Winter Headgear for Backpacking

Hey it’s Whistle Norvell and today I wanted
to talk about winter headgear for backpacking. So I would like to share with you three different
headgear options that I use on backpacking trips. First up is my favorite this is the Underground
Quilts “skully”. It’s filled with 950 goose down which is about
the warmest down fill you can get. It uses 20D ripstop nylon with DWR (durable
water repellent) on the outside. And it has 10D taffeta nylon on the inside. It only weight about 33 grams. So it’s a really lightweight option for backpacking. They are made to order. You can choose your own fabrics on the inside
and on the outside. You can also choose a different headband color
if you would like, around the base here. So the skully comes in at 33 grams or 1.15
ounces. It’s a very lightweight option. Compresses very well. I sleep with this in my hammock when it’s
cold. It’s a really good option and my favorite
hat right now. It does cost $65 retail, which is a little
high, but it’s worth it because it’s lightweight and warm. So I highly recommend the “skully”. Next up is the Mountain Hardware Dome Perignon. This is a hat that I wore quite a bit before
I had the skully. It’s made of Polartec Windblock which gives
you a little bit of warmth and also good wind coverage. So maybe when it’s not quite as cold this
a good option. It does come in at 76 grams, or 2.7 ounces. So it is about twice the weight of the skully,
but it’s only half the cost. It’s $36 retail. It does have kindof a shark-fin shape to it,
when you can punch down if you don’t like that. They also have a Lite version that’s a couple
of dollar cheaper that doesn’t have the shark fin. I bought my just a little bit larger so that
I can pull it down over my eyes to sleep. And also I can use it with other hats too
and I’ll show you that in a moment. And last but not least is the Outdoor Research
Gorilla Balaclava. This is what you want to wear in the extreme
cold. This is going to give you wind protection
basically. So this is not going to have much in the way
of insulation, but it is going to give you very good wind protection. This is made of GORE Windstopper 3L which
is good fabric for stopping wind. It’s 82 grams, which is pretty heavy. It’s even heavier than the Mountain Hardware. It’s about 2.9 ounces. This one is kind of a middle price in between
the other two. It’s $58 retail. This is the kind of outer cover you want to
wear in extreme cold conditions when it is very cold and windy. This is rated for Antarctica and actually
used by polar explorers. It also comes with a face mask which attaches
with Velcro. It’s got a little nose hole, breathe hole
so that it doesn’t accumulate condensation on the inside which is really nice. It’s all made out of this GORE fabric. The inside is a little softer material so
it’s not as hard on your face. This is a really good balaclava – I really
like it. So if you are out in the snow you would probably
want to wear the face mask, and then you’d probably also need some eye protection. Just some standard sunglasses would be good. Or if it’s really snowy and windy you may
want to go with snow goggles. These are the snow goggles that I have. These are Von Zipper Fishbowl. They give you maximum coverage. So it’s definitely not something that you
would wear only on a backpacking trip. But if you were out cross-country skiing or
if you were doing some backcountry in the snow in a really snowy situation this is a
really good option. One of the other things about the balaclava
is that this particular one I like because it only comes down to your collar. If you need to you can also pair that with
a neck gaiter. And I’ve got one these. It just slips over your head and it covers
your neck like this so that you get a little bit more coverage down here depending on what
you’re wearing on your top. If you are wearing a coat like this where
you can zip it all the way up and it’s not that big of a deal. You’d really want to wear a neck gaiter like
this if you didn’t have as much coverage on your neck and you needed to keep the wind
off. So this would be a really good option. This is an Arcteryx neck gaiter. Now that winter’s here the headgear is a really
good option for whenever you’re backpacking. I always take my skully and depending on the
conditions I may take the balaclava. Really good options for you to have to supplement
your layering strategy when you’re dressing for winter. So this is Whistle Norvell. Thanks again for watching and don’t forget
to subscribe. Have a great trip!

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2 thoughts on “Winter Headgear for Backpacking

  1. I forgot to mention that I often pair the balaclava and the dome perignon together for added warmth. Same could be said for the down skully as well, if it was sized appropriately. In really cold weather you would need an outer shell / parka with a hood that would cover the balaclava to provide additional warmth and wind protection.

  2. Hello Mr Norvell, what is the brand of your Coat ? Is it Synthetic or Down based ? What is the isolation degree ? 700, 850 ?

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