Winter Wearables: Funky Tech Accessories For 2017

(wind rushes) – [Mr. Mobile] Winter. It’s cold, it’s gray,
and the ice of Boston, as you may have heard, is muddy. But if there’s one good thing
to be said about winter, it’s this. All those layers you have
to wear make it a lot easier to carry your gadgets around. I’m Mr. Mobile, and these are
the latest winter wearables to help you do just that. (lively music) First, let’s talk about the
cornerstone of currency carrying in America today, the humble wallet. My summertime carry is this
tiny number from Newbury Comics, and, while I like its slim construction, that also makes it easy for a
careless guy like me to lose. And it’s too small to
comfortably cram a tile into. Enter the Walli Smart Wallet, a conventional-looking
billfold with a secret hidden beneath its
stitched leather exterior. Fire up the companion app on
your iPhone or Android device, and you can connect to
Walli’s bluetooth module, creating an invisible link
between your phone and wallet. If you leave your wallet
behind accidentally, or someone tries walking off with it, your phone gives you a notification, and the wallet can be set to
emit a pretty loud alarm, too. (wallet beeps) Conversely, if you can’t find your phone, a double tap on the
wallet will make it ring. I want to love the Walli Smart Wallet, but I think I like the concept
better than the execution. For one thing, the wallet itself is big. If you don’t have a lot
of layers to hide it in, it’s a beast to carry in a pocket. But the real problem with
this thing is its tendency to sound false alarms. Some of these you’ll learn to avoid, like sitting down too
sharply, it’s often perceived as a double tap, so there are
settings to help with that. But even just sitting there,
the phone and wallet will lose and reestablish connection
several times an hour, sounding off each time. Presumably, this is why the
app includes WiFi safe zones. But that only helps when
you’re at home or the office. Very quickly, all the false alarms convert the number one reason you
buy the Walli Smart Wallet into the number one reason
you want to stop using it. It’s possible I got a bad
unit, or that later batches will correct for this, but, as
of now, I can’t recommend it. So here’s another idea. Strap your wallet right to
your torso, like a sidearm. The LDWest Original has
been one of my favorite bits of techno-fashion since it
debuted a couple of years ago. It’s a suspender-mounted pair of holsters, one for your wallet
and one for your phone, that takes the weight off your pockets and makes you feel like
some kind of tech detective from the year 3000. The Original comes in
many different trims, from cognac leather, to cool canvas, to more exotic options. You choose one of three pouch
sizes to fit your phone, and you don’t have to worry
about size matching your wallet, because the Original comes with one. It’s a little small for
American bills, but, otherwise, it’s just beautiful, like the rest of this marvelous monster. I’ve been wearing the Original
on and off for a while, mostly at trade shows. Yes, I’ve gotten strange looks
from folks on the street, and I’ve trained myself
not to suddenly lunge for my phone or wallet
in places like airports. Obviously the LDWest
Original isn’t for everyone, especially at its price point. But, say what you will about
the looks, it’s practical. It really does free up pocket space, and makes it much easier to
get at your phone or wallet when you’re crammed into a
car, plane, or train seat. You just need to be cool
with taking your look closer to the edge. (gentle music) If you’re edgy enough
to carry a Surface Book, but not enough to pull
off the LDWest Original, then the Brenthaven
Collins Vertical Messenger might be the bag for you. A fun fact, this wasn’t even
supposed to be in the video, but I added it to the rundown
after I had dinner with Window Central’s Daniel Rubino
and couldn’t take my eyes off his bag the whole time. Rubino compares it to an envelope,
good for mailing a letter but not a book. And I think that analogy is right on. This bag isn’t big enough
to comfortably accommodate a big power brick or a Surface Dial, but it’s got everything you
need for a quick day trip down to the local coffee
shop with your Surface Pro or Surface Book, including a mini pocket for an Arc mouse and a dedicated slot for the Surface pen. I love how well thought out this bag is, and I adore its looks. And, whether you get the
cheap version on Amazon or the pricier one from
the Microsoft Store, it’s still the most
affordable thing on this list. If you have any of the
portable Surface machines and you don’t need to cart
your charger everywhere you go, it may well be the bag for you. Finally, no wearable
video would be complete without something from
the folks at SCOTTeVEST. The original name in pocket-packed pelts provided yours truly with
a version of its OTG Jacket back in the fall, and I’ve
been wearing it ever since. The good stuff, it’s got
low-key color options and a conventional cut, but pronounced enough
quilting to let me pretend I’m wearing a field jacket
from Star Trek Enterprise. It’s warm enough for a wintry walkabout, if not a really biting blizzard. It’s lightweight, treated for water and stain resistance, and, of course, it’s
absolutely loaded with pockets. In fact, you can fit nearly
all the technology featured in this video into the OTG Jacket, with the exception of the Surface Book, and still have room for more. Of course, it gets awkward
lugging around that much weight, but it’s nice to know the
capacity is there if you need it. If you’ve got a super-lightweight
tablet or convertible, like the Lenovo Yoga
Book, it’s totally doable. The downsides, well, as
with most things SCOTTeVEST, this is an expensive garment, and some of the conveniences
you’re paying for, like the ability to keep
a bottle of water upright in your pocket with an elastic strap, I find to be of dubious usefulness. Also, after just a few months,
the stitching is starting to get pilly at points where I rub against seat backs and such. And some of the pocket
zippers catch on their flaps, an annoying problem I’ve
encountered on other SCOTTeVEST products. So, while I like the
OTG Jacket on the whole and would absolutely buy it for myself or a similarly gadget-loaded friend, I’d wait until it came down
a little in price to do so. Fortunately, SCOTTeVEST
is by no means allergic to promotions. That’s it for this installment
of winter wearables, folks. Check the description for links
to all the products you saw in this video. And, hey, I’m always on the
lookout for new ways to carry the umpteen gadgets that
make my mobile life work, so ping me in the comments
with your suggestions for cool carryalls, and maybe they’ll make the next installment of this series. Until then, thanks for watching, and stay mobile, my friends. (rhythmic music)

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100 thoughts on “Winter Wearables: Funky Tech Accessories For 2017

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  11. I think the wallet and cellphone holster is freaking amazing but I will never buy one because the price is insane! $89 USD for the cheapest one and up to $129 USD and keep in mind I pay in Canadian Dollars…

    I would pay $50 dollars and an absolute maximum of $60 for something like that in Canadian dollars but I definitely would never pay ten dollars shy of an even hundred for that…

    So hopefully someone will make a more affordable cheaper phone and wallet suspender…

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    I want you to put your phone in your pocket, sit down, and then try to pull it out of your pocket without lifting your butt off the seat. You man move your butt around the seat, so long as you dont lift it off.

    Not all that difficult, but pretty annoying eh? Most of the time the Pockets on our pants were not designed to be accessed while sitting. Especailly jeans. This is because of the angle of the pockets being designed for your hands to easily slip into while standing. It doesnt work when everything shifts 90 degrees and you also have to shift your wrists 90 degrees.

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