World IT Show 2013 offers glimpse of future 국내 최대규모 월드 IT 쇼 개막

In tech news. The latest technological advances are on full
display at Korea’s biggest IT show currently underway here in Seoul. Our Yoo Li-an went to the World IT Show 2013.
and tells us how young entrepreneurs and tech giants are coming together. to give us a glimpse
of the future. Here’s something that could turn the tech-wary into the tech-savvy. As I write on this paper with this pen, whatever
I sketch is reflected on the monitor. Called dot-code technology, this smart pen
traces and digitally records my hand’s movements. I can then easily access the notes on the
go, be it through my smartphone or my tablet PC. “You can make the most of your papers. You
can create or share your ideas and thoughts right on the fly to SNS and even e-mail.” On the other end of the exhibition hall is
a unique convergence of information technology and public transportation. “What you’re seeing here is a concept car
for a smart taxi. Sitting right here in the back, I can pay the taxi fare, look up my
location, or even turn down the AC.” And that’s not all. The smart taxi is linked to a smartphone application
that allows users to call the nearest taxi with the click of a button. “It’s comfortable, it’s safe and it’s saving
a lot of time also, because when you’re making a reservation and if you know who’s driving
your car and you know when it’s going to come,. I mean it’s a lot more comfortable and it
makes it much more clear for the whole service.” It’s all there at the World IT Show 2013,.
where over 440 businesses have set up booths. Small- to mid-sized companies. are unveiling
their latest technologies,. including one that makes smartphones waterproof. The world’s tech giants are also there. Samsung Electronics is showing off its Ultra
High Definition TV, which has four times the number of pixels than Full HD TVs. The exhibition will take place at the COEX
Convention Center in Seoul through Friday. Yoo Li-an, Arirang News.

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