World Record Ollie – Jordan Hoffart

What’s up this Jordan Hoffart We’re down here in San Diego We got the measuring tape out. We’re gonna see how far we can ollie just based off your own push. No drop ins nothing We heard market bitch or ray have the flat ground Ollie right here 16 feet So we thought it’d be fun to like see if we can beat that Wasn’t easy as I thought still two feet shy of sixteen, but we moved it up a plate so now You got a foot difference get the tape out sixteen Think I got it I think I mean I think we called it a make what you guys think? another should I just go for a 16-5 and just that’s sixteen and a half who cleared 16 instead of wearing myself out I just figured we’d go for a 16 and a half To get it done, before my legs give out. I think we got it right here. Let’s just do it. Think I can clear up. Maybe an inch it was actually right there We got it with let’s do it again. Just because the grass catches wind a little bit I just want to make it super legit that we got it. I mean I guess we did it. We got 16 if we thought more or less is the limit and which I push it a little bit So we went to 16 and a half, that was tough, super tough but um the runway blessed us, the wind blessed us and I’m sure allot of you guys all over the world can do the same so we’d love to see it though I want to see it.

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100 thoughts on “World Record Ollie – Jordan Hoffart

  1. Now let's do the highest ollie. Back in my skating days stacking decks up and clearing them was the shit we did to prove who ollie'd the best. At the height of my skating I only did 4 decks high which was big time for me back then I was stoked as all hell. I would love to see how many a pro can smash out. Y'all probly start at 5 or 6 high lol. We would start at 1 and stack'em as we made it.

  2. As I was scrolling past suggestions, the thumbnail made me think you were in the training area at the beginning of Skate 3 with Coach Frank. Then my heart skipped a beat as for a split second I thought this was gonna be news on Skate 4. Then I realized it was just some video of dudes jumping over discount wanna be grass and I'm sad.

  3. I doubt this is a record…I seen videos of dudes doing huge ass gaps…but maybe the got the biggest ollie over miracle grass.

  4. I used to be able to ollie over a 55 gallon Barrell standing up and could ollie over alley gaps but now at 35 im sure I could ollie over a bathroom waste basket🤔

  5. Aaaah, to be young again.
    Have fun while you can!
    I'm 56 and my legs started giving out at about 54. Still ride my longboard and surf though.

  6. It appears like that grass in 14 long, and to get to 16 you pull the grass but don’t the guy still jump just before the grass starts? So he’s still jumping 14? I’m probably confused but hey I’m stoned over

  7. Guys im trying to beat his record. As of right now I completed the first step of learning to put both feet on the board without falling.

  8. Remember the video of the guy that Ollied the distance between two rooftop water tanks? Not sure what they were, any one know what I’m talking about? That looked much further

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