World’s Best Inventions That Gonna Make You Go WILD in 2019 ►4

60% of the population have trouble
falling asleep over 70% have stress symptoms bad sleep and stress cause
everything from lack of energy to obesity and even early death introducing
Zen blanket a weighted blanket that improves your sleep while reducing your
stress and anxiety through deep pressure stimulation weighted blankets are well
regarded by medical experts it is scientifically proven that they help you
with sleep problems stress anxiety and more they are very effective studies
have shown that ninety percent of participants felt reduced anxiety and
calmer mood designed to be around 10 percent of your body weight and comes in
four different versions the weight is evenly distributed to activate pressure
points in your body linked to improved sleep and relaxation serotonin and
melatonin levels in your body are increased while cortisol levels decrease
Zen blanket is perfect anywhere you feel comfortable while relaxing the blanket
looks and feels amazing with its ultra soft and luxurious velvet the breathable
materials make sure you are never too hot or too cold the outer shell is
easily removable and washable after using Zen blanket you will never
use any other blanket get the sleep and relaxation you deserve with Zen blanket you know that frustrating moment when
your Bluetooth connection doesn’t work we decided to get rid of it
meet trippy a wireless speaker with place and play technology trippy
automatically plays music from your phone when it’s placed on the speaker
changing streaming devices has never been easier is it magic no it’s called
place and play trippy has for electromagnetic
conductors that catch the magnetic fields created by your phone speaker
the design is Scandinavian and the materials are environmentally friendly
we utilize the natural acoustic properties of bamboo trippy is designed
to be brought everywhere now you can seamlessly interact around the music
choose your favorite color and go trippy hey Kickstarter’s my name is Alex and
one of the founders are tripping a stockholm and shanghai based startup
working on redefining the wireless speaker so me and Eric have known each
other since a long time back I’m working in management consulting in Shanghai and
Eric is working in a law firm in Stockholm as you understand we needed a
fun project to work on we wanted to create a social speaker allowing more
interaction around the speaker and we wanted to improve this and package it in
a very sleek Scandinavian design this is the gosun stove a game-changing
solar cooker that can finish a meal in 20 minutes
even under overcast skies cooking meals using only the Sun the go Sun goes
wherever you do baked steamed roast and saute nothing is off-limits plus it
tastes great the secret to this technology is a vacuum tube which
absorbs light and acts as a perfect insulator holding heat to the harshest
conditions with this technology ghosts son is revolutionizing cooking for
people around the world we invite you to join the next evolution in cooking
welcome to the fuel free frontier you’d only rock nothing but plant-based take a
deep breath and hold it right now you hold in your lungs the
secret to sustainable weight loss you could breathe out now this is lumen the
first device for hacking your metabolism with just one breath lumen tells you
what you’re currently burning for energy carbs or body fat you can see what’s
going on with your metabolism in real time and what to do about it
breathe in the morning to get a personalized nutrition plan for the day
one that’s based on your personal goals and adaptable is your eating habit
breathe before meal to see how the last one affected you and get recommendations
to keep your body on track breathe Steve you have enough energy for
your workout or if you should feel up lumen doesn’t just tell you what to do
it gives you the whys behind at all why your weight might be fluctuating why you
feel low on energy why your body is storing carbs because the truth is you
have a different metabolism than me and him then her which is why lumen is more
than a diet it’s nutrition defined for you it’s all you have to do is grace
found like magic it’s actually playing the concentration of the various gases
in your breath this is what your cells are burning for fuel like co2 burning
field from carbs releases more co2 with than burning body fat well the science
isn’t you it’s been helping world-class athletes reach peak levels of fitness
for years what we think we’re doing what’s actually happening our bodies can
be very different things lumen is like a tool for actually giving you that
ability to understand it’s sense what’s going on in your body that’s sick a
superpower anyway lumen measures your breaths does
some math and sense expert advice straight to your smartphone lumen is
their lifestyle life coach your metabolic meal planner your night stand
nutritionists your daily dietitian your sleep scientist your workout whisperer
your holistic health handles simply speaking a sustainable solution to a
healthier new you we spent the last four years validating
lumens technology and clinical trials universities and top hospitals around
the world and we’ve been helping hundreds of beta users make a
sustainable change in their lives I’ve been able to lose 15 pounds with lumen
which is amazing it’s crazy I use it like I use a scale these days there’s
this aspect of it how can this little thing doesn’t even weigh much actually
measure my metabolism just in my breath within a day I’m gonna see lumens direct
impact based off of what I

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