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them later so Preston thanks for being here yeah thanks for having that in
terms of circling back we actually are circling back to one of the questions
that had come up at least one or two episodes ago about the camera app which
somebody had written in and said that it hasn’t been working since the last three
Windows updates any idea when it’s gonna be fixed do we know well you know it is
working for most people I’ve been using it on several pcs it works for me I did
a little research could not this is not a widespread problem cases but this
happens a lot in Windows because it’s you know it’s not like that drivers
perhaps it might be bad drivers I could think of a couple of things the first is
we said the camera app it’s possible the app the camera is working but not the
app if that’s the case uninstall the camera app and reinstall it that might
do it okay doesn’t make sense but it often works if it is the camera itself
it’s a little more problematic well then you’ve got a hardware issue that’s gonna
have to be replaced right well not necessarily it might be a driver like
you said and there is something built in to window is called device manager okay
that can let you do things now it’s a particularly unpleasant difficult piece
of software you want to use unless you really you must really want that camera
back that yeah if you really want it this is what you got to do so type in
device manager into the search box and then click device manager when it comes
up and you’ll see the device manager now you need to find your camera your device
most likely it’s under imaging devices okay given its Microsoft it could be
under sound it could be under who knows what it’s somewhere there yeah
right-click it and when you right-click in a menu is gonna pop up select update
driver if it’s an old driver it’ll update it that may or may not work
if that doesn’t work go back right click it again and what you can do is you can
basically uninstall it so just collect you know click uninstall and install the
thing now if this is a built in piece of software it might be problematic cuz I’m
not sure how you going to install something that is physically there you
know so that may be your problem but if it’s an extra piece of hardware then
come back here and select install ok those things might do it and if not the
person should just get in touch with the manufacturer of the hardware and find
out what’s going on what’s going on because they might have other reports of
this and it may be that you know what happens over time is hardware and the
drivers get outdated as new versions and windows come out it might be it’s over
yeah I was just gonna say sometimes you get something that I mean since we’re
talking about a problem that’s going back three iterations of Windows it may
be that the manufacturer just is no longer supporting this or operating it
and they’ll have to find some other solution that’s right that’s absolutely
right and so it may be that because it is that I haven’t that found any other
reports about this so it’s clearly if that’s your PC sorry about it but you
might be able you might be able to fix it
ok good well good advice at least you know where historic were to try if
you’re just tuning in and we’re answering Windows 10 questions with
Preston growler so the next question is it necessary to use a third-party
antivirus when Windows Defender is running in the background no and not
only is it not necessary it’s not advisable okay well cause if you have
Windows Defender and another piece of antivirus you’re gonna slow down your PC
ok because they’re both doing the same sort of thing at the same time they’re
both in the background though that’s just one more app running in the
background but you know what running there and you know I used to run a
third-party app instead a Windows Defender but I don’t think there’s much
of a difference anymore I mean it’s pretty good its lightweight so it
doesn’t slow down your PC it works well so I’d say stay with Windows Defender
forget about the third-party there’s one thing though that you can do that I do
suggest to do sometimes there is a Windows Defender and other antivirus
software isn’t always great at at killing and finding and killing adware
that could pop up window get really do annoying things there’s
something called malwarebytes there’s a free version of it of them
yeah don’t buy it don’t buy it just get the free version and do a single scan
and when you do that it it will I had it has found Edie where I didn’t know about
it really yeah oh it says this is not uncommon all that you don’t know why but
this stuff ends up there so I suggest I even see that on the Mac side I’m a real
apple guy and I don’t notice it as much but invariably my mom will call and say
like something’s popped up on her computer I don’t know where she’s
clicking or where it’s coming from but it I mean it does seem to be more
prevalent on the windows side on the Mac side but it’s still you can get it on
the Mac side too yeah I mean actually my wife’s computer is filled with the stuff
all the time yeah I don’t know why it is she certainly visit maybe I shouldn’t
ask that’s that’s for another episode so Windows Defender on its own is good and
malwarebytes is good the free version just to check and see if you can find
adware right and just scan don’t run it in the background got it do to the scan
and then just just you know just close it down
good advice okay good enough okay a couple things these are like sort of two
questions in one again if you’re just tuning in we’re talking about Windows 10
and answering questions with Windows expert Preston growler what’s the next
version of Windows desktop when is it getting released and will it be more
user friendly and will it be as user friendly as predecessors like Windows 7
right so a couple of issues here one is wins the next one is the next one I know
nine should be out soon and we’re almost out of nine we’re heading in toward ten
and then we yeah it should be out soon but the thing is when Windows 10 was
first released to feature updates a year yeah when in the fall like we have
coming up when in the spring and there were new features added twice a year um
this one around the one called 19:09 is gonna add zero new features do we think
this is the pattern going forward every fall is just gonna be basically almost
like a service pack right we don’t know but that’s what we think Microsoft isn’t
saying Microsoft might like but yeah they don’t want to say but yeah probably
once a year again we’ve talked about this a little before Windows is no
longer the center of Microsoft they don’t want to spend the time or the
money nor sure they Windows has a lot of stuff in it already ye develop new
features that nobody nobody right when you could use your developers
and engineers to develop a really cool other kind of cloud-based things and
those kinds of things so there is one coming out it will have no new features
the next one after that will be out next spring and that would be 2003 yes
probably we think yeah and it will have new features what they are it’s a little
unclear yet I’ve been looking at the very early iterations nothing big yet
but you know we still have a while to go they probably want anything really big
because there’s nothing really big to put into it now that let’s get back to
the Windows 7 I was just gonna say because I think I know the answer to
this but I want to know what you think yeah so um you know Windows 7 was a
great piece of software you know Microsoft has good windows and bad
Windows 7 was a good one Windows 8 was a piece of junk it was
really bad and Windows 8 introduced sort of a dual interface one floor I remember
that yes and one for mobile yeah and ever since it came out Microsoft has
been taking itty-bitty steps to roll that back to make Windows 10 when it
came out more like the desktop and it can be mobile when you want it at this
point Windows 10 it’s easy I mean it really is easy you don’t have these
dueling interfaces and you’re not Windows 7 doesn’t do anything better
than Windows 10 and does things worse than it’s less secure it’s running out
of service which I was just gonna say we should make the point that it runs out
of support in January of 2020 so if you have an updated you’re gonna be without
some serious security after January that’s exactly right so um no there will
never be Windows 7 again it happened already and if you have Windows 7 if you
really love it then stay with it just be aware of the drawbacks which is that
it’s slower and that you’re gonna be insecure you know you can face security
problems okay good good to know ok a reminder where we’re talking with
Preston growl about Windows 10 answering user questions here’s another one can we
install Windows 10 no need to be genuine just update it over windows 7 without
without a valid copy hmm yeah that’s two questions here okay question number one
can you install Windows 10 over Windows 7 question number two can you install a
not validated copy we don’t recommend this at home but okay exactly did get
the question so we might as well answer so first question can you install
Windows 10 over Windows 7 the answer is yes unless your computer won’t we’re in
Windows 10 what you need to do is download a Windows 10 compatibility tool
for Microsoft run it look at your hardware say yes no right ok so it can
be done now the second part is should we do it should use can you use an
unvalidated copy now unvalidated copy to me means pirated yep that’s my
assumption you know and to me it’s theft yeah I mean it’s plain simple you’re
stealing you say well Microsoft’s a big company it’s worth billions of dollars
doesn’t matter you are still stealing you know if you
do this so it can be done and what all I can say is look to your
conscience to be your guide I certainly wouldn’t do it and I don’t
I think it’s immoral and is there a danger there too if you have a non valid
copy of Windows you know who knows exactly where you got it that there may
be things tucked away and then you wouldn’t want I mean it could actually
be sort of dangerous to run that oh it should absolutely you don’t know what it
is if that’s the way you’re doing it yeah now all that being said in fact
there is good news for the cheapskates of the world out there Windows 7 all
right which is that Microsoft on occasion will run promotions to let you
upgrade for free from 7:00 to 10:00 now the latest promotion ran out a little
while ago however I’ve been finding out that people have been saying even is in
September that that premiere may do it one more time they’ll work a skill works
right now oh really okay there’s the way you need to do it
though is first again check whether your computer can run Windows 10 if so you’re
going to need to the way you do it over Windows 7 is you need to use physical
media to install it you can disk an actual disk so what you do is you
download something called the Windows 10 installation tool from Microsoft
you run that software it will allow you to create either a bootable DVD or a
bootable USB Drive yep so what you then next is then you
install it using those physical now what you’re gonna need is your
windows seven key okay you might not know your windows said
because you’re bolded but a long time ago however there is software out there
that will look at your PC and tell you the key ok when is from a company thing
called near soft call product key so before you do anything obviously get the
key write it down use the installation media run the
installation media type in your Windows 7 key people have been saying it still
works ok so you might be able to get it for free now one caveat as I always say
before doing a major upgrade actually there’s three pieces of advice back up
back up and back exactly so you don’t know what’s gonna happen you want your
files you want your apps yep so back up first don’t do the invalid thing right
if you check right now you might be able to get it for free anyway yep that’s
really good advice okay that that’s it for the questions that we’ve got let me
ask do we have anything for people who have been watching whether they’ve got
any comments or questions made yes we do we’ve actually got some comments about
Windows Defender Windows Defender lacks in real time protection sir can’t block
Trojans from the website as far as I know neither of those are true it
certainly offers real-time protection runs in the background like all the
other antivirus software does and it checks what you’re doing as you do it
and there’s also something and in fact that does work with your web browser to
stop Trojans I mean it checks things there so no it you disagree you know I
disagree you know you know we’ll have to duke it out okay oh you were talking
about keys before so somebody asked do we need any key to update to Windows 10
yeah you do as I talked about now if you want to update from Windows 7 again
you’re gonna have to find your Windows 7 key you can use this piece of software
in order to do it if you’re paying for it then you get the key you get a new
key ok to your phone you get a new ok but you absolutely do need a key from 7
to 10 with the same thing be true for the three people out there who may still
running Windows 8 or 8.1 yes you also need a key from 8 or 8.1 to 10 and those
instructions they gave before about firewood ok install it same thing it’s 7
as well as 8 might work now might not work when Windows when Microsoft runs in
a promotion will work but it might still be working now right worth trawling
anyway yeah ok as you mentioned Windows 8 there’s a lot of comments out there
are people calling it terrible yeah I think that’s a common you know Microsoft
seems to do that it’s like a good version a bad version a good version of
bad version and and Windows 8 81 was with known a good version I think it was
the worst operating system Microsoft ever created but how do you really feel
I I think you probably have a lot of company apparently the you know
commoners agree somebody says I recently heard two new vulnerabilities have been
seen in Windows ie and in Defender is this the end of Windows no nothing in
Windows no it’s nothing end of Windows there will always be vulnerabilities in
every operating system really but Windows will always have vulnerabilities
they come out all the time sometimes they’re really bad sometimes they’re not
a lot of these vulnerabilities one thing to keep in mind about them is they’re
not always found in the wild in other words these often are not
vulnerabilities that somebody gets what happens is Microsoft has a bounty
program and there are people who are constantly poking and prodding it and
trying to find holes in it and report about it so these vulnerabilities a lot
of them are theoretical rather than the real world that doesn’t make them any
less dangerous you still need to do something about it and that’s why you
need to update all the time update whenever you can and that’s another
reason why when we’re talking about Windows 7 before you don’t want
unsupported soft you don’t alleviate yourself they just have to update all
the time constant you know it’s interesting because we have a story up a
computer world right now that reporter Greg Kaiser did last night about a
security update for IE for internet explorer of all things and it was a zero
day that had been found by a engineer from google’s threat analysis group and
they reported it and so they put it pushed out a patch so you know these
things do happen they are right there and
so Computerworld comp you want to find that story it’s up right now and a
warning to IT before win request and this is actually worse for IT than
individuals because these are our vulnerabilities typically are launched
at enterprises I’m in looking my computer your computer a hallway they
care they don’t care it’s not worth their time but you know a big company
leaving a vulnerability that’s how typically most of the break-ins happen
not by brilliant hackers doing genius things but by looking for which websites
and which companies have not patched aha windows and finding that vulnerability
and crawling in like that easily it’s what happened during their campaign to
Clinton’s campaign that’s right and it’s what’ll keep happening forever until IT
gets smarter about it update update update after you back up back up back up
that’s right say that three times okay so no more questions from the from the
viewers oh we do have more okay Windows 10 is updating all the time and getting
stuck while during the update what’s going on that’s a tough one gonna be
lots of things I did so many different things you could even be a bad internet
I mean there’s so many different things it could be I can’t solve it it’s just
it’s it’s too tough without knowing more without knowing more without sitting at
the computer without trying seven different things including trying a new
internet connection and who knows what okay that’s I can see right now there
might be some more trickling in later that we can see what we can find
well Preston listen thanks a lot obviously lots of good advice here for
individual users enterprise users etc obviously we’ll have you back for more
questions zeroed in the meantime coming up next week I’m gonna be here with
Michael Simon from PC world Mac world and our own junior Raphael to talk about
Android and Mac and innovation and who borrows from whom and who steals from
whom it should be quite the discussion that’s coming up next Tuesday
so please tune back in for that again a reminder you know we’re on YouTube
please subscribe to the channel we’re on LinkedIn live on the computer world page
if you want to follow us there if you like what we what we’re
and for now I guess that’ll do it it’s a wrap and thanks for watching

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