WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Virginia Tech Postgame

[MUSIC PLAYING] Coach, congratulations,
and begin, please. Thank you, whoa, go Hoos! Like that, don’t you. My ears. She does– she always
does me like that. She tries to act like I’m
not funny or whatever. And then she goes
away and she laughs. It happens all the time. Honestly. So she thinks. But really, really
excited about this win, just the resiliency of
our team, the fight. Even more excited about the
fact that all the things that we talk about, every
single day, with each game out, even in the games
that we have lapses, we’re starting to believe the
things that we’re working on and we’re talking
about every single day. And that second half
was an example of that. Our kids believing
in their abilities, knowing that we’re
going to be tired. We talk about that
every day too. We’re going to be tired. But there is something
else in them. And to push, to grab, to
pick at that second gear, that extra breath that you
have, in order to get ourselves over the hump. So that we can put ourselves
in a position to win. And we did that. Really excited and
happy, proud of them. Coach, obviously,
any win’s a big win, but this was over a 13 and
2 team, over your rival. Potentially, your first
signature win here at UVA. How valuable can this
win be for you guys, going down the stretch? Very. I mean, just when you see
things that we practice, and that we talk about everyday,
actually come into fruition. When you see them working, when
you see the stuff that we’re working on actually
start happening in a way that brings
positive things to our team. You start to believe. It becomes a part
of who you are. It’s not just things
that we’re talking about. It’s a habit. It’s not just the muscle
memory from form shooting, but those shots are
actually going in. That breeds confidence. And I see confidence growing
in our team, as a whole. Believing in the stuff
that we’re working on. It’s pretty cool. Nikki, Coach is talking
about confidence. You were down 15
going into the fourth. Where is the confidence level
in you guys, as a group, going into that fourth quarter? And how were you able
to rally like that? Honestly, today, I can say
it came from the bench. Every time we score the ball,
or even got a stop on defense, they were hyped up. And it got us hyped. And it made us believe that
we really could win this game. And it showed that we could. For the players– Excuse me, Mark, in the back. Nikki, question for
you, from the beginning, from the beginning
of the game, you looked like you had
a different demeanor. You were calm with your offense. Did you do something
different for your pre game or tell yourself something
different for the pre game or what? Um, no, I mean, I always
believe in myself. Obviously, you guys know,
I’ve been in a little drought. But I just know my
shots will come. And I always feel like I have
that confidence that if I put it up, it should go in. If it doesn’t, then my
teammates have my back. So I was just playing
with that confidence. I know my teammates got me. And I just played. For the players,
what did you start doing better, offensively,
in the fourth quarter? And what did you guys start
doing better, defensively, in the fourth
quarter, to come back? I think in the fourth quarter,
we executed very well. I feel like everybody was in
the spots that we had to be. And even when the play didn’t
work, you guys couldn’t tell. Because we just played
through and just played basketball, honestly. And people stepped up,
made big free throws. And defensively, I think we just
had each other’s back, again. We were trying to
stop their scores. And when that happens, usually
there’s somebody else open. But with us helping each other
and scrambling out on defense, we had each other’s back. Brianna, do you want
to take the same? Yeah, I was just
saying that, we just– in the fourth quarter, we just
locked down defensively We just changed our mindset. We knew that we were not
going to lose this game. So that’s just– we
just turned it around. Yeah. Coach, that kind of leads
to my next question. Tech turned it over a lot
in the fourth quarter, late in the third quarter. Did you guys change
anything, defensively, to kind of force
those turnovers? We did. And for a second, we
went into our 3-2 zone. Which, they had to make
adjustments to that. And then when we saw
them making adjustments, where they were getting
shots that we didn’t want to. Not the fact that
they were made shots, but just they were getting
into a comfort in our 3-2. We went back into man,
but a little different than we were in the first half. We did a lot of switching. We trapped a couple times. And just trying to
get– gosh, she was– Emery was pretty– A lot. –incredible today. 26. Especially in the first half. But in the second half, we
got her thinking a little bit. And once she was thinking
and hesitating a little bit, then it kind of messed up
her timing and her rhythm. Bre, back here, we’re all
talking about all the hard work you guys are putting in. How much does it
help, when you’re putting in that
hard work, when you have a result like this that
shows that this hard work can pay off? Um– I would just say that
just it builds more confidence. Because all the
hard work, you’re finally seeing it pay off. So you just put more
time in the gym. And you– just the confidence. It just goes up. It just helps. It helps your work ethic too. Because with a
win like this, you don’t want to fall back down. So I know I will probably be in
the gym again very, very soon, getting up shots, making these
shots for the next big games. Tonight? Maybe. No, not tonight. You want a rebound? Tomorrow, not tonight. This is for all three of y’all. What was y’all’s feeling
going through your head, once that clock hit zero. Honestly, I was just
ecstatic, honestly. I mean, once– I think it was tied at 54? 54-54, I was like,
yeah, we have this game. I had confidence the whole game. But that’s when
I knew, for sure, we were going to win this game. Because there was no way
that our team our team was going to let them come back. I was excited for these
guys, and as a coach, you see the things happening
that you talk about. And it’s something that you
can actually refer back to. In the beginning, the
things that I was saying, we didn’t have a
place of reference. But when you
actually see the work starting to lead
to positive things, you can refer back to that. And then when you refer back
to that and they can see it, they can see themselves in
those moments, making it happen, you start believing. So I was proud. Extremely proud. A little loud, excited, yeah? I clapped a lot, my
hands are still red. How important was this,
just from the standpoint of, to get that first agency win. Because your next two
games, as you know, are against NC
State in Louisville. I mean, if you had lost this
one 0 and 3 in the agency could easily be
turned into 0 and 5. Just because of who the
next two opponents were. Oh, thanks for the positivity. We really appreciate it. Well, I mean, we don’t
go into any of our games thinking like that. I mean, if you go into a
game thinking that you’re going to lose, the
result is probably that you’re going to lose. So we watch film like
it’s a winnable game. We teach our kids
and go over scout like it’s a winnable game. And that mindset
isn’t going to change. I’ve never thought that way. I’m not going to pour
that into our kids. So every game that we play in
the ACC will be a tough game, we know that. But we’re always going to put
ourselves in a position to win. Yeah, I feel like there’s no
guaranteed wins in the ACC for any team. For all of you, how aware
were you of the crowd? The crowd standing in the second
quarter and then when you tied. I mean, it was probably one
of the loudest I’ve heard. Yeah. How did that help you? It’s like a sense
of comfort, when you see the community really
embrace how we’re playing. It’s like a home away
from home, honestly. And it feels good
to make them proud and just hearing them cheer
for us is an awesome feeling. Yeah. So two questions. Coach, obviously, as a player,
you experienced rivalries. I’m sure as a coach at Texas,
you experienced Texas Oklahoma. This is your first
experience in this rivalry. What did you see this
week during practice– did you see anything this week
during practice that suggested this outcome might come out? We were very focused. But that– it’s been growing. But I mean, you know, anytime
a rivalry game happens, I mean, people will say it’s
just another game. The reality is, it is
never just another game. Like everything goes
to another level. When you’re in a rivalry game. I’ve experienced it as a player. And now, as a coach, and the
feeling, it doesn’t change. You see a difference
in everything. The crowd was different today. It was larger, it was
bigger, it was louder. Because everyone is
invested into the rivalry, because there’s such a sense
of pride that goes with it. And we played with pride today. [INAUDIBLE] was
back on the court. Where would you say
she is, health wise? How close is she to 100%? Well, she is, I guess,
100%, in theory, just as far as her insides all
working and put back together. But I mean, she’s
very out of shape. So it’s definitely
going to take some time to get her back to where she was
in the beginning of the season. I mean, it was the best
that I’ve seen her, just from a conditioning perspective. She was able to play
a lot more minutes than she had been in the past. So it’s going to take some
time, but I have no doubt that she’ll get there. Any last questions?

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