WOAH! Jeff Bezos Blackmail Allegations Get Crazy, North Korea, Shane Dawson, & Much More

Sup you beautiful bastards. Hope even a fantastic Friday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show And if you’re new here on Fridays, I do things a little bit different on Fridays I try to cover viewer-requested stories from the week small and large sometimes for better and also worse So with that said we’re gonna start off with some viewer requested industry news this week We saw YouTube rewind back in the news. Of course. The infamously most disliked video here on YouTube that was because we had Susan Wojcicki the CEO of YouTube putting out a blog on the YouTube creators Club and in this piece where She talks about things that we’ve also talked about on the show like article 13 also looking back at monetization in the past moving forward and she also Acknowledged the glaring disconnect that was YouTube rewind from a lot of the YouTube community writing, but one record We definitely didn’t set out to break was the most disliked video on the Internet even at home My kids told me our 2018 Rewind was quote cringe II hear you that it didn’t accurately show the year’s key moments in order to reflect the YouTube You know will do better to tell our story in 2019 So it’s good to see from a higher up that they’re aware of this Disconnect and it’ll be interesting to see how they pivot, you know Were they talking superficial changes or do they embrace the the massive things on this platform and some of the massive creators on this platform? That will ultimately make YouTube as a company a target then a news that showcases the ever-evolving Landscape as far as online entertainment is concerned we had Danielle bergoglio a KA the catch me outside girl aka bad, baby She or rather the short-form donkey series with and about her that was released on snapchat It was a snapchat original according to report in the first 24 hours It brought him ten million unique viewers, which is some really insane numbers I didn’t realize so many people are even still using snapchat Let alone that a series on it could bring in that many I and then in another industry quickie people want me to talk about the backlash that Shane Dawson has received because he had to delay his series if you don’t know and he might be one of the only ones I mean The series I think it’s about to pass like 30 million views highly anticipated. It was incredibly well received He has another one coming out soon It was actually supposed to be out this last Wednesday Shane posted a tweet saying me and Andrew had a random burst of inspiration last Night, we want to add some stuff to part two. I don’t want to rush it So part two is gonna go up Monday the 11th. It’s gonna be another movie length video. So it’s pretty time-consuming to edit Haha, but I’m excited there was enough backlash sure enough angry fans that he then later had to add just a reminder that both parts are an hour and 45 minutes eat made by two guys uploaded for free and I probably won’t host for another couple months so I’m more than happy to take extra time to make it great the amount of Route wheats I’m getting is insane as far as My reaction I mean, I’m not surprised by this reaction. Obviously you have a lot of people that are excited They’re frustrated that they’re not gonna be able to get a thing that they want Now, I’ve never heard people say, you know human beings in general. I find to be very patient I’m not I get it I do think that it’s kind of a d-bag move to then go shame or kind of harass the person that you Apparently like just because they thought they could do something by a certain time But then they realized if they want to put out a product that is at a certain level They’re gonna have to delay but the people that would spew that negativity not not even to a Shane Dawson just to anyone you otherwise Support out there don’t doesn’t help. It’s not constructive. It just adds to stress. I mean 2018 so many people have called it the year of the youtuber burnout like even said he’s making a free piece of content there’s only two of them to which some people would be like well You could get more people As of now that doesn’t appear to be part of his business plan and his business plan has seemingly worked out very very well right now so there’s that and then the last bit of industry news is actually it’s it’s odd because I’m essentially reporting on myself on The show I’ve of course in the past talk about other Creators in the space taking different kinds of swings right trying to diversify do something a little bit special We always try and highlight it because it’s all about diversify diversify diversify That is how you survive and thrive with that said I’m extremely excited to announce that on Monday at 5 p.m Eastern over beautiful bastard calm beautiful bastard. My men’s care line will officially be launched at launch It will specifically be focused on hair care. We have just amazing natural pomades that range from light to a heavy hold I personally use heavy also along with those my other go-to is the fantastic claim at pomade That’s kind of when you want the control, but you don’t want the shine. You want to add some texture That one’s actually probably my favorite also for you beautiful bastards who are not Follically challenged like myself you got you got that beard going. Well, we have stellar beard oil for you so you can feel good Look good the guys in the office that have tried it just cannot stop raving about it and finally because everything just smells today I’m good. We took two of the sense that we use among the lines and we turned them into candles The Carolina pine is great But my personal favorite is always bourbon and oat with all of that said I do really want to hit on the note that this Is this is not kind of some low quality cheap? Throw it at the wall mass quantity grab This is something that I wanted to make sure was truly fantastic. It was stellar It’s definitely aimed more at the the mid to the higher end of the market and that’s because these products are made with high quality natural ingredients that are epic We sourced around the world and handmade here in the United States with a nature of these kinds of products that also means that we’re going to Be releasing it in somewhat of a limited fashion so if you want to be one of the first people to get your hands on this I would I would set your alarm to 455 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday might sell out in a week. It might sell out in a day also If you want a chance to snag it at everyone’s favorite price free to get a chance because we’re gonna be randomly giving out some Product make sure you follow us on Twitter and make sure you follow us on Instagram If you go to the site right now, you can go and sign up for the mailing list. Yeah, that’s that I’m excited to share this with you and then let’s talk about one of the weirdest stories that you guys sent us and that is a Story that involves a guy by the name of Raphael Samuel Raphael is a 27 year old businessman from Mumbai, India And he is suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent. This is too stupid. This can’t be real Oh Is this something that’s not only been covered by like the boxes of the world, but you have Fox News The Guardian the BBC Okay, we’re gonna we’re gonna trudge through this idiocy together. I know that I usually share my opinion at the end This is too stupid cording to the BBC Samuel understands that our consent can’t be sought before we are born but still insists It was not our decision to be born and so his argument is that because we didn’t ask to be born We should be paid for the rest of our lives. This is too stupid Now you would think something that’s ridiculous in idiotic that this would cause tension inside the family But according to Samuel he actually gets along with his parents great Who by the way our lawyers according to reports? Rafael’s mother actually admires her son and in a statement posted to Facebook said I must admire my sons Temerity to want to take his parents to court knowing both of us are lawyers And if Rafael could come up with a rational explanation as to how we could have sought his consent to be born I will accept my faults. Okay, that just sounds like Rafael acting like his mother actually wait What the hell BBC wrote in a statement his mother explained a response to the reason upheaval. My son has created but diving deeper It’s actually a post from his account It just says I’m Rafael’s mother what also when asked by local news how easy it would be to sue his parents He answered. Well, actually I should I should know it feels weird that I haven’t noted this I also don’t know what the hell it and why the hell that thing is on his face laughter the question He said oh, it would be very different. Like they have they have said CEO you may be a son We love you and you love us, but we will tell you down in court But also when looking into this stupid story Samuel says that he figures this case won’t actually even have a chance And cor saying I know it’s going to be thrown out because no judge would hear it But I do want to file a case because I want to make a point and by point I mean waste everyone’s time that last part I added my friends with that said we are already too deep into the stupid the only Way out is to go even deeper to get out on the other side. So what is this alleged point? He’s trying to make well Samuel calls himself an anti-natal ax stand for those who don’t know antinatalism is the belief that having children is immoral and is actually harming the environment and samuel also thinks that the act of having children is selfish that parents actually have children for their own personal pleasure and actually About a year ago. He created a Facebook page called Nile and none and is completely normal Nothing out of sorts page featured posters of him with the fake beards Sometimes wearing eye masks presumably as a disguise and having anti-natal this messages on such as oh wow This is like this is like tumblr on Facebook. Why should I suffer? Why must I work? Why must I face Wars your parents had you instead of a toy or a dog you owe them. Nothing you are their entertainment and then of course My personal favorite ridiculousness isn’t forcing a child into this world and then forcing it to have a career kidnapping and slavery No, no, it is not boom Someone could’ve saved them a lot of time if they just left that comment But here’s the thing while looking into this it does appear that antinatalism is becoming a movement in India because while Samuel may be trolling and I Want to believe that he is because it’s just it’s too much for me to handle the thing with the beard, too Although I mean with how long he’s been doing this. This is a very long troll I mean he has been getting attention albeit. Probably negative make fun of you attention, but attentions attention I’ve never heard a troll go. Well that was enough attention However, the anti needle is a movement in India does seem to be serious In fact, there’s an article in India times this month a reported that the philosophy of antinatalism is gaining prominence in India They report that there’s actually a group of Indians working to build a child free society and that article also mentions that Samuel is one Of them another one of the groups is V hemt which stands for the voluntary human extinction movement Okay, and so we have to end this madness. Here’s my final take 1 the idea that having children is immoral No, do I agree that? Some people should not have children? Yes No I’ve met people in my years who have had children because they thought it would make their relationship work because they thought it would be fun because And they don’t actively say it but you can tell they’re there They’re trying to get their kid to do the things that they never accomplished But you know, I think it’s good to push your kids to be successful But it seems weird and manipulative from some people but as far as people who have that thought and they’re like I’m not gonna have kids I think right there’s already so many people I imagine Also if you live in India You’re like there’s there’s so many fucking people but at the same time and this is probably me being too romantic on the idea But I think having kids can actually be something somewhat hopeful if you raise this kid right You do a good job that there’s hope for for a better future pull through your child in the world and positive change And yeah A lot of life is pain and suffering But those things do make the good things in life that much sweeter and there we go I try to get a life lesson out of the most idiotic story I’ve ever been asked to cover This is why we include time codes now from that. I want to share some stuff I loved today in today in awesome brought to you by fielding calm If you new to the show ting has been a longtime sponsor and supporter of the show. They’ve also helped 800 save on their cell service and that’s because with ting there’s no contracts overage fees any other carrier tricks You just pay a fair price for what you actually use and very awesomely if you go to filling calm you can check your phone’s compatibility right now and get $25 off your bill or $25 off a new phone in the tank shop and also since tang much like our show is all about connecting having a conversation We did something a little bit extra. We asked you beautiful bastards to call our voicemail line 183 to Franco I got to hear from so many beautiful bastards like Nathan lucky from North Carolina. Just wanted to say big fan. Love your work I don’t watching except forgetting you’re one of the few youtubers that just gets better as time goes on but as far as ting I’ve switched over from Verizon about six months ago I just currents the numbers and have saved a hundred and forty eight dollars and 42 cents, which is crazy Love you face her and also Steve Corson for my life I’ve just always wanted to say thank you for putting out your content every day, man It really there’s some days where it just gets me through Beyond that I just want to say thank you for continuing to grow with your audience like it really just saw it was so impressive how much you actually take in of the feedback that’s given to you and you will you Come back, and you just apply it to the show. Billy’s got to try to grow. So, thank you. Love your face, Steve Yeah, if you want to be a part of the next potential shout out You just want to say hi or recommend something or do whatever if you’re in the US or Canada? Just go ahead and call the voicemail line at 183 – Franco the first bit of Awesome is we had taraji P Henson and Tracy Morgan taking a lie-detector test why I’d give us a video about how a guy builds a rollercoaster in his backyard Daniel Radcliffe answering the web’s most searched questions We got the official Trailer for child’s play which I will say the original was it was the reason why I was scared of the dark for a while We had Chris Pratt and one at narrating a makeup tutorial we got the how it should have ended for the Meg and we got 73 questions with Haley Bieber and if you want to see the full versions of everything Hodges shared the secret link of the day Really anything at all? Links is always are in the description down below then let’s talk about what’s happening in North Korea in this week’s state of the unions from touched on the US his relationship with the country and he is specifically credited his presidency with avoiding a Disaster if I had not been elected President of the United States We would right now in my opinion be in a major war with North Korea Much work remains to be done But my relationship with Kim jong-un is a good one. Really that in come as a surprise I mean just last week he made similar comments boasting about his relationship with North Korea specifically on January 31st He talked about the missile situation. There’s no missile testing. There’s no rocket testing There’s no nuclear testing and even that was Repetition of something that he said back in September and as far as things moving forward Trump also announced during the State of the Union that he will be meeting Kim jong-un in Vietnam on February twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth this summit of course follows our first meeting in June and Nuclear weapons will likely be a main topic of conversation Regarding this Stephen beggin the State Department representative to North Korea went to Pyongyang on Wednesday to confirm details about the upcoming Summit in a speech last week at Stanford bagans said that the president expects progress to be made on nuclear efforts during their meeting president Trump has made clear both to North Korea as well as to our team that he expects a significant and verifiable progress on denuclearization Actions that are bold and real to emerge from that next summit We expect to hold working-level negotiations with our North Korean counterparts in advance of the summit with the intention of achieving a set of concrete deliverables a roadmap of negotiations and declaration A roadmap of negotiations and declarations going forward and a shared understanding that the desired outcomes of our joint efforts as far as North Korea is Concerned when discussing the second summit with advisers Kim jong-un had this to say according to a state-funded paper We will believe in the positive way of thinking of president Truong weight with patience and in goodwill and together with the u.s advanced step by step towards the goal to be reached by both the DPRK and the US if all of that said a big thing to point out is that in the past North Korea has said that it will work towards denuclearization But right now it’s unclear as to what exactly that means to their portly it seems to me they’ll do it if the US does As well, which is gonna be a non-starter for the Americans But I mean that is something that will be a major point of discussion during this summit at the end of the month now despite The announcement in Trump’s claims that relations with North Korea are improving a recent confidential UN report contradicts these idea instead It says that North Korea is hiding and dispersing its nuclear and ballistic Weapons and adding that their hope is that by spreading out their facilities? They can protect their arsenal in the event of any potential air strike Keep in mind the information from the report comes from a UN secret Council according to the report some of the locations They are hiding building and testing weapons includes civilian areas like Airport Which would help protect their weapons because countries like the United States are less likely to attack an area with a high concentration of civilian The report also says that North Korea is resisting UN sanctions on petroleum and coal with increased illegal ship-to-ship transfers of those products in fact regarding specifics They cited one forbidden transaction of petroleum alone that was worth 5.7 million dollars and it also said that the country is illegally selling weapons to other countries like Yemen Sudan and Libya and keep in mind this is not just like a surprise thing out of nowhere This is just the most recent report since the last summit reports have come out consistently stating this despite with a president claim For example one month after the summit US spy Agency’s North Korea is working on new missiles North Korea has not stopped nuclear missile programme according to confidential UN report and we could post Story on top of story that keeps coming out once a month twice a month before the sake of time We’ll just share two more North. Korea is still working on its ballistic missile program Say US officials North Korea’s expanding missile base with eye towards us experts warned all this goes to show us that there is an overwhelming Reason to believe that North Korea is still working hard to protect its nuclear weapons and the nuclear threat is still there And so this leaves us with another situation Rave the president of the United States saying one thing and then you also have in turn National and domestic organizations and experts saying something else and so we have this question of well Why is it a negotiating tactic do people have the wrong information? If so Who and what is it or is it something as simple as not wanting to admit that something? Wasn’t as big of a success as you would hoped it was but also understand I say that hoping that we are we are in A safer place that we are in a safer world right wanting this since these are the steps that are being taken Wanting this to be a success, of course, like always I want to pass a question off to you What are your thoughts on them? And then let’s talk about the situation with Jeff Bezos in the news Jeff Bezos, of course is the richest man in the world. He found at Amazon. He owns the Washington Post He’s been in the news recently because he’s getting divorce. There was a lot of talk about him cheating on his wife he also saw the National Enquirer posting text messages between Bezos and Lauren Sanchez the woman they say he was having an affair with and specifically with that last part there have been many theories out there We have some people saying this is kind of your your standard thing if it wasn’t Jeff Bezos would be another celebrity This is kind of standard tabloid gossip stuff but at the same time given politics and certain Relationships Irvan people saying that this might have just been a political hit job And the reason people have said this is based off of the kind of relationship between three Individuals Jeff Bezos president Trump and David pecker who owns AMI which owns the National Enquirer, right? You had people saying that Donald Trump is not a fan of the coverage. He’s gotten from the Washington Post He doesn’t like Jeff Bezos. Meanwhile, Donald Trump reportedly has had a longtime relationship with David Packard Right. Am I is the same company that back in 2016 bought former Playboy model, Karen MacDougall’s account of her alleged affair with Trump for $150,000. I’m pulling off what they call it catch and kill so that story didn’t get out, right So was this a political hit job was essentially the National Enquirer being used as a tool as a weapon to take down a perceived Enemy of the president, right? So those two beliefs have already been out there and then we got a massive update yesterday Jeff Bezos put out a medium article titled No, thank you. Mr. Pecker writing something unusual happen to me yesterday actually for me It wasn’t just unusual It was a first I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse or at least that’s what the top people at the National Enquirer thought I’m glad they thought that because it embolden them to put it all in writer Rather than capitulate to extortion and blackmail I’ve decided to publish Exactly what they sent me despite the personal cost and embarrassment they threatened and so Bezos gives that background of the catch and kills story Which he says was on behalf of President Trump in his election campaign. He goes on to say mr Pecker and his company have also been investigated for various actions a taken on behalf of the Saudi government Including a quote from a New York Times article reading after mr. Trump became president he rewarded. Mr peckers loyalty with a White House dinner to which the media executive brought a guest with important ties to the Royals in Saudi Arabia at The time mr Pecker was pursuing business there while also hunting for financing for acquisition days was also riding federal investigators in legitimate media have of course Suspected and proved that mr. Pecker has used the Enquirer and ami for political reasons from there He explains his story where these text messages were released by the National Enquirer and saying I engaged Investigators to learn how those texts were obtained and to determine the motives for the many unusual actions taken by The Enquirer mentions There are now several independent investigations looking into this matter regarding his to lead his investigation He retained Gavin de Becker then goes on to say several days ago an ami leader advised us that mr Pecker is apoplectic about our investigation adding for reasons still to be better understood the Saudi angle seems to hit a particularly sensitive nerve A few days after hearing about mr. Peckers apoplexy We were approached Verbally at first with an offer they say they had more of my text messages and photos that they would publish if we didn’t stop our investigation He goes on to say my lawyers argued that ami is no right to publish photos and seni person holds the copyright to their own Photo and since the photos in themselves, don’t add anything newsworthy Meanwhile, ami is claim of newsworthiness is that the photos are necessary to show Amazon shareholders and my business judgment It’s terrible and then he later on. I guess we me My lawyers and Gavin de Becker didn’t react to the generalized threat with enough fear so they sent this and he provides what appears to be a copy/paste of an email saying it’s from Dylan Howard chief content officer at AMI allegedly writing in the interest of expediate in the Situation and with the Washington Post poised to publish unsubstantiated rumors of the national Enquirer’s initial report I wanted to describe to you the photos obtained during our news gathering in addition to the quote below-the-belt. Selfie Otherwise colloquially known as a dick pic. The Enquirer obtained a further nine images these include mr Bezos face selfie at what appears to be a business meeting to Sanchez response a photograph of her smoking a cigar and what appears to Be a simulated oral sex scene. He’s shirtless. Mr Bezos holding his phone in his left hand while wearing his wedding rings wearing either tight black cargo pants or shorts and his semi Erect. Manhood is penetrating the zipper of set Garmin a full-length body selfie of mr Bezos wearing just a pair of tight black boxer briefs or trunks with his phone in his left hand while wearing his wedding ring selfie Of mr Bezos fully clothed a full-length scantily clad body shot with short a naked selfie in a bathroom while wearing his wedding ring mister Bezos is wearing nothing but a white towel and the top of his Pubic region can be seen as Sanchez wearing a plunging red neckline dress revealing her cleavage and a glimpse of her nether region is Sanchez Wearing a two-piece red bikini with gold detail dress revealing her cleavage and closing it would give no editor pleasure to send this email I hope common sense can prevail and quickly villain The thing is that isn’t the only alleged email ASOS goes on to say and the ami letters I’m making public you will see the precise details of their extortionate proposal. They will publish the personal photos Unless Gavin de Becker and I make the specific false public statement of the press that we quote have No, knowledge or basis for suggesting that a.m. Eyes coverage was politically motivated or influenced by political forces It provides what appears to be an email from John fine deputy general counsel ami And it appears to be in somewhat more legal language proposed terms Full and complete mutual release of all claim that statement that Bezos previously mentioned American media won’t publish distribute share or describe unpublished texts and photos agreements Confidential also and this is a big one in the case of a breach of the agreement by one or more of the Bezos parties Sam is released from its obligations under the agreement and may publish the unpublished material and it goes on to include another alleged email but At this point you get the point. This is some next-level what the hell is happening 2019 news You have the richest man in the world Exposing himself in a medium post about him taking photos of when he exposed himself as a way to shine a light on and expose if these emails are real the National Enquirer and American media Extorting someone with a situation where allegedly there are numerous independent Investigations trying to figure out why because yes, it could be normal for a.m to send an email that said American media emphatically rejects any assertion that its reporting was instigated dictated or influenced in any manner by external forces political or otherwise But when you pair that with them trying to kill what appears to be the Saudi angle of this story raises a lot of red flags We’re already beginning to see updates and new developments with this story Ronan Farrow Responded to this medium post saying hi And at least one other prominent journalist involved in breaking stories about the national Enquirer’s arrangement with trump field It’s similar quote stop digging or will ruin you blackmail efforts from a emma and adding I did not engage as I don’t cut deals with subjects of Ongoing report and then in response to pharaoh. He’s a former Associated Press editor Ted brightest tweet We were warned explicitly by insiders that a.m I had hired private investigators to dig into backgrounds of AP journalists looking into the tabloids efforts on behalf of Trump never saw evidence of this either way and it Didn’t stop a reporter and in fact today We got a response from American media Juro American media believes fervently that had acted lawfully in the reporting of the story of mr Bezos further at the time of the recent allegations made by mr. Bezos. It was in good-faith negotiations to resolve all matters with him Nonetheless in light of the nature of the allegations published by mr Bezos the board has convened and determined that it should promptly and thoroughly investigate the claims upon completion of that Investigation the board will take whatever appropriate action is necessary and ultimately that’s where we are with the story right now understand though This is still a developing situation It’s gonna be interesting to see how or if the president will respond to what Bezos put out there. Yeah I know it’s a lot but of course like with every story I’d love to know your thoughts on this one in those comments down Below that’s where we’re going to ends at Asia And remember if you liked this video, let us know hit that like button Also, if you’re new here, be sure to hit that subscribe button I’d also recommend clicking that bell to turn on notifications Also on that note if you miss you want to catch up on the last philip defranco show or the extra morning news deep dive You can click or tap right there to watch those. But with that said of course as always, my name is philip Defranco you’ve just been phill’d in I love yo faces and I’ll see you Monday. Oh, that was a long one

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  19. Hey Phil, interestingly enough, the antinatal movement in india isnt actually all that surprising. If you look into the history of their culture, and specifically their philosophy, India has a strong current of pessimism and viewing of life as a curse/punishment going back centuries. Its always seemed weird to western cultures, but if you look at it through that lens is it really that far of a jump to go from "life is punishment for sins of past lives" to "its immoral to 'inflict' life on another person"

  20. My dad got stroke last year and now i am blessed i can serve him from eat to do stuff, what happen on society right now ? This is make my terrified about how social media/influence can change your humanity.. this is why i delete instagram, even watch several youtube creator that worth to watch 🤦‍♀️

  21. funny enough, he kind of has a point. the reason we all were born was not because of an altruistic motive of our parents to make the world a better place. (there is no altruism in this world, not amongst human beings) all of our parents either wanted us out of their own desire, or were an accident that turned into own desire to have a child. you could argue that this is egotistic. but this is the way of all of life…. you cannot sue life for what it does. what's next? sueing earth because it grows plants in your backyard that you have to mow all the time? sueing the galaxy beause your electricity bill goes up over night?

    his entire point is just not thought through, and his idiotic believe system with it. you can NEVER give consent to live or not to live. there is a age of consent for sex, 18, why? until that age, your brain is consideret to be under developed, and not capable of giving consent in its fullest, because you don't have yet learned what that all implys. Do you realy ever know what life implys? I think not. There is never an age to give consent to get born, not even if you are 60. So if fetuses are not able to give sexual consent, how the fuck should you be able to decide to be born or not?

  22. Anybody remember the justification to enter Iraq? Phil, you remember? You trust the intelligence community and their warmongering tendencies?

  23. I mean, typically non-conesntual stuff ins't okay, but being born is a non- consensual choice all of us have gone through. so he isnt even special in making that claim. too stupid.

  24. Those shipping fees for Canada kills me haha(30$usd for 3 products!)! I know you have no power over this, and as an artisan myself I know it is probably as frustrating for you as it is for customers, I wish postal services were not that crazy expensive!

  25. Philip DeFranco stops his days off to make a video condemning White teens making fun of a Native American, or so he thought. But cannot be bothered to mention Black teens actually killing a white man in cold blood. Telling.

  26. It's very simple, President shit stain is a compulsive liar, you can never believe anything he ever says. He can never admit when he's wrong.

  27. You say the Indian story is the dumbest story you've ever covered but then follow it up with Trump lying yet again and I truly wonder how biased you are…

  28. Are there any Sacha Baron Cohen-like comedians in India that generally have that last guy’s silhouette? This sounds like some troll the he would do and I feel we should expect a movie by the end of this for some reason.

  29. I was annoyed with shane delaying it, not because I dont think he deserves the extra time I mean hes human hes not gonna be perfect. I was annoyed because HE. DELAYS. EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. VIDEO. But I'm still gonna watch his videos when they come out, I'm just frustrated that he says hes going to release it one day and then doesnt. Plus, yeah sure we might watch it for free but we also have to watch ads. Ads which are paid for by companies so we buy their products. Ads are annoying shane makes money off of those ads. Hes getting paid.

  30. I'm an antinatalist. And childfree, fight me 😂 I dont agree with all of his views but I really think a lot (not all chill tf out) of parents have children for the wrong reasons. I also think IVF should be outlawed as we already have a lot of kids in the foster care system already.

  31. You always see men in the news having affairs and cheating. What about the women? There are just as many scummy women who do the same exact thing as men in the world. Rarely do I see a news story about a woman cheating on their husband, yet it happens every day. Especially if money is involved.

  32. 5:30 On other news, parent sue son for not informing them that he will be suing them after being born. In addition to that, the parent will be suing the son for violating other millions of sons & daughters to be by taking away their chance from being born.

  33. I mean the bad baby thing was in my way on Snapchat so I tapped through it as quickly as possible to get past it. I’m probably not the only one

  34. Can I ask, Is TING effectively simply Pay-As-You-Go? Just the American version? Or do you guys not have PAYG?
    Just in case people don't know what it is – You pay 20 [currency] for your credit, and the credit is spent as you use it, like I only use it when I am actually IN a signal area and not using wifi, so if I'm using Messenger or make a phone call that'll use up credit a little bit at a time. I've used mine to play Pokemon GO every few months and it still lasts me two years until I get to like 2 [currency] and refill it.
    Let me know if I'm not making sense. (Before people ask, it lasts about two years because I rarely use the signal/credit side of my phone due to living in the middle of nowhere and rarely getting out of the house.)

  35. Even if there was a way to get his consent before he was born, he would be a minor so the decision is up to his parent.

  36. Dude the VHEM is a legit movement. They believe in adopting children who already exist over making more resource sucking leeches. I think it's adorable that you believe that your bloodline needs to continue because it already has, but your products of banging your wife daily are just that. When they turn 18 no one but you is actually going to give a fuck about them, much like you don't respond to every fucking comment that appears on your youtube channel. HOWEVER they're still gonna burn fuel, eat food, and generally help fuck this planet up more than it already is.

  37. i always thought antinatalists were people who chose to not give birth to children because the world was just too terrible and filled with disgusting things.

  38. Go ahead and let the people who believe no one should have kids do that. They'll die out in one generation. Thank you survival of the fittest.

  39. Jef Bezos did the right thing. And Jeff, you have a right to kiss the girl you love the most or a girl you dont love at all. That 'human right' goes from the left all the way to the right. Its your body. You know what it needs.

  40. Basically that guy is saying “I can’t be arsed working so I expect my parents to support me for the rest of my life” definitely an usual way of going about it 🤣🤣

  41. So, Trump threatens North Korea with war. North Korea makes the decision not to go to war. Trump gets all the credit.

  42. “I didn’t ask to be born and now I’m afraid to die so that’s the shit I’m living with” -Jen Kirkman
    Just wanted to share one of my favorite quotes. 😁💜

  43. that bad baby story might have just been a lot of people doing what i did. accidentally clicking on it while trying to unsubscribe and get it off their story page. i doubt that many people wanted to watch anything of that little brat.

  44. my hat off to jeff, im sure other people have searched into this, but im not intrested in doing that, blackmail is a horrifying thing to go through.

    ill not be intrested in looking into his private life, i ask anyone else do the same. (even if this is late, sorry)

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