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today we would like to introduce you to
the world’s first mass casualty tourniquet it’s called S.T.A.T. S.T.A.T.
tourniquet is the most versatile affordable and quickest applying
tourniquet on the market today besides using S.T.A.T. tourniquet on the extremities
it’s the only tourniquet that can be used on the torso and other areas of the
body to hold pressure dressing on wounds and apply pressure to only the areas
that need it S.T.A.T. tourniquet easy application is one of its greatest
benefits with our familiar intuitive design anyone can apply it without prior
training if proprietary memory material springs into ready to apply position
when removed from packaging stat exclusive built-in timer can be
finally adjusted in increments of millimeters to allow complete occlusion highly-visible safety release lever
takes only one finger to release tourniquet pressure instructions place
tourniquet overlaying with release tab pointing outward secure tourniquet in
high and tight position pull strap upward until bleeding has stopped place
excess strap into safety position if necessary apply a second tourniquet
scenario for this event is a care under fire scenario using hasty tourniquet
application I in tight on the thigh the casualty has a large build and you have
two minutes to stop the bleeding when every second means the difference
between life or death the faster you can apply a tourniquet the less chance there
is of falling into hypovolemic shock the virtual world stretches the
boundaries of our own reality one of the limits we face when entering this world
is movement we wanted the experience to feel as real as possible so we created
cyber shoes cyber shoes bring your feet back into the game letting you navigate
your games using your feet rather than your hands running from the comfort of
your own chair lets you keep your normal seated position but opens up a more
natural way to trek the paths of your favorite games we managed to keep the
design as simple as possible while integrating insight tracking with analog
movement detection the shoes keep their own orientation you can run walk sneak
and jump using the shoes giving you the most accuracy in navigating a game ever
we have been through countless designs trying to make it right but now we have
a product that runs more stable than the VR system itself slip on another pair of
shoes and sign into the game the seated position makes multiplayer in VR feel
like there are no walls in the room at all cyber shoes are one size fits all
slip on over your regular shoes and secure to your feet with bindings just
like a snowboard to ensure that the game picks up exactly what your feet are
doing at all times controller so now it’s playable with all the games that
are already featuring some movement there’s this big virtual reality out
there and you can’t walk it I’m an early adopter of VR and they love the
possibilities it offers but I was so disappointed when I realized that I
could not take more than a few steps before hitting a ball that’s why we have
developed cyber shoes to give you the access to the virtual world as it is
unlimited check out our crowdfunding page and learn more about
technology our brand and how these shoes will change the way you play games
forever cyber shoes step into the virtual world it’s pretty much the most
immersive kind of experience I’ve had with a single VR peripheral that wasn’t
a massive clunky thing that kind of like harnesses you up or hangs over like
you’re in the Animus from Assassin’s Creed yeah forget that you sat down you
normally went to playing games and using the touchpad to move around I start
feeling very sick very quickly where is this really helped me a lot I love my laptop I rely on it every day
and I take it everywhere but economically laptops are not ideal
the longer we spend on them the more we hunch leading to tension or pain in our
neck shoulders and back which is why we’ve designed the Tiny Tower a portable
and height adjustable laptop stand the tiny tower allows you to set up and get
to work in no time whether it’s at the office at home in a cafe or wherever it
has an elegant design which integrates beautifully with your laptop helping you
work comfortably and protect your posture I suffered a serious disc
herniation in my neck after hunching over my laptop for too
long I realized that a lot of existing products don’t really solve the problem
and they’re not something I’d want on my desk so as an industrial designer I
decided to create a product that laptop users would be proud to own the tiny
Tower has a clever push-button mechanism that adjusts your laptop screen to a
height that suits you there are 10 different height levels about
when you’re done it takes seconds to fold down flat into a compact and
lightweight unit that you can take anywhere it’s compatible with both Mac
and Windows laptops from 11 to 15 inches in size your laptop sits firmly and
securely on a non-slip grip all for added security
the tiny Tower has fingers you can extend we’ve also created a high quality
zipped nylon pouch to carry your Tiny Tower keyboard and mouse we’ve been
working on this project for over 18 months during development
we tested seven different prototypes to get every detail just right we wanted to
find the perfect balance of functionality and simplicity and to
create something you’d be proud to own and use we decided on aluminium as the
main material because it’s strong lightweight and durable the aluminium is
precision cut bead blasted and anodized to give that lustrous semi matte finish
hi I’m Matt and I’m anti together we’ve created the tiny Tower the money we
raised will pay molds and materials we need to get the
tiny tower into production if you want a stylish clever solution that’s as
portable as your laptop and you care about your posture and well-being while
you work and we’d love your support

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