battery, and it’s about twice as long as the iPhone X’s camera bump. It’s kind of ridiculous how small this thing
is. If you stick it in your pocket you might forget
it’s even there, like a tube of chap-stick going through the laundry. I’ve seen pieces gum that are bigger than
this phone. But like always, we’re here to test things
out and see if they work. Let’s call my mom. [Phone ringing] [Voicemail: “Sorry to miss you, leave a
message. Thanks.”] And…she sent me to voicemail. But she also sent me my first text message. It took me a second to figure our how to actually
get to the texting menu since it’s so small. But she said, “I’ll call you right back.” Look at that – 2005 all over again. Well we’ll cross our fingers that she actually
remembers and calls back, because phones don’t always survive all the way through my videos. Like always, we’ll start with the scratch
test. Normally we have a lot more screen real estate,
but it’s okay, I can write as small as I need to on this phone for ants. For reference, plastic scratches at a level
3, glass scratches at a 6, and sapphire would be an 8 or 9. But judging by the marks we get at the level
3, and deeper grooves at a level 4, this .4 inch screen is made from plastic. The buttons do speak to you, which is interesting. [Phone saying numbers.] Makes it nice that you can leave your magnifying
glass at home when you’re out and about. The buttons are made from plastic. Not a big deal since realistically, I don’t
think anyone is going to be texting novels on this thing. The sides are made from plastic. No volume buttons, but there is a rubber flap
protecting the modern micro SIM card slot. I’m sure they would have also added a fingerprint
scanner if the whole phone wasn’t the size of a fingerprint. The bottom has a slightly outdated micro USB
port. This is a lot like peeling a baby carrot…except
for it’s black instead of orange, and probably doesn’t taste very good. The top of the phone has no headphone jack,
but I’ll give it a pass since I’m pretty sure there is legitimately no room this time around. The phone is basically the size of a headphone
jack as it is. There is a lanyard slot up at the top though,
if you wanted to wear it as a necklace or earrings or something. My mom would be pretty mad if I got my ears
pierced though, so I’ll skip that one. Speaking of which, I got to text her back
so let’s give this a try. Luckily, texting on an iPad is kind of like
riding a bike, and you never really forget how. For the kids who aren’t old enough to remember
the good old days, let me explain how this worked. You press the key that contains the letter
you want, and then keep pressing that key until the letter you need cycles through. Then you can continue to the next letter and
repeat the process. Yeah, it took me a minute and a half to write
the words “call me,” but times were simpler back in the day, and we were usually too busy
to text people anyway…doing crazy things like going outside and stuff. Oh hey, look, it’s my mom! [Mom] Hello? [Zack] Hi, can you hear me? [Mom] Uh huh. It sounds like you’re on speaker phone or
something, but I can hear you. [Zack] We are currently talking on the world’s
smallest cell phone. [Mom] Oh! Wow, it’s not bad! [Zack] Yeah, there’s a speaker…there’s a
loud speaker on the back and then a couple little microphones. And it’s a little bit smaller than my thumb. [Mom] Ummm, and so this is the only way it
can sound? [Zack] Yeah, there’s no better way. How does it sound on your end? [Mom] Sounds a lot like a speaker phone. [Zack] Alright, I think that should work. Okay, I will see you tomorrow. And there you have it. It sounds like a speakerphone on the other
end, probably because speakerphone is the only option with this thing. And now for the burn test. This .4 inch 64×32 pixel display is protected
by the outer layer of plastic. So we don’t see any damage done to the actual
inner screen. But the outer shell starts literally melting
after about 11 seconds. It’s a pretty hot mess of distorted plastic. I highly recommend not using a lighter on
your cell phone. The thing gets lit. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to break
a Jolly Rancher in half, but the laws of physics have basically the same effect on this nub
of a cellphone. There’s not enough surface area to even grip. Even though it only weighs 13 grams, the little
guy is as solid as a pebble. You know that little tiny pocket inside the
bigger pocket of your jeans? I feel like this phone was literally made
for that tiny pocket. On this channel the phrase ‘in depth reviews’
is taken pretty literally. So let’s dive a little deeper inside this
minuscule device. With no visible screws, I knew the teardown
would be pretty simple. I mean, how hard can it be to get inside an
SD card sized phone? Turns out it’s the face plate that comes off
first, revealing a plastic outer layer and a rubberized keypad underneath it, just like
we’ve seen in some of the older Nokia phones. I did forget the essential step of turning
off the phone first. There are no Lego connectors holding the screen
in place. This is soldered directly onto the motherboard. I’ll turn the phone off and then proceed to
lift the motherboard out of the peanut-sized housing, being careful with the black and
red wires dangling from the rest of the components. The little battery comes out with the whole
contraption at the same time. The battery is a 190 milliamp hour little
guy. Just 10 milliamps smaller than the Apple watch. Supposedly this is enough capacity to last
three days on a single charge. On the back of the motherboard we have the
micro SIM card tray, the bottom microphone, and the micro USB charging port, along with
the 2G antennas. Not bad for a phone you might accidentally
swallow during a phone call. How long do you think you would actually last
using this phone? Yeah, it can text and make phone calls, and
the keyboard lights up, but could you actually use it for any amount of time? Let me know in the comments. Hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already. There are plenty more in-depth reviews coming
your way. Thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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100 thoughts on “World’s SMALLEST Cell Phone – Durability Tested!!

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  3. The phone I had before I have my current phone which is a Samsung J-3 V was an LG phone that was a slide phone basically so that you had the number pad on the front of it but then you could slide a keyboard out and that's how I would normally text so I'm actually familiar with using the number pads because I didn't want to use the tiny keys on the keyboard since it was a full size keyboard without the number pad it was called the LG Cosmos 2 a very basic phone you couldn't play you could play games on it but there wasn't very complex ones

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  7. Actually, I like your channel and the Kontent, but the fact that you always take a carpet knife & scratching on the phones so that I get goose bumps all over the body, by the disgusting noise that is generated, like fingernails on the board, only 10 Times worse. This is no joke. This is really very uncomfortable and stressful. How about if you cut this sound out in the future, because I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels that way at the sound.

  8. usefull for situations where you might be in danger as its really small
    downside is that its just too tempting to call the cops and open the conversation with "im calling on the smallest phone in the world"

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