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There’s a new mover in town and it goes
by the name RVR when you need to move your trailer the RVR gets the job done
with the press of a button wanna talk convenient now you can move your trailer
without the help of a spotter navigating obstacles and tight corners has never
been easier because the RVR has an amazing 360-degree range of motion
allowing you to make turns on a time the RVR features four powerful planetary
gear motors that work together to make moving heavy loads a cinch heavy-duty
caterpillar treads allowed you to traverse all kinds of terrain including
asphalt dirt grass and even gravel featuring three weight classes from
3,500 5,500 up to 9,000 pounds there’s a perfect RvR for everyone who knows you
might even find storing your trailer fun the RV are from trailer valet it’s time
to move we fill our time trying to remember
everything our attention is split in a dozen directions one key forgotten one
message missed one card stolen it all comes to a crashing halt we lose focus
on how to organize the simple things in life but now with loom zag the world’s
smartest and most innovative backpack we can finally feel at ease and focus on
doing what we love hi I’m David and I’m always on the hunt for innovative ways
to stay organized and be on the road to success and that’s why I always choose
the best lose egg is designed to make your life easier smarter and more secure
so let’s take a closer look every day in our backpacks we carry our most
important belongings and if you happen to leave something behind the looms a
gap will notify you immediately we all know how stressful it can be to
misplace your backpack now you will never lose it lose eggs real-time GPS
tracker always gives you peace of mind showing you the exact location of your
backpack regardless of how far away it is even if you leave your backpack
behind or if it’s stolen in today’s urban jungle you always need an extra
pair of eyes watching your back loon zags rearview camera helps you to see
what’s going on around you in real-time also your smart backpack will always
keep you connected even while traveling the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot will allow
you to access the internet without roaming charges in any part of the globe
the Loon zeg team is convinced that being secure is one of the main
components of being at ease which is looms eggs main mission when Lin zag is
in security mode it will keep any potential thieves away from your stuff many of us are constantly worrying about
losing our backpacks or getting pickpocketing the anti-theft feature is
designed to prevent stress and give you peace of mind if your backpack is open
or the distance between you and your backpack is too far then you are
notified with a message never worry about the safety of your belongings even
if you’re in a public place all of these functions are supported by
loon zags tsa approved lightweight removable smart box ensuring a full
day’s charge for all of your devices loon zag allows you to charge your
smartphone tablet and laptop simultaneously though wireless charging
pocket allows you to charge your phone on the go without slowing you down
Luczak is where perfection and innovation meet and get rid of stress
with the most innovative backpack Luczak makes your life easier smarter and more
secure and it solves almost all of your everyday problems okay all of your
problems we all have our own journey and choose
our own path each with a unique story to share capture all your adventures and
more with ku camp ku cam is the revolutionary 3d stereo and 360-degree
camera to unleash the way you shoot kou cam is the first camera in the world
equipped with a state-of-the-art rotatable 3 lens camera allowing two cam
– not only record 360 degree 4k videos but also 3d stereo videos ku cam comes
equipped with shake free technology so your picture is always smooth and it’s unique switchable structure
allows you to effortlessly change modes to easily adapt to whatever the day
brings for every exploration the destination or experience you share kou
cam will capture all your most memorable moments even at 120 frames per second
for amazing effects shoot freely with kou cam no matter how you position the
camera kou cam will capture it with 3d stereo lenses and the groundbreaking
depth based technology you can even refocus and reframe the photos after
you’ve shopped it our editing app allows you to use incredible technology to not
only discover the best shot but enhance them to the next level livestream your
360-degree panoramic for your 180 degrees in 3d space anytime anywhere
imagine an easy and simple way to record edit and share all your 360 degrees and
3d moments all in one place kou cam uses the most cutting-edge
imaging technology we pack incredible professional features into a small
camera giving you a powerful and revolutionary new way of thinking
explore the possibilities with ku cam the next generation of energy hey everyone we’re super bored the team
that design the world’s first smarts up our patented Ward winning design is
bringing joy people all over the world and a lot of them said they would even
like to have a secret board just for the self inflation so here we are
introducing SEPA boards air the next step in the evolution of stand-up act
all you have to do is activate the magnetic switch so easy to fall in love
with this board it’s great exercise and if you’re as lucky as we are get to
enjoy some pretty beautiful scenery in the great outdoors stand up that’s the first thing that’s
why we keep our points so closer probably because they fold up so small
that we can just stash it anywhere and that small size comes in handy again we
want to hit the water just toss it in the back of the car and
head off everything you need is right in your
backpack you don’t need to worry about a thing not even humping the others talk to
paddleboarding is set to become an Olympic sport
why not pumping after all that’s the hard part that’s exactly why I don’t
love pump with my seafoam hearts there I just start it up to continue our mission
of spreading the sport of paddleboarding we developed the self inflating super
boards airline whose technology make sure that your eyes self is always at
the right pressure and Hardy as for the board itself top-notch quality means
drop stitch technology that will keep your board shape for years even if you
take it on rougher water and now a Swiss quality control guarantees that before
your beginning is perfect and our leash isn’t just for your safety it’s also for
carrying your board to and from the water smart huh the bag can be carried
yourseif aboard air in is perfect to toss in your board fold up the bag and
even store your collapsible past but here’s the best part we do
customized paddling experience our new air mods can read beautiful shoes whose purpose for the paddler who wants
to hit the water faster attaboy stay the balance for their moment of
serenity day of its time and in all around the families implementers of all
colors especially those who wanna spend as much time in the other you are
no matter what your preference your first boy needs to be awesome
it’ll be with you for years so super boards air is not made just the selling
place it’s also made to last be one of the first to feel our state of the art
design will make it all the more tempting to sneak off and hit the water
for a session and speaking of thinking off that’s
exactly what I gotta do I’m off to a board meeting thank you so much for
loving our seat boards air as much as we do and thanks for your support see you
on the water

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