Women in Engineering- Engineered to Perfection

When I decided to come to Georgia Tech I
met with the director of the Women in Engineering programs and she said
Georgia Tech is the right place for you because I’m confident you will succeed
here. I think I chose Chemical Engineering as my major because I could do anything with it. I love maths and
sciences and I love competing with the guys, so I just shot for the stars and applied. Engineering major does attract a lot of guys to it and in a lot of my classes I only see a few girls I enjoy the competition and I enjoy
being fufilled with the fact that I can do what any guy in that class can do. As a freshmen you’re not really sure what you want to do after your four years at Tech but I knew chemical engineering offered
me many many many opportunities. You can go from any field from oil to
pharmaceuticals to engineering education outreach I never pictured myself having a job in
college and I work with the Women in Engineering program and it kinda really opened my eyes to
what engineering education outreach is. And through that experience you really
form a bond with the other women who are in your same situation who go to classes where they might not see another woman. Traditionally engineering has been a
male-dominated field and I think that’s really intimidating for girls when they’re considering going
into engineering and I do think it’s changing I’ve been able to go to different
schools around Atlanta K through twelve – and we’ve been able to get people
motivated especially the girls about engineering
and what we can do as women in this field I think other students should really get involved in women in engineering because at the end of the day Tech is hard –
and Tech is really difficult if you don’t have anybody to support you. Being an ambassador you’re able to influence alot of people’s lives and it’s very enriching; it makes you
feel very good at the end of the day. Many companies do come to Georgia Tech specifically to recruit women because it brings an interesting dynamic change to the work force. They seem to be looking for good
students and I see that they are pretty surprised when a female can walk up to
them and start talking about their major and how passionate they are. A lot of women go in history and art and science which is great but engineering will present a new challenge
every day that really it makes you think. It involves
both the left side and right side of your brain. Young women should consider engineering, because at the end of the day, our possibilities are endless.

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7 thoughts on “Women in Engineering- Engineered to Perfection

  1. An Engineering degree in 4 years !?!  Yes it is possible but it is more likely 4 & 1/2 to 5 years and some may take 7 years if they change engineering majors.  Good Luck young ladies.  Yes it is worth it !

  2. Why can't the federal government pass a law that for every white PhD in engineering, there must be a black PhD in engineering so as to create Justice, Equality and 0 discrimination for all. It is possible because US engineering standards are very easy, basic and bagel-bugle, while China and South Korea are hogging hard core 'stuff'.Increase Pell grants and SEOG's to pay for minorities in engineering and reduce loans. This is the ONLY way : give PhD's in Engineering to ALL, irrespective of caste and creed. Let MIT follow Georgia Tech in also granting engineering degrees to women and minorities. Women engineers are very creative.

  3. Engineering is NOT a competition with the boys, its a serious practical subject. Why don't these females drop this 'Oppressed women' attitude & buckle down to actually LEARN about the subject & leave the Lefty, antisocial feminist crap that's defining the aspirations of women who wish to attain a high standard in their chosen subject which I'm sure is not Political Correctness or Social fucking justice. GROW UP !

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