Winning solutions at ‘mining hackathon’

We have such a strong resource industry
but how do we take that strength and then deliver that into the next generation of jobs
the next generation innovation in WA we think events like this really start
to create all those touch points that create those future companies and the future innovation I understand we have 75 developers that will be part of this event so very exciting and we’re looking for the passion to
come in each of those participants. It was pretty awesome it was about hour before completion as well so we basically had a map out and we sort of had this heat map plot of where the J’s appeared and they sort of appeared exactly where we expected
them to you that was sort of a pretty awesome feeling having this mathematical idea
turning it into some code an then passing it through and eventually
getting results was pretty awesome refreshing change from I guess attacking
problems At Uni because they’re so contrived and artificially created it’s really fun to be in get some things that’s actually a
real problem and potentially make a real difference so it’s much more rewarding to attack a problem like that even if you don’t come up with anything Iluka who sort of supplied the problem, they wanna meet with us and
discuss a potential future with applying that to their own business so
I guess where we’re focusing on developing the idea more fleshing out a bit more making a bit
more professional and I guess who knows from there Even if we don’t take this
particular idea forward further which we definitely hope to
do I think the contacts and sort of getting our faces out there and
people going oh hey you’re the guys that won Unearthed. I think that really changes things for us I’d recommend it to anyone with a bit of coding background or mathematical
physics background definitely and of

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