Wool & Prince V-Neck Review | Merino Wool T-Shirt Ideal For One Bag Travel

– If you’ve been keeping
up with this channel at all you’ve probably seen me wear this shirt for the past couple of videos.
And since late September I’ve worn it over 30
times without washing it. If you’re new to the channel,
we love helping people optimize their travel experience with guides and reviews
just like this one, so consider subscribing. Merino Wool is great for travel due to its natural anti-microbial
and anti-stink properties that are built right into the fabric. Also, its quick-dry if you need to wash it while you’re on the road. So, what’s the difference
between the Merino Wool V-Neck from Wool & Prince that I have here compared to other tees on the market? Let’s jump in and find out. [upbeat music playing] Kicking it right off with the color – this is the Silver Birch,
and Wool & Prince offers a bunch of different colors and varieties on their website. We typically recommend selecting
a darker color for travel because dirt and stains don’t show up as pronounced in those darker colors, and you can kind of get
more wears out of them between washes; even
more so with Merino Wool. However, we wanted to switch it up a little bit and try for a bit of a
lighter color this time. I actually spilled a
little bit of tomato sauce on this thing ’cause I’m
a bit of a clumsy eater – especially when the
food is super delicious – however I just rinsed it off. It was pink for a couple
of days and then it sort of dissipated and disappeared
with more wears. And again, I have not given this thing a full wash since I received it. Aesthetically, it pretty much
looks like a normal t-shirt. I’m six foot two and 185 pounds
and overall I like the fit. It does seem to fit a little
bit larger than true to size, so just note that if you end
up picking one of these up. Plus, I dig that the cut of the shirt is a little bit longer; it
works well on my taller frame. The feel of this and the
material that comes together is where we start to get
to that differentiation when compared to other Merino
Wool t-shirts on the market. The GSM is pretty much
average – right around 160 – and this is pretty much going to contribute to the thickness feel of the t-shirt. It’s 78% Merino and 22% nylon. Thin nylon filaments are wrapped directly around the Merino Wool and this creates a little
bit more of a durable fabric when compared to 100% Merino Wool. Plus, you still have
that natural stretchiness of Merino Wool and that nylon around it gives it a little bit of structure and holds it together as well. Overall, I think it feels better. It feels a little bit tighter than a 100% Merino Wool t-shirt. There is less pilling going on and it’s a little bit
smoother to the touch. It’s a little bit hard
to describe with words – I wish I could just hand this
to you through the screen right now and you could
feel it for yourself. Some will say since this
isn’t 100% Merino Wool there is more room for this
thing to stink with less wears; however, in actual usage I have not found that to be the case. And personally I would
take additional durability from the nylon any day. Also just wanted to
have a quick aside here about the Outlier Dreamweight tee that we have recently been testing. I think it was a prototype
and it’s not in stock on their website at the moment. But that thing is super light at 110 GSM. It’s 25% nylon and 75% Merino Wool so there’s a little bit more nylon in it. Although it feels like that
shirt is floating on your body, it doesn’t really hold
its’ form quite as much. It’s a little bit more wavy and a little bit more loose of a fit. So, the point being is 160 GSM here, I think is about a good
weight to get the average feel of what a typical cotton t-shirt would be. So it’s not too much
of a departure in feel and the thickness than a
traditional cotton tee. At the time of this review,
I’ve worn this shirt upwards of 30 times since late September when we received it and
I haven’t washed it yet. Overall there is pretty
much no odor going on. Just to note, I have
had this out to air dry, so it hasn’t been stuffed in a backpack when I’m not wearing it. And mostly I’ve had it air-dried, I think that’s helped it quite a bit. One thing to note is that there is a bit of deodorant buildup that’s happened because I’ve worn deodorant every day that I’ve worn this shirt. It also has a slightly blue tint due to the Old Spice that I’ve been using. This is not really specific to this shirt, but just something to bring
up on Merino Wool in general. Definitely don’t use antiperspirant ever. It’s just going to build up and you can’t get as many
wears between washes. And overall, it’s just
not good for the fabric. I have been meaning to
try a different deodorant with Merino Wool t-shirts, especially since it’s quite noticeable with this lighter color. I’ve heard some great things
about Crystal deodorant. I have some coming in the mail and I’m going to be testing it
out in the next month or two with my various Merino Wool t-shirts. If you have experience with this, please let me know in the comments and let me know if you found a solution that works really well. And with this deodorant issue, that’s probably the only reason I would give this shirt a wash. It’s just ’cause we’re getting
a little bit of buildup. However, with a cold wash,
you lay it flat to dry, that stuff will easily just come out and the shirt will just be
pretty much like brand new. I’ve tested with a bunch of
different Merino Wool t-shirts. We’ve definitely put some other brands – like Woolly and Outlier – through the wringer with almost up to two years
of testing in some cases. However, we haven’t done enough testing with this Wool & Prince
to see, durability-wise, how it will hold up in the long run yet. We’ll be sure to keep the
usage timeline updated on the written portion of our website as we wear this for a
longer period of time. And I’m confident after 30
wears for about a month of use, this will continue to hold up really well. And just a quick PSA on
Merino Wool holding up – you want to care for this
in a very specific way. So most companies will recommend
that you wash this gently with cold water, either
in a sink preferably, or in the machine, and
then you lay it flat to dry. And that’s going to help maintain the shape and just be nice and
gentle on those fibers. Be sure to go check out our Merino Wool guide over on packhacker.com
if you want to learn more. We definitely break down
a bunch of different ways on how to best care for
your Merino Wool on the road, and when you’re at home. And lastly as far as warranty goes – Wool & Prince will offer a 30-day window where you can either return
or exchange your product, as long as you haven’t worn it and the tags are still on. Back in 2015, I ordered
one of Wool & Prince’s button-down Oxfords and I
tried to break this rule by exchanging the salmon shirt
that I’d worn a couple times for a blue shirt. And sadly I was denied. Totally makes sense – it’s
their policy, I get it. So now I’m the happy owner of
two button-down Oxford shirts. And I took the blue one with me on a trip of two years around the world, and that was kind of my
dress shirt that I wore. So definitely have had some
really great experience with the Wool & Prince
brand overall from that shirt. So to wrap this thing up
with some pros and cons – we love that 22% nylon has
been added to the blend for additional durability. Because of that, there
is less pilling going on than some other Merino Wool
t-shirts on the market. It’s also smooth to the touch. With some other Merino Wool brands, it can be slightly textured
and slightly itchy to the touch especially at first before
the shirt’s been broken in. On to some of the cons – it
is possible that the shirt will be a little bit less anti-stink compared to a 100% Merino Wool garment. The tag has degraded somewhat with wear and I imagine that it will
just straight up wash out. Also it appears to fit a little bit larger than true-to-size, although
the length is nice. The Wool & Prince V-Neck
tee is a great addition to the wardrobe of travelers
and minimalists alike. The great thing about Merino is that you can have
more wears between washes without the stink. Wool & Prince takes
this one step further with the smooth blend of
22% nylon and 78% Merino, creating a well-crafted garment
with additional durability. Although the tag on the
shirt will likely wash out and the fit seems slightly
larger than true-to-size, this has a place as one
of the top Merino tees that we’ve tested to date
due to the feel of the fabric and the less overall
pilling that we’ve seen compared to other Merino tees. Thanks for taking a look at our review of the Merino Wool Wool & Prince V-Neck. Be sure to head over to
packhacker.com/newsletter, sign up for that newsletter
and never miss an update. We’ll see you in the next video. Hello … am I looking at the
camera … am I looking above it? [snapping and clapping] 30 times … over 30 times.

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22 thoughts on “Wool & Prince V-Neck Review | Merino Wool T-Shirt Ideal For One Bag Travel

  1. I got 1 of their shorts years ago. It's still good but maybe I'm more sensitive as I did find it a bit itchy.I would buy more of their stuff but I have to import ( to UK) and well, my notes have taken a bloody good beating lately. Cheers.

  2. I tried using crystal deodorant and just couldn’t get a good experience with it “summer months” works better during fall winter. But with that said I do use Tom’s Deodorant and I’m very pleased with the outcome with cloths and overall performance.

  3. Deodorant solution: stop using it. Use a small amount of baking soda (damp finger tip's worth) after showering (or just wash your underarms with a little soap every day or so) to reduce odor. There's really nothing you can (or should) do about sweat, but that's not the problem anyway.

  4. So you’re all in on the mixed fabric? I’m literally getting ready to purchase a number of shirts so this is timely. I was going to go all Merino probably from wooly but if these have the same upside but more durability it seems like a no brainer to go with these. I’ll hopefully be on the road for a year so every little choice from fabric weight, design, cost, etc is critical.

    How do they stack up (given you’ve only had this one for a while) with your wooly experiences? Since I can only afford a limited number of pieces and can’t really experiment as much as I’d like would you go wooly or does this one seem to be a better option in your mind? It’s nice they have an XS since I’m a short ass and will need to tailor any shirts I buy but the less I need to alter the more natural the fit will be.

    Great timing and any additional thoughts you’d care to share would help. 🙂



  5. IDK but to me shirts that are too close to your skin tone just don't look right. A colorful or darker color Icebreaker Polo would look much better IMO, I wear them year round for just about every occasion.

  6. Hi Tom, nice review! Do you find that this 160gsm fabric is too thin that nipples will show through? Lean and athletic build here, and I was thinking about getting the W&P 100% merino in navy color, since it's 220gsm. I cannot stand nipples showing lmao. Thanks!

  7. I can't speak for its use with merino wool shirts, but I look for antipersperants with no aluminum; I believe that the aluminum reacts with the sweat to cause discoloration on fabrics. Again though, not sure if that holds as true with merino and whether it's any other materials in the old Spice that's having an effect.

  8. Nice review Tom. Deodorant wise, I’ve had good experiences with Nivea Men – they have two different lines (I believe) that are considered invisible, advertising anti-white marks and anti-yellow stains. In use this product has been phenomenal, specially when traveling due to its size and not needing much. Something to be aware of though, it’s difficult to find in the US but readily available in Europe and other places abroad, so I end up stocking up when I travel or ordering online. Hope that helps – if you need more info let me know.

  9. What is the difference between this merino wool vneck tee from Wool & Prince, and the one from Unbound?? Which do YOU prefer?? Thanks.

  10. Huge fan of merino wool, I just wish there were more options for women. Unbound just came out with a tshirt for women, 190gsm, and I like it a lot. I've been wearing it almost everyday for the past couple weeks. I find Icebreaker to be a bit thin, and I've had two of their shirts replaced because they got holes in them after only a couple months of wear (they have the nylon core).

    I've tried the crystal deodorant, but it doesn't seem to work well for me. What I've been using for the past few years is Schmidts, and I like the stuff in the jars, not the stick. There is still a little bit of buildup, but I don't have to use that much for it to work, and the ingredients in it absorb well into the skin (stuff like shea butter).

  11. Good to see blends. 100% wool is too much for something that touches the sensitive upper body skin. Is that Old Spice anti-perspirant or just deodorant? If it is just deodorant you want, skip it all together and rub some hydrogen peroxide on your armpits once every two weeks or so. No odor.

  12. got my interest. My Woolly 150 got holes rather quickly, my 190's all held up really well so far 2 years in but a 190 in july is a bit much, work ok but don't seem to let as much air through as the lighter shirts. I will have to put this one on my list of t's to try. thanks

  13. best deodorant, just a pinch of baking soda in your palm and wipe it under your arm, you only need a little. too much and you may sweat a white stain.

  14. Thanks for the intro to merino! After seeing this video, I tried merino underwear for the first time (Wool & Prince); the boxer briefs are very comfortable, but the t-shirt is taking some getting used to, after a lifetime of 100% cotton Ts. Love the channel, one aesthetic note: you might want to dial down or back the light away from your face; it's making you look a little nuclear and slightly dimmer would be more flattering. Keep up the good work!

  15. On deodorant I've used the crystal kind and their wipes and Tom's, Schmidt's and almost every "mainstream" natural deo but my top 3 are, Primal Pit Paste(all of theyre products are top notch and affordable & so many scents!) Green Tidings(avail. on Amazon) & finally Ursa Major(they make Excellent effective skincare products and are a little higher up in cost) check those out. The first 2 have worked for me as a woman and I know the uni-sex vibe of Ursa Major definitely have alot of male fans. Also, I'm still on the search for more womens merino clothing that is fashionable and practical.

  16. FYI… deodorants with color in them are synthetic FD&C dyes or lake dyes and are used in food and makeup, skincare and deodorants. These should be avoided because they're not natural and are a by-product of Petroleum production and each dye say Yellow 5 or red 40 all have different side effects and they mostly all contain known carcinogens or cancer causing compounds. Please do your own research! FD&C dyes are everywhere including sodas and other beverages. Take care.

  17. I recommend a deodorant with tea tree oil or diatomaceous earth – both kill the bacteria that live on sweat and cause the stink.

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