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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode
here on Themeisle: WordPress Tutorials and Reviews. My name is Robert and in today’s video, I
will show some WordPress website examples and for some of them, I can show you exactly
what themes are used for building such beautiful websites. Ready? Let’s dive right in! The official PlayStation.Blog is where the
people who create the PlayStation experience meet gamers and fans directly and this is
powered by the self-hosted WordPress platform. These are simple blog posts which you can
read, share, comment and see when they are posted. I am 100% sure that the theme they are using
is custom made. Big names like Sony are willing to pay for
this. Although this is a custom theme you can recreate
it by using free tools like Neve and Elementor. I have a video for you in the description
box below in which you can see how to recreate Apple’s homepage, for example. It’s ok to get inspired by other peoples work
but you need to make sure you respect the copyright-protected design elements and content. The official Start Wars blog is also powered
by WordPress and uses this unique custom made design with a black background and the sticky
menu elements with intuitive icons above. It looks great and I love the way they put
together everything on the homepage. This is the blog page where you can read the
latest news and these are specific pages created for video, events, films, tv shows and so
on. Our own website which you can find by typing
themesile.com in your browser is powered by WordPress and we use Neve + Elementor to create
content on it. All these good looking pages and sections
are created easily with the Elemetor page-builder and some CSS. Our blog is also powered by WordPress and
talk about it in and out. Let’s take a look at some “not so popular”
but beautiful websites created using the WordPress platform. Doncorgi.com, for example, is powered by WordPress
and uses the free version of Hestia theme. The blog page looks simple but great with
this nice zooming effect and shadow around each featured image. The related posts section below each article
is a feature that comes with the Hestia theme and we can see that is ready to monetize with
ads. You can create online shops and online courses
too, with WordPress, and that’s the beauty of this platform. You can create almost anything you can imagine. TheWaltDisneyCompany.com website is also powered
by WordPress and it is great how they integrate functionalities like stock details for investor
relations. This is once again a real proof that you can
do anything you want on WordPress. The news page is actually their blog with
posts that contains numbers and other details about their latest projects. For example, in this post we can read that
Avengers: Endgame will overtake the global box office record that has been held by Avatar
for the past 10 years. Big news corporations like TechCrunch, Bloomberg,
BBC America are also using WordPress. BBC America, for example, looks stunning and
it is very simple to navigate. You can see blog posts with full episodes
of Top Gear which is one of the best tv shows with cars. TechCrunch has a very clear and simple design
focused on news in the technology industry. You can read about startups, apps, gadgets,
videos and many more. I like the way posts are displayed on the
category page and when you go to a single post you can choose to close it whenever you
want. Cool! This is one of the best blog post reading
experience I have ever seen on WordPress. Do you know anything better? Let me know in the comments section below. 2FitnessLovers.com. which is a fitness plus
nutrition coaching center online, is using WordPress and Hestia PRO. All these sections are predefined and you
can customize them as needed. You can deactivate a section as well and move
them around. Hestia is actually one of the best “out of
the box” theme which you can customize yourself, no coding or design skills required, and you
can get up and running in a matter of hours or even minutes. This is another good looking website which
uses WordPress + Neve. Stunning design and well-made sections with
simple navigation through important info like contact and other details. This is a website for a museum established
in 1968. The Egham Museum is powered by WordPress and
Hestia and you can see a lot of pages with info about how to visit the museum, the newsletter
subscription page and the blog page with the latest news about the museum. deusperformance.com is an online fitness coaching
platform created by two like-minded personal trainers (Ryan and Chris) to help others become
the healthiest versions of themselves. It uses WordPress and the pro version of Hestia
theme. I like the way they use the slider to showcase
training plans and articles on their blog. They also show pictures of themselves on their
homepage. By showing the people behind a brand, you
build trust with your visitors. Ceremony Coffee Roasters is a sleek, simple,
modern WordPress website that sells coffee products, both wholesale and subscription. They use a custom theme and I really like
this color effect when hovering over with your mouse. Simple but really powerful design. Recheckit.com is a website that works with
eCommerce store owners to help come up with smart solutions that match their concept,
product or service. It looks absolutely stunning how they use
the power of WordPress to put together these sections and all the visual effects. Good job Recheckit! sonymusic.com is also using WordPress to power
their website. The home page is really simple, too simple
I guess for such a big name like Sony and this is the blog page with label news and
corporate news. I like how they feature artists on this page. Do you know other WordPress website examples
that deserve showing on future videos? Leave a comment below with links to those
websites. I would love to see them and make a selection
for a new video. If you are new here make sure you hit the
subscribe button and then ring the bell to get notified when we upload our next video
about WordPress. See you in the next one. Cheers!

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    3. Themeisle πŸ• 1:46
    4. Doncorgi πŸ• 2:13
    5. TheWaltDisneyCompany πŸ• 2:59
    6. BbcAmerica πŸ• 3:46
    7. TechCrunch πŸ• 4:01
    8. 2FitnessLovers πŸ• 4:35
    9. Eheretraite πŸ• 5:10
    10. EghamMuseum πŸ• 5:28
    11. DeusPerformance πŸ• 5:51
    12. CeremonyCoffee πŸ• 6:28
    13. ReCheckit πŸ• 6:53
    14. SonyMusic πŸ• 7:17

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