Wonder Women Tech 2015 Sizzle Reel | Women & Diversity in STEAM Conference – Close Captioned

(upbeat music) Hi, my name is Officer Ho. I’m with the
Los Angeles Police Department. I’m with the
Information Technology Bureau. We’re here to display our
new police car with the embedded screen. (upbeat music) I also have
20 years of mentorship because I feel like it’s so important
to give back because lucky for me, I had a lot of mentors
along my way. (upbeat music) You can even
notify the authorities right from the app. Sometimes, I don’t know
if you’ve ever tried to notify the authorities, but I’ve been on hold
for a long time. (upbeat music) And they just
encouraged me to continue to go on,
to get a Ph.D, to be a professor,
and to stay in tech. (upbeat music) Wow, I really love coding and I love, you know, the hackathon environment, and being inside
of a space where people are
generating ideas and building things right
before my very eyes. (upbeat music)

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