Will Smith on the TechCrunch Disrupt main stage

– Well, I was actually very excited. I just turned 51 last week, so… (audience cheers) I was excited by the prospect of having a digital character do my stunts ’cause my back and my
knees don’t necessarily wanna do the stuff that
they used to wanna do. So the idea of a creation, when Ang explained what he wanted to do, that it is the first ever digital human, that it’s not a de-aged Will Smith. It is actually a 100% digital character and that made me… the possibilities of that
got me really excited. I met with KSK and we just
hit it off immediately, and you know, we felt
like there was a beautiful intersection between, you know, being able to create businesses but also to stay focused on
solving problems of the world, so we sort of, a relationship
started to develop, and then we said, KSK had a few banking
relationships in Japan that were looking to make their
way into the United States. So the relationship worked out well. And I’d already been investing, and he had already been investing, and our values were in
alignment, so we came together and a lot of people that felt
the initial ideas jumped in. Just Water was, you know, one of the companies that we started. We invested in boring tech, so you know, we wanna solve
some of the world’s problems. We wanna do well by doing good.

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One thought on “Will Smith on the TechCrunch Disrupt main stage

  1. just discovered this today…i am a disrupter of the strength training equipment industry,which is still living in the dark ages,despite what they might want you to believe.

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