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What’s up everybody? I’m Laura, and welcome to the first episode of ‘Should You Care?’ So, how about a little bit about who I am and what this is… I’ll start with who I am. I’m somebody who has been in love with tech all of my life. Gaming, mobile tech, accessories, networking the connectivity-type, not the stuff you do on LinkedIn and pretty much everything in-between. ‘Should You Care’ is a channel where I’ll be discussing useful things to know about tech and why you should care about it. Keep in mind this isn’t a review channel There’ll be plenty of people who will be looking at products that you’re interested in who will explain the complexities of things better than I will, and will have already done things that you’ll be interested in for when you want to know more. So, I’ll be explaining these in terms of their concepts Why should they matter to you. And what you should know about them. They’re designed to be beginner tech-friendly in an attempt to educate and not patronize so you can get the most out of the tech that’s around you. So let’s look at a quick-use case, shall we? A lot of bags that I see my friends and my colleagues carry are Michael Kors. There’s some really beautiful bags ranging from the 160 to 260+ mark and they’re awesome, don’t get me wrong. But I feel that if you’re putting your laptop, your purse, your phone etc. you’re going to, in most cases, be putting a lot of valuable stuff in there. So it makes sense that you’d want to protect them. Some of these bags aren’t designed with protective laptop spaces inside so they aren’t ideal but I can see the appeal of them. They’re super-cute, they’re known for being durable and reliable which led me to ask the question: Are there any tech bags out there for women? It also led me to my follow up question of: Why should people care? And you know, should you care about it? Absolutely. Everyone needs to protect their technology And most people want to do it in a way that not only protective but fashion-conscious. Letting people know that they are alternatives out there, rather than just regular tote bags or black executive laptop bags more people can have options to explore their own style and find something that suits them. So I decided to ask around the mobile technology community for alternatives to this. Where can you find pretty, functional bags that tick all these boxes? And, turns out everybody has their favourites, that sometimes cost an awful lot less too. But don’t worry. Some of these bags aren’t specifically just for women. Anyone can wear them. It all depends on your personal style. Juan Carlos Bagnell – @somegadgetguy on Twitter and Instagram recommends STM and Booq. So we’ll start with Booq. Booq aims to create high-quality products that can be worn by both men and women alike with no gender stereotyping. All bags are made from ballistic nylon material and feature numerous compartments to ensure that they’re versatile for both men and women, for work or leisure. When I was talking to the nice people at Booq, the rep who I was talking with recommends the day-pack that you’re seeing on-screen right now as being one of her top-picks. Just for the sheer verstility of the pack. They’re very proud on being ethically-sourced and environmentally-conscious and I know that that’s always a big bonus for consumers who have that as a requirement. STM’s Grace-line was the brain-child of STM’s co-founder, Adina Jacobs. The Grace Collection on women’s laptop bags and sleeves are a reflection of Adina’s design ethos of simple, elegant, and fun. But now focused directly on the female consumer. With a focus on slimmer and simpler products, you won’t find an extensive range nor should you expect to fit a mountain of gear into these sleeves. At time of writing, there was only a deluxe sleeve, a laptop sleeve and a clutch. However, the elegant design and form-factor should still be a must-see for anybody who likes to carry light. Serenity Caldwell recommends Pad & Quill and SF/Peralta. There’s water-filled designs, a seventeen year veteran of locally-crafted bags and cases for tech-savvy professionals announced a new women’s line of bags, Peralta. And Peralta had a new debut backpack, the Belani. The backpack is designed to be multi-purpose with a focus on professional women’s everyday working life. As one of the only traditional backpacks on this list, it’s really worth a look if you’re interested in a classic twist on an established design. When talking to the super people of Pad & Quill, they described their mission as being a simple one. They want to make good art. Each of their bags bears the signature of the artisan who created it and they have a warranty of their bags for 25 years. Leather bags like these tend to be more gender-neutral making it wearable for anyone. However, for those who don’t like backpack styles, they do have a tote-version of their leather bag which has enough room in it to fit your tech with room to spare. Florence Ion – @ohthatflo on Twitter recommends the Timbuk2 which is the bag that I ended up getting from this list. Dedicated women’s line, which is some of the biggest that I’ve seen searching for women’s bags. They have everything from messenger bags, backpacks, totes, duffel bags so it’s really worth a look to see if that fits your style. I got a custom prospect laptop messenger bag, which I got in all black, blue trim around it, and I adore it. My record so far for getting stuff into it is the following: My Macbook Pro, my iPad Pro, my Playstation Vita, my Nintendo 3DS, 5 hard-back books, an umbrella, 2 ready meals, 2 ciabattas, and some ham and cheese. This, along with all the random crap that would have been in the front pocket, like battery packs, headphones, all that kinda stuff and the internal pockets which keeps things like medicines and other essentials it’s an insane amount of stuff. And yes, it was damn heavy. But, never once on the 30-minute trek home from my local shopping centre, was it ever truly uncomfortable. As heavy as the contents were, the straps never once cut into me nor did I have to shuffle around any of the contents for better weight distribution. So needless to say, I can safely recommend going and having a look at the collection of bags. However, this episode of ‘Should You Care’ couldn’t possibly close without Michael Fischer AKA Mr Mobile himself’s thoughts on what the best tech-bags are. In his hometown, there was a sail-maker called William J. Mills Inc. and they make his favourite companion bag of all time: the classic duffel. He had it for years and still swears by it. However, for his present daily-driver, he’s currently using the Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger Bag for the Surface Pro. You can find his thoughts on the bag in his winter-wearables video that’s linked below. Both the duffel bag and the messenger bag all have a classic style about them. So they should be a perfect fit for anyone. So what do you think? Are there any bags on this list that would make you ditch your daily-driver? Were there any bags that weren’t featured? Let me know about them in the comments below. All the links to all the bags and all the people that I’ve discussed will be in the description, so feel free to have a look at it and check them out. Be sure to like, share, subscribe to this channel if you liked this video and I look forward to seeing you again on the next one.

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