Woodruff School Machine Shop

[intro music] Drew Bullard: Hi. My name is Drew Bullard and
welcome to the machine shop here at the Woodruff School
of Mechanical Engineering. This facility is here for you
whether you’re an undergraduate,
graduate student, researcher, or faculty member
here at Georgia Tech. Here at the machine shop we have
a wide variety of tools and equipment to assist
you in the fabrication
of your designs. Our lathes and mills are
certainly the most commonly used machines here in the shop. These particular tools utilize
drilling and cutting functions to give you an array
of design capabilities. It can handle anything
from soft plastics to strong steels. M.E. and E.C.E. students
can bring designs or ideas in to the shop, and I, or these old guys
behind me over here, will work with you to get
the job done. Steven Sheffield is the manager
of the machine shop. He sort of runs the show
around here. Steven is your contact
if you need any assistance in improving your
design. Louis Boulanger is our
mechanical specialist and darn good machinist. He brings a vast range
of knowledge and skill to the shop. Louis also provides training
to individuals interested in learning how
to use our machines. So if you’re interested
in having a part made, or you’d like to learn
how to make it yourself, feel free to drop by the stop
at MRDC 2323. You can also contact us by phone
or email. We look forward to taking on any
challenges your part may bring, and we hope to see you soon! [music continues]

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