World Wi-Fi CEO’s Bazaar Tech Convention speech

I’ll try to make the presentation brief and dynamic. My name is Ilya Yashin. I’m not related either to politics or to football. *Ilya Yashin – a Russian politician, Lev Yashin – a famous Russian goalkeeper* I’m CEO of the World Wi-Fi project, and today I’m going to present it and the projects that gave rise to it. If you ever found yourself scanning for wi-fi networks in any inhabited city – you must have seen this. [a smartphone with loads of wi-fi networks on display] Now in the world there are tens and hundreds of overlapping wi-fi networks. About 20 when you’re outside, and even more when you’re in a flat. That’s commonplace in every relatively big city. Our task is to build a worldwide wi-fi network – free and profitable for everyone who’s participating in its creation. It can be done. We’ve seen the examples of many telecom companies funding huge sums into its construction. But, in fact, it’s already been built. The only task left is to structure it. How are we going to do this? It’s quite simple. All we need to do is let router owners gain profit from sharing their wi-fi. But how? A router owner joins our system, their router starts broadcasting another wi-fi network that is isolated from the home net and that is open and free for those who want to use it. But before connecting to this open network, a user will see an advertisement. The displays of the ads are what makes the router owner’s profit. Our platform takes a minimum fee to perform transactions, create smart-contracts etc. Of course this can’t exist without blockchain. Imagine an accountant’s nightmare: “Please transfer $10 to 100K people in 84 countries monthly”. If you find anyone able to perform this without having to pay fees 5x bigger than the transaction itself, I would love to meet them. Of course it’s impossible with fiat, that’s why we work with cryptocurrencies. So, a router owner joins the system, shares their wi-fi and gains income from it. An advertiser places ads. A user sees targeted ads, and the router owner gets tokens for displaying ads. Now a bit about the market. This bar chart shows the growth of the amount of wi-fi spots in the last years and the ratio between private and public wi-fi nets worldwide. In 2017 we have 11,1 mln public wi-fi networks worldwide and 251,2 mln private ones. The prediction for 2018 is 12,3 mln private nets and 328,5 mln public nets. So, in 2018 we’ll probably have one wi-fi spot per 20 persons. The advertising market is growing, certain submarkets appear, the digital field is expanding drastically – we all know this. So why are we sure we’ll do this? Because we’ve almost done this already. For now, we have 2 working businesses related to this field. One of them is named Radius Wi-Fi. If any of you are connected to wi-fi here, thank our IT guys who installed the routers and set the net yesterday. Today Radius Wi-Fi is functioning in 80 cities in Russia, has more than 40 partners (the big ones are the airport of Novosibirsk, the Subway chain in Saint-Petersburg). Well, the business prospers. However, we know the boundaries and understand where in the b2b scalability will be too expensive. But we’ve checked if the wi-fi advertising actually works. Because it doesn’t work in the metro. There are two reasons: 1 – image advertising; 2 – the ads are shown when users don’t have time. One needs to stay online, they don’t care about advertising at the moment. When you only have 8 minutes, and 3 minutes go to watching ads, you’ll panic. We work with different advertising. CPA networks, AdmitAd, to be precise. We carried out a test. We have a yoga-center where we’re located. So we started to promote yoga stuff there – and it didn’t work. People were tired and didn’t want to engage in anything related to sport at that time. So we launched vegan food advertising – not banners, but a “deliver” button. And we got a 6% conversion, thanks to precise targeting. In a CPA model it’s usually

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