Women in STEM — Why We Need All Hands on Deck

Climate change is a very important problem
to tackle. It’s really the problem for the next generation. And we just can’t wait. We
need women to help be part of that. We really need to have all hands on deck. My name’s Carter Wall, and I’m the director
of the performance solar division for Broadway Electrical Company. Broadway Electrical is
one of the largest solar developers in Massachusetts. If we have a day like this, when it’s, like,
50 degrees out, the systems, during the day, they just shoot up. I remember going to the library when I was
in junior high, and I was looking for biographies of women scientists, and all I could find
was a biography of Marie Curie. That was it. But when I went to college, I ended up in
biochemistry. What I loved most about being a science major
was trying to solve problems. One of the things I love about my job is that I’m not in the
office all the time. These are the couplings for the pipe. Yeah, it’s for the pipe. It’s for the rigid
pipe. I go out and make sure that all of our solar
systems are operating. And some of them are up on roofs, and some of them are way out
in fields. Clean energy is really the way of the future.
It’s where we’re going in this country. I do a lot of work in mentoring young women
in the energy field. We really need to have access to all the brains if the country is
going to move forward and tackle the challenges of climate change and new technologies. There is so much going on in the energy industry
right now. It’s just so exciting. There’s no substitute for passion. You can
learn any kind of facts. You can learn any kind of technical stuff. But you can’t learn
passion. You got to find something that you want to do, and the rest of it is easy.

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2 thoughts on “Women in STEM — Why We Need All Hands on Deck

  1. Watching this video confirmed that I do have a passion for science and I wish I had seen this years ago when I was picking out career paths!

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