World View opens its first spaceport

– Worldview is a stratospheric
exploration company. And we are taking advantage of this completely underutilized
area of the stratosphere to do incredibly new things with weather forecasting,
communications, remote sensing. Things that you might
think are the territory of low earth orbit, we can now
do down in the stratosphere. And in some ways, do it very differently, and for certain things,
completely new and better. (upbeat rock music) – Myself and our chief pilot, Ron Garan, will be flying the first test flights. We’re not quite there yet. We’re flying a lot of payloads. You know, it’s a process, a
research and development process that leads to a test program. You have to go from developmental
tests to operational. – It’s really hard to
operate in the stratosphere. So, the air is that perfect situation where it’s incredibly
difficult to fly with a wing, but you’re not really out
of the atmosphere enough to be able to fly a satellite
that goes whizzing around, because you just get dragged
down by all that atmosphere. – At this point, we’ve got to
build a pressurized vehicle that can land on the runway
underneath a parafoil. We also have to be able to
come up with the capability to lift that thing. – So you need a really big
balloon to displace enough air to get neutrally buoyant. NASA taught us how to
stay at one altitude, the one they call the
super-pressure balloon. And so we derived from that technology to figure out how to use solar power to change the density of that balloon. Essentially using air as ballast. So we can pump air in and go
down, let air out and go up, and that allows us to choose
the winds we want to be in. And so we can sort of steer around. – What’s so different about
what we’re doing, though, is that we can pin the Stratellite
over an area of interest. So we can have this thing, just in ascent, hover over an area where you’re trying to get your data from. Whether it’s weather or communications or anything like that. And you can just hover there,
20 miles above the earth. – Our vehicle really is a joining
of different technologies. And then what’s really cool
is that we use the existing infrastructure around the
earth, so we use GPS satellites to know how high we are
and which way we’re going. And we use communications
satellites to send commands and receive commands and get
that data back and forth. And so, without all of that
other tech infrastructure around us, we couldn’t do what we do. So it’s really enabled by a
whole host of technologies. – We’re figuring out how to
land well under a parafoil, how to navigate with this kind of system, how to build a fly by
wire system for a parafoil to land on a specific
target on the ground. And we’re gonna give
people the opportunity to see the planet like I got
to see it as an astronaut. I remember the first time I
launched in the space shuttle, a mach-15 going uphill,
looking over my shoulder, and seeing the earth as
big, round, blue ball. Just fascinating. It kinda changes your
opinion of the planet, your perspective of living
on this round planet and the blackness of space. (TechChrunch theme)

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17 thoughts on “World View opens its first spaceport

  1. we should be focusing our entire space science research into how to efficiently overcome gravity with electricity and magnets. this seems like a waste of minds imo.

  2. It will never happen. Space travel for 50 plus years and we still get high enough to just see the curve. Space is fake all cgi. Earth is flat. That is why this will never happen and hasn't happen. They womt even send a 360 camera up 30 miles. They dont want the lie revealed

  3. The only satellites that exist are hanging on balloons. just search satellite attached to balloon crash Brazil, and satellite attached to balloon crash Australia…

  4. They will never do justice to all the money and time spent trying to reach the firmament, only to waste more cash and never do shit of significance 2 years on YAWN!

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