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100 thoughts on “Window Cleaning Robot is not entirely compatible with windows

  1. "Winbot 8" … well, there's your problem. Everyone knows that Winbot 8.1 was a massive improvement. Might want to be think carefully if it offers you a free upgrade to Winbot 10 though, could have mixed results.

  2. Just tape the anti-drop sensors down? While it would have it keep on going even when detached from the window I'd imagine it'd solve the problem.

  3. I can see where this going. My Nan came home the ideal exhibition in the 70s with one of magnetic window cleaners an automatic egg splicer. Anyway the thing fell off the window down 3 floors on a man below. He wasn’t happy but it was the 70s and people didn’t complain. She never used it again. The eggsplicer broke in my hand when I pressed down on the egg. Oops.

  4. I tested one of those a couple of years ago. Different model/manufacturer – a windoro. It was battery powered and held on magnetically. It was pretty rubbish.

  5. The I robot vacuum is horrible. My parents had one and it died pretty quick. Does this stick with suction?

  6. This might be the stupidest invention ever. It takes longer to set up than it would to just use some Windex and paper towel.

  7. It doesn't have in internal reservoir for the windex? Deal breaker. I don't wanna have to spray the pads up and then wipe off all the excess. That's as much work as just cleaning the damn window.

  8. Why are windows like this normal in the uk anyway? German windows can almost always be opened and swung inside, apart from maybe a winter garden.

  9. Those look like old school externally beaded windows with the slope. This means someone can break in by popping out the bead, climb in, take all your tech gear and re fit the window and no one has a clue how they got in so insurance won't pay out! I'd get them changed to be safe!

  10. You should try the Karcher Window Vac, is almost the same, except it's different(it's a vacuum cleaner for your windows

  11. a visit to the site makes it clear these are actually intended for apartment and studio windows, large windows that can't be opened, the outside of these windows are usually cleaned by someone paid by the owner of the building but often you're responsible for the inside, and just like the roomba they're intended to save you time by performing a small, simple, but time consuming task so that you don't have to
    i also find odd you mention carpeting for the roomba because most robot vacuums are best on and designed for hard floors rather than carpeted floors, for example an unsealed wood floor which might warp if it were mopped regularly

  12. So not only doesn't it work well on some modern windows, it obviously can't be used on any building having window mullions, a category that likely includes most homes built before 1970 in the US and likely most homes in Europe.

  13. The batteries are used for the case that if the power cable came loose while cleaning it may fall immediately.
    The instruction didn't translate well into other language, but they are very detailed in Chinese…

  14. Flippin 'eck! This yoke is a candidate for the most ridiculous and unnecessary gadget ever made. It will very quickly end up in landfill to help destroy our precious planet! Well reviewed all the same!

  15. If you have a huge glass skyscraper, you can attach a battery pack to the Windows Bot and leave it to clean for a few days.

  16. Amazon Returns…. buy the item for $100, shipped to Australia from the US… oh it needs to be returned…no problem… it only will cost $84 in postage….remarkable how few items are returned from Australia

  17. Here in America most modern windows can be easily removed from inside our houses to be cleaned. Or just pop one end out and tilt it inside the house so you can clean the outside.

  18. Seems this is one profession robots aren't taking over in a while…having cleaned windows professionaly I'm absolutely horrified of the time and hassle this thing takes!

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