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New product, new offers and an awesome news, in this TECH NEWS. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech in a simple way I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 🙂 If you take the two CPU ‘Intel and AMD’, Intel will always be better in single core performance and AMD will be better in multi core performance Day to day task and games comes under single Core performance Video editing and rendering comes under multicore performance and we bought respective CPU according to our needs. But, in Computax 2019 which recently took place Dr Lisa su claimed that their ZEN 2 processor are 20% to 30% more faster than intel competitors, that also in single core performance. She displayed a chart comparing all the games to Intel. We should not blindly trust what she claims! Since they are a company, for advertising purposes, they might exaggerate also. But a user named CHIPHELL, got an early sample of this AMD CPU With this sample, he compared it with Intel I7 8th generation processor. Playing pubg game, he got 6.3% more performance. One thing which should be noted is the processor which he used is ryzen 5 3600. This is a mid end processor only. It’s better if Intel release a faster CPU soon with better performance. If AMD’s mid end CPU can give equal performance of Intel high end CPU, then Intel is in a big problem. For internal hard drive for our computer, we might have used 1 TB or 2TB or even 4TB. Seagate now released an hard drive with 16tb capacity. But this is not a consumer end hard drive This is targeted for cloud computing and data centre Along this they are releasing 16GB capacity ironwolf and ironwolf Pro This series is for NAS, which means network attached storage. The difference between other hard drives and this is to run in data centres 24×7 for the server, these are built more stronger and are more reliable. For one year it has a workload capacity of 300 TB They didn’t announce its pricing but we can expect it to be very high and when they announce it’s prices, I will update you. Techfact Techfact, let’s see some interesting facts about hard drives Nowadays, we can get hard drives with TB’s of storage which are pocketable, small and are compact. in 1956, IBM created an hard drive with mere 5 MB capacity and it weighed 1 ton In 1961, when they rented this to consumers, they charges $1,000 per month Also If you wanted to own this device, you had to pay $34,000 Nowadays if we go to a store we can pick up a 4TB hard drive for 10000 rupees This same amount of capacity if we had bought those days, it would have cost 30000 crore rupees It’s been 10 years since Samsung started releasing their Galaxy lineup phones To celebrate this anniversary, they are giving new offers to customers If you buy a Samsung S10 or S10e or S10 plus or note 9, you will get Galaxy BUD worth rupees 10000 rupees for free Additional they are giving one YouTube premium membership This offer is till June 30th Will anyone use this offer to buy a new Samsung Galaxy phone? let me know in the comments section down below Asus from last year started selling phones with big batteries under the name Zenfone and was a big hit for Asus In India, named Max M1, Max Pro M1, Max M2 and Max Pro M2 they released 4 models These phones which they released under the zenfone branding is facing a new problem now *Telecare network Indian private limited is claiming that the name ‘Zen’ is their’s trademark and have complained to highcourt Investigating this, they found that from 2008 under the name Zen this company has been selling basic phones and tablets. Asus from 2014 started using this same name and started selling their products They also said that after Asus started using their name their sales has been very low The judge ruled in favour of telecare company and said Asus should not sell any products under the branding ‘Zen’ Now Asus should change this name even if this end up as a loss for them renaming is their only solution Today’s hot news Because finding a problem, a boy was awarded, let’s see about that KS Anand Krishna belonging to Kerala, is an Engineering student studying BTech When he was using WhatsApp he found a bug in it What that bug is, an users files can be removed by another user without their knowledge He found this bug two months ago and reported it to Facebook officials Facebook worked with this information and rectified this problem For finding this problem, Facebook is rewarding him $500 that is rupees 34000 as a gift Not only that, in the ‘prestigious Hall of Fame’ they promised him a spot They are rewarding people for finding bugs in WhatsApp, see if you can also find some error!!! Friends if you find this video useful, like it Share it with your friends who loves tech If you want to watch videos like this daily, kindly subscribe And don’t forget to press the bell icon next to it We will meet in another episode I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 🙂

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