WOAH! Jeff Bezos Blackmail Allegations Get Crazy, North Korea, Shane Dawson, & Much More

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100 thoughts on “WOAH! Jeff Bezos Blackmail Allegations Get Crazy, North Korea, Shane Dawson, & Much More

  1. Oh hi. I love yo face. Like, a lot a lot. Also, go check out www.BeautifulBastard.com www.instagram.com/bastardhaircare and www.twitter.com/bastardhaircare 😉
    Industry Quickies (00:13), Special Beautiful Bastard (3:06), Indian Man (4:59), TIA (9:38), North Korea (11:40), Jeff Bezos Exposes National Inquirer (15:56)

  2. I can understand why this is a movement in India as the country is so over populated that some people spend their whole lives on the streets from birth until death. When you think about it from the angle of a street child whose whole life is a struggle then you understand why someone would hate to have been born.

  3. Oh no, the richest man in the world, who is still a man, doing things that other men have been known to do?

  4. My thought from watching you show over the years is that i'm becomming more and more happy that i'm not living in the US anymore..

  5. He has a "great relationship" with NK because they know he's an idiot who they can manipulate as long as they play up his ego.

  6. Phil, you sir, are a smart business Beautiful Bastard 😉 props on the Man Scent products. Spend money to make money, well played.

  7. Dig deeper! Deeeeper! hahahahahahahaaa I actually think he is bringing up an important basket of topics for discussion.

  8. Over population is the cause for most problems. I'm all for less kids. I can barely find the energy to pretend I find your kids funny and cute.

  9. People are too use to getting what they want at the moment they want it. Trying to teach my kids patience and it’s actually harder then I thought it be bc of the times we live in now a days. How the fuck is someone suing for being born. Give it time bc we’ll see this type of suit in the states. Seems like the man with the fake beard found a stupid way to be famous like most other stupidly famous people. Like why the fuck u famous for wiping ur ass sideways. Idk fucking weird.

  10. So the people in India want to not exist. Wtf. Plus I’m with u when it comes to some people shouldn’t procreate. Sometimes pulling out is the best path to take bc some of the people I meet in the customer service industry is mind blowing. U can’t fix stupid but u can fixed. As in balls snipped and tubes tied. But that’s just me.

  11. I've always said I didn't want children, but now that I have my first child I wouldn't change a thing. I love my son.

  12. the entire comment section on the topic of not having kids seems like they all came from bad households, not nessicarly saying that their opinion is wrong, but saying having kids is selfish is imo a very horrible and disturbing way to look at parenting and family. having a kid (giving the right reasons a normal person would want a child) is the most SELFLESS thing anyone can do, becuase you give up alot of stuff you do for yourself becuase its not just about you or your spouse, its about the family you have created. watching the kid say its first words, teaching it what you can and watching it fail and succeed in figureing its own way even if the world can be cruel, it can equally be just as rewarding, as is parenting can be the most amazing experience of selfless love anyone can have. but having kids is like college, its not for everyone and some people really shouldnt but the right people should and it can be quite the experience

  13. A growing Indian anti-natal movement that is gaining credibility through media????
    Read "Nature's End" by James W. Kunetka and Whitley Strieber

  14. My 11 year old brother told me about the the guy suing his parents and I told him that it wasn’t real and told him to prove it

  15. That moment when people actually believe that guy is trying to sue his parents…. He's obviously just trying to bring attention to his philosophy and views which aren't wrong necessarily. The world is very overpopulated and many kids are starving and dying because people can't keep there shit in there pants or people like in India or China are trying to have boys and abandoning the girls (it's a societal thing). Tbh if you Bring a child into this world you better make sure eit gets taken care of whether it's by you or someone else and i dont mean the fucked up foster system.

  16. I mean, in a way I do understand where the guy is coming from, he's just obviously taken the point WAY too far. In most cases, parents don't choose to have children only for the sake of that future child.
    They choose to have a child because they want to. That is their desire, whether it be so that they can be fulfilled through raising and nurturing another life, carry on their family name or morals, or whatever their reasons are.

    And I don't like this term, but it is technically by definition a "selfish" choice, a choice made with mainly themselves and their desires in mind. But that isn't to say that they're wrong for wanting that or making that choice, or that they outright shouldn't have kids. It's just a point that it is a decision that they make with themselves in mind over all else.

  17. Philip getting some of that Gillette 'slitting it's wrists' money. My view is you don't get to choose to be born so why should you be subject to work hours a day against your will? Western birthrates already not at replacement levels. NK just wants no sanctions

  18. 06:51 reminded me of this dialouge from brooklyn 99.. "We are already too deep in this hole and the only way out is to keep digging" "charles thats not how holes work, title of your sex tape.."

  19. Hey Phil, interestingly enough, the antinatal movement in india isnt actually all that surprising. If you look into the history of their culture, and specifically their philosophy, India has a strong current of pessimism and viewing of life as a curse/punishment going back centuries. Its always seemed weird to western cultures, but if you look at it through that lens is it really that far of a jump to go from "life is punishment for sins of past lives" to "its immoral to 'inflict' life on another person"

  20. My dad got stroke last year and now i am blessed i can serve him from eat to do stuff, what happen on society right now ? This is make my terrified about how social media/influence can change your humanity.. this is why i delete instagram, even watch several youtube creator that worth to watch 🤦‍♀️

  21. funny enough, he kind of has a point. the reason we all were born was not because of an altruistic motive of our parents to make the world a better place. (there is no altruism in this world, not amongst human beings) all of our parents either wanted us out of their own desire, or were an accident that turned into own desire to have a child. you could argue that this is egotistic. but this is the way of all of life…. you cannot sue life for what it does. what's next? sueing earth because it grows plants in your backyard that you have to mow all the time? sueing the galaxy beause your electricity bill goes up over night?

    his entire point is just not thought through, and his idiotic believe system with it. you can NEVER give consent to live or not to live. there is a age of consent for sex, 18, why? until that age, your brain is consideret to be under developed, and not capable of giving consent in its fullest, because you don't have yet learned what that all implys. Do you realy ever know what life implys? I think not. There is never an age to give consent to get born, not even if you are 60. So if fetuses are not able to give sexual consent, how the fuck should you be able to decide to be born or not?

  22. Anybody remember the justification to enter Iraq? Phil, you remember? You trust the intelligence community and their warmongering tendencies?

  23. I mean, typically non-conesntual stuff ins't okay, but being born is a non- consensual choice all of us have gone through. so he isnt even special in making that claim. too stupid.

  24. Those shipping fees for Canada kills me haha(30$usd for 3 products!)! I know you have no power over this, and as an artisan myself I know it is probably as frustrating for you as it is for customers, I wish postal services were not that crazy expensive!

  25. Philip DeFranco stops his days off to make a video condemning White teens making fun of a Native American, or so he thought. But cannot be bothered to mention Black teens actually killing a white man in cold blood. Telling.

  26. It's very simple, President shit stain is a compulsive liar, you can never believe anything he ever says. He can never admit when he's wrong.

  27. You say the Indian story is the dumbest story you've ever covered but then follow it up with Trump lying yet again and I truly wonder how biased you are…

  28. Are there any Sacha Baron Cohen-like comedians in India that generally have that last guy’s silhouette? This sounds like some troll the he would do and I feel we should expect a movie by the end of this for some reason.

  29. I was annoyed with shane delaying it, not because I dont think he deserves the extra time I mean hes human hes not gonna be perfect. I was annoyed because HE. DELAYS. EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. VIDEO. But I'm still gonna watch his videos when they come out, I'm just frustrated that he says hes going to release it one day and then doesnt. Plus, yeah sure we might watch it for free but we also have to watch ads. Ads which are paid for by companies so we buy their products. Ads are annoying shane makes money off of those ads. Hes getting paid.

  30. I'm an antinatalist. And childfree, fight me 😂 I dont agree with all of his views but I really think a lot (not all chill tf out) of parents have children for the wrong reasons. I also think IVF should be outlawed as we already have a lot of kids in the foster care system already.

  31. You always see men in the news having affairs and cheating. What about the women? There are just as many scummy women who do the same exact thing as men in the world. Rarely do I see a news story about a woman cheating on their husband, yet it happens every day. Especially if money is involved.

  32. 5:30 On other news, parent sue son for not informing them that he will be suing them after being born. In addition to that, the parent will be suing the son for violating other millions of sons & daughters to be by taking away their chance from being born.

  33. I mean the bad baby thing was in my way on Snapchat so I tapped through it as quickly as possible to get past it. I’m probably not the only one

  34. Can I ask, Is TING effectively simply Pay-As-You-Go? Just the American version? Or do you guys not have PAYG?
    Just in case people don't know what it is – You pay 20 [currency] for your credit, and the credit is spent as you use it, like I only use it when I am actually IN a signal area and not using wifi, so if I'm using Messenger or make a phone call that'll use up credit a little bit at a time. I've used mine to play Pokemon GO every few months and it still lasts me two years until I get to like 2 [currency] and refill it.
    Let me know if I'm not making sense. (Before people ask, it lasts about two years because I rarely use the signal/credit side of my phone due to living in the middle of nowhere and rarely getting out of the house.)

  35. Even if there was a way to get his consent before he was born, he would be a minor so the decision is up to his parent.

  36. Dude the VHEM is a legit movement. They believe in adopting children who already exist over making more resource sucking leeches. I think it's adorable that you believe that your bloodline needs to continue because it already has, but your products of banging your wife daily are just that. When they turn 18 no one but you is actually going to give a fuck about them, much like you don't respond to every fucking comment that appears on your youtube channel. HOWEVER they're still gonna burn fuel, eat food, and generally help fuck this planet up more than it already is.

  37. i always thought antinatalists were people who chose to not give birth to children because the world was just too terrible and filled with disgusting things.

  38. Go ahead and let the people who believe no one should have kids do that. They'll die out in one generation. Thank you survival of the fittest.

  39. Jef Bezos did the right thing. And Jeff, you have a right to kiss the girl you love the most or a girl you dont love at all. That 'human right' goes from the left all the way to the right. Its your body. You know what it needs.

  40. Basically that guy is saying “I can’t be arsed working so I expect my parents to support me for the rest of my life” definitely an usual way of going about it 🤣🤣

  41. So, Trump threatens North Korea with war. North Korea makes the decision not to go to war. Trump gets all the credit.

  42. “I didn’t ask to be born and now I’m afraid to die so that’s the shit I’m living with” -Jen Kirkman
    Just wanted to share one of my favorite quotes. 😁💜

  43. that bad baby story might have just been a lot of people doing what i did. accidentally clicking on it while trying to unsubscribe and get it off their story page. i doubt that many people wanted to watch anything of that little brat.

  44. my hat off to jeff, im sure other people have searched into this, but im not intrested in doing that, blackmail is a horrifying thing to go through.

    ill not be intrested in looking into his private life, i ask anyone else do the same. (even if this is late, sorry)

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